Interesting (part 1 of 2) report chronicling what went wrong, when a grizzly bear attacked 4 NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership) students while their group of 7 hiked through a vast section of wilderness in the Talkeetna Mountains, here in Alaska.
Some people have said that this report (and others) condemns the actions of the students when faced with a charging bear. That's a very easy statement to make when you read about their actions from the safety of a couch. Having been very close to brown bears on the Katmai Coast (around 18 inches...) and having been bluff charged twice on separate trips, I can verify that there is no way of knowing how anyone will react (regardless of training and education) when put in that situation. I'm just happy that everyone in the group survived - all we can do now is use it as a case study and to educate ourselves.
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