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David Thomas
BRIC Expert with a China Focus, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Consultant
BRIC Expert with a China Focus, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Consultant

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Check out our new blog post and tell us what you think. 

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In Guangzhou this week working with local business partners, clients and new friends.
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Here's for a preview of the Think Global: Middle East Edition. You can also check that in Enjoy!

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I enjoyed the opportunity to share my insights on Australian leadership with +Victor Perton 
+David Thomas "Australia’s egalitarian society and culture throws up some unique and interesting challenges for its leaders who have to counter the “tall poppy syndrome”, gain the respect of their followers whilst maintaining the “mateship” and “earthiness” demanded by the culture, and yet meet the attributes of gravitas, intelligence and decisiveness required of its leaders. I don’t think it's any coincidence that some of Australia’s most respected and celebrated business leaders are the product of migrant families (eg Italians and Greeks) who can inspire and lead by leaning on a “rags to riches” story which resonates with the average Aussie.

"I thought it was interesting in the recent Federal Election campaign that Malcolm Turnbull, one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs and investors, had to counter the tag of “Mr Harbourfront Mansion” by explaining his humble upbringing and tough early life as the product of broken home. It was interesting that this aspect of his background gained more resonance with voters than his success as a business leader and entrepreneur."

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David Thomas - Speaker Showreel

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Innovation at Speed in China 
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