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cloud + enterprise + social media + creativity (+ family + music + arty stuff)
cloud + enterprise + social media + creativity (+ family + music + arty stuff)

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Here's the first of a sequence of posts reporting on last month's conference of digital transformation - #e20s Summit London.  It was a 3 day event - workshop, conference and then Unconference - more to follow:

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Quick update on the Enterprise 2.0 Summit London Nov 26 (workshop on 25) & Agile Elephant Unconference Nov 27 (18 days to go - eek!).

Metro Bank HQ London will be the venue for the Unconference - a cool partner to have, first new retail bank in UK for 100 years, disrupting retail banking by focus on customers, breaking down the silly banking rules.  

+Dion Hinchcliffe Added as afternoon keynote speaker to the 26 conference day - adds to an already stellar line up, so big thanks and we're delighted he's coming!


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+Luis Suarez +HaJ Sturm +Samuel Driessen +Cordelia Krooß +Bjoern Negelmann From that Hangout discussion, I'm delighted ti announce The Agile Elephant Unconference after #e20s  on Nov 27 in Central London - details and signup here, only 60 places (space is limited):

+Ana Silva +HaJ Sturm +Cordelia Krooß +Samuel Driessen +Bjoern Negelmann +Luis Suarez 
All those months ago we talked about adding an Unconference the day after the Enterprise 2.0 Summit London.  Originally it was going to be hosted by Google, but they dropped out when we moved the conference to November. We just agreed a new venue this week with a really cool UK brand as our host.  I'm hoping their marketing will sign off the announcement today, but it will definitely be happening in Central London, all day, November 27 - full details later today (I hope!).  

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Here are my keynote slides from the IOM Summit in Koln today.  I wanted to get across 3 things:

1. I want to make you step back and look at things that we already know that are connected to the digital workplace and digital disruption and look at them with fresh eyes, and think about them differently - the Digital Enterprise Wave 
2. I want to highlight a key issue around the organisation structure topic where many people here may disagree, but give you our Agile Elephant viewpoint - which is different - it's not about the org structure, many structures will work (including traditional hierarchy), it's about change of mind-set and culture.  
3. Lastly present recommendations and a practical approach that companies can apply to help change their business for the better!

Interested in any feedback. :)

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Tom's always great at helping you catch up on the week's news with some smart dialogue around it!

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Here is a quick update on the Enterprise 2.0 Summit London that we are co-producing with our friends at Kongress Media.  About 2 weeks ago we decided to move the date of the London Summit by two months to give us more time to get the sponsors on board, get the agenda sorted, and then still be able to market the event to the target corporate audience (without summer holidays getting in the way).  

Obviously the confirmed speakers got to hear about this change first, and then we confirmed the new date at our last (very successful) #e20s  London Meetup.  The venue is still the same (The British Academy, Carlton House Terrace) but the new date is November 26 for the conference, with a masterclass workshop the day before at the same venue and an unconference the day after.  We had just agreed a cool venue for the unconference, and I'm just trying to confirm the same venue for the new date.   More on that shortly, and we also expect to publish the programme/brochure before the end of this week.  

Please contact me if you have any comments or suggestions.  Thanks!

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Delighted to announce that Agile Elephant has been shortlisted for Start-up: Most Innovative in the EuroCloud UK Awards. Winners will be announced on 9 July - good luck everybody!

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Why hasn't this guy been better known over the years?  It beats me.  Just an awesome live rendition which will have you mesmerised and lost in the feeling.  

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For UK based change agents, enterprise 2.0 and Future of Work types, our second combined meetup is at Yammer HQ on Wednesday 4th June starting at 18:00 with free pizza/beer/wine.  Our friend Neville Hobson will be our main speaker this time.  Would love to see some of you there!
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