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David Teachout
Relational Living Mentor, Intake Specialist
Relational Living Mentor, Intake Specialist

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The power of framing experience through metaphor. It hides as much as it reveals. "Nearly 70 percent of business emails today are opened on phones. Six billion of the 7 billion people on the planet have mobile phones! The world is hungry for mobility—freedom—instant access. And the most successful companies will use mobile technology to give it to them."

Why Mobility Is A Culture And Not A Product

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Notice how when meeting someone new, the nature of the social interaction makes some topics easy and others not. For that matter, the whole feeling of whether one is “clicking” with someone or not is a testament to the ebb and flow of relational energy being processed. Psychologically we look at this through the lens of priming and mental heuristics where a person’s dress, smell, cosmetic look, phrasing, etc. are all distilled through how we were raised and culturally taught, to look at people and judge well before a single word is spoken.

Relational Expansion In Communication - Life Weavings

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Important to be remembered is just because we’ve moved on from old communities and/or expanded into others, in no way do the ideas we held previously fade away into nothing. As a consequence we never reach a point of complete objectivity, where there exists no influence upon our minds beyond our individual thoughts/emotions. These social identities are intimately linked aspects of who we are. There is no “I” without the connections that have come before and exist now.

Why We Need to Build Community - Life Weavings

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“The belief in a cycle of violence was clinically popular but empirically unsupported, emerging from accounts by psychotherapists and social workers whose perspective was understandably onesided: they saw only confirming cases of abusive adults who said they themselves had been abused. The research studies that existed had fatal flaws. They relied on cross-sectional designs (in which different groups of people are studied at the same time) rather than prospective designs (in which the same children are followed over years into adulthood). Their definitions of “abuse” were inconsistent, and rarely confirmed by documented evidence, such as court records.”

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Nothing of what we do resides in a space all its own. However much we like to declare our emotions and thoughts our own, every one of them arises out of the interactive cacophony of social relational reality. When we seek to act, let us first ask ourselves what space we are operating out of, both in relation to our personal stories and those of whom we are about to share with. If this blended space holds spots of uncertainty then let us first begin by addressing them. Ask ourselves and others just how their perspective does and doesn’t match our own.

Behavior Is Not Freedom - Life Weavings

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Depression, anxiety, badness, and upset, cures itself once its truth is understood and its emotional conflicts disentangled.

The calling of mental illness is to “know thyself”.

The calling is not for a dimming of your awareness through medication, quick fixes, or a rush to premature action, but for an expansion of your consciousness, so you can reap the benefits of your psyche’s own wisdom, and find out more about what is meaningful and central to you at your core.

Illness is not a destination, but a way-station...

The Illness is the Cure: The Forgotten Wisdom of Our Psychological Symptoms - Insight

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Experimenters played a video of protesters being dispersed by police and asked viewers whether the protesters were peaceful or violent. Everyone watched the identical action onscreen, viewers’ perceptions varied with their political beliefs. When the experimenters described the protesters as anti-abortion activists, viewers with liberal leanings saw the protesters’ actions as violent, whereas more conservative subjects saw them as peaceful.

Every perception, no matter how objective it seems to the witness, is infused with personal beliefs.

The Law’s Emotion Problem

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The biggest takeaway? Regardless of how well you speak, there are still circumstances where you will be seen as a foreigner. Don't resent it; accept it and use it.

"It's not always about whether or not you're using the language correctly, but if you're comfortable being who you are," Moody said. "If you try to fit into the local convention so much that you step away from who you are, you're not going to fit in as well, even if you're using the language 'correctly.'"

How to fit in when you stand out: Don't try so hard
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