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I know I just shared this photo a few days ago (and thank you for all the kind words!), but I'm really excited to announce that I just sold an Artist Proof Print as (1 of 5) of this image, as a stunning 40" x 60" acrylic face-mount. Can't wait to receive the print and deliver it personally to it's new owner. Planning on doing an 'un-crating' video upon it's arrival as well:)
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Wow, I'm glad you shared it again, I missed the first round!
Acrylic face mount? Wow, that shot should look amazing done that way!
Very beautiful. Excuse my intrusion but I was wondering if I may use your photo in my photo-a-thon as I have done here (examples):
Thank you for the kind words and requesting use of the image, but at this time I have to decline use. I do appreciate the request though, and hope you understand.
Should look fantastic! Can't wait to see the unboxing video. :)
Nic pic i m using my desktop it's cooll
zoom lens sucks ;)
prime fan here
David, your picture is awesome !
loving it,so very breath taking great job
its realy beautiful can not explain how much
love it what season did you you take this picture in
nice pics, seems heavan on earth
great shot mr. david, it is like heaven on earth, can you tell me where you take the picture...
So true....its like a small piece of heaven on earth
OMG! it looks like a water painting! a Master Piece!
so nice ,,,,,,,,,,,,i just love this type of natural scene
fentastic piccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc

I do understand. Thanks anyway.
Ah Linn
it is very beautiful
what a beautiful photo! can this photo be downloaded?
One of my very favorites David. This was just a wonderful catch and I bet you got it on a tripod at a very low speed. How did you ever catch the water in the lake so clear and without a ripple?
Kenna K
Ooooooooo so pretty!!
trully an amazing and stunning photo
Hmm nice picture, how to do that? ??
So Pretty!!! Never seen a anything so beautiful before!
This is nice picture, that is awasome,,,,,,
Very nice, did you retouch it? It almost looks unreal.
It's (it + is) very good. I like its (possessive) color and depth. I hope its (possessive) sale price was something you can live with :) Maybe it's (it + is) something that will be passed down for generations!
mmmm..... nys one..
congratulations beautiful pic should be very proud
Outstanding, wonderful to hear such positive intention coming from a talented artist.
its mirror view in the water... David.. I like this picture so much
I had a simier Photo taken at Lake Louise Canada, Just amazing! in life as well as the Pic's
Would you mind if I paint this picture?
its so peacefull. just looking at it makes me tired. (then again, it's 1:30 in da mornin)
Wow. This is really nice. I'm a bit happier for having seen this. Background for my laptop now. Is this Canada?
Congrats, glad to hear it. :-) It's a beautiful photo, and I look forward to seeing you reveal your print <3
it looks more like an oil painting than picture. Beautiful !
Thanks very much everyone!
+Frank Elliott - this was taken at f16, 1/6" and ISO 100 on my Canon 5D Mk 2 - 2 summers ago. There was absolutely no wind at this small pond, although there were occasional ripples - due to my left ankle being submerged in the water. I had badly sprained it while hiking in that morning, at about mile 2.5 of 6, while crossing a boulder field.
This is taken about 15 miles from my home, in Alaska - deep in the heart of the Talkeetna Mountains.
wwwooooowwwww. very nice pic. I wish that i could take a pic like that someday.
This is absolutely beautiful...I hope to one day be able to share images such as this...
Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.
Great mountain shot!. Where is this from?
I love this no matter what, but is it really a touched up photo? It's hard to believe.
Hopefully its like uncrating TF2 boxes ;)
I want to become a photographer this is really inspiring... is so beautiful.. i am unable to put it in words.. wish i could be watch it live .. could you pls tell me the location..
really nice photo here... thanks for the share
Omg No matter where in the world you go you will always see an amazing place and you just get so inspired by everything!!!! :)
This is fabulous, i much time did it take u to learn how to get this awsome pictures?
so so so beautifuuuuuuuuuul!
Amazing reflection! The water of the lake is so calm, it almost looks like a mirror...
Fantastic Photography !!! Beautiful Subject !!
Congratulations! A wonderful piece.
that is one hell of a picture, beautiful!
Awesome work, really fine picture! 
Wow..... How fascinating the picture is

I love it. It is just so peaceful, you feel like your there!
Sha Jar
awesome pic bro...
It's a cool to see this type of nature
wowwwwwwwwwwww man awesome scene.. whichslr do you use?
Excited to hear you sold it! Extremely beautiful!
do u visited heaven to click this photo? Awesome...........
Beautiful shot, God is just a great artist nobody can deny that
GOD is THE original artist!
How wonderful to see that view with your own eyes, then recapture for others to see. Just breath taking. The light is prefect the reflection just amazing!!!
congrats!!!it's a beautiful view and photo
Emily L
i wish i was that talented in photography, but i'll keep trying!!
Wow! This is breathtaking. Thank you for sharing.
very nice. I would like to share this photos as well, let me know if I can plz :-)
Wow.....this is a beautiful picture. 
can you belive this much area in the world today is still this peaceful, calm, undisturbed... really beautiful
i can not find right words for the photo it,s very nice
This shot must look INCREDIBLE as a 40x60 print ! I hope you're blown away when you open the crate :)
This is really work of art. Brilliant!
wooooooooooooow nice pic man
A reflection of nature. This is a beautiful photograph, good job David.
this can not be amounted god bless you sir
Wow great color and contrast
like an oil painting
Wow, that is so beautiful.The sky, the clouds, the landscape, and the mountains.
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