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David Ryan Taylor
David Ryan Taylor is dedicated to increasing the awareness and appreciation for wild places & wild things, through fine-art photography.
David Ryan Taylor is dedicated to increasing the awareness and appreciation for wild places & wild things, through fine-art photography.

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David Ryan Taylor commented on a video on YouTube.
Here is a direct link to the EyeLead Sensor Gel Stick. In America, they are (apparently) only sold through
As a previous commenter mentioned, if you own a Sony camera, be sure you buy the (orange) Sony version. The blue ones can damage Sony sensors.

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'At World's End' - Article on Maptia
"We came to the Pribilof Islands, almost by accident. Not sure what we’d find, we stumbled upon a volcanic rock in the middle of the Bering Sea, surrounded by a cacophony of sounds and a deluge of weather. We found ourselves, not quite lost, on a small island perched at the edge of the 12,000 foot deep Aleutian Basin, on one of Alaska’s most remarkable, yet rarely visited, natural treasures."

If wilderness, adventure travel, and learning about new places are your thing, this article might just be your thing. If it is, I'd be honored if you would share it with your friends and family.

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'Ultima Requiem'.
I typically don't reveal an image the same day I create it. Photographs typically go through several editing revisions before they are deemed ready for 'public consumption'. 
But I'm really excited about this one.
It starts with an explanation. As I walked the trail this morning, about a quarter mile from this view, I stopped for a few minutes to be with a small song bird that was taking its last breaths. It was laying in the middle of the trail, its wing bent awkwardly. It looked up at me warily as I knelt beside it. I don't know how it ended up there, but it made me stop and consider things. 
The frailty of life, for one. 
Some may say, "It is just a bird..."
But its life deserved a moment out of my day. 
A moment of respect.
After a while, I solemnly moved on, glancing back occasionally.
This scene is what greeted me at the end of my walk. The trees here are another example of frailty and things that have passed. This is a 'ghost forest', formed after the ground dropped roughly 12 feet during the 1964 earthquake. When the ground stopped liquifying, saltwater from the Turnagain Arm rushed in, killing the trees as they stood. But the trunks remain, preserved in somber beauty.
Throughout the elevated sections of this tidewater slough were millions of small purple flowers.
A final resting place was never more appropriate, or more beautiful.
#Alaska #photography #landscapephotography 
Purchase prints at:

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A buddy of mine was out kayaking with his wife and some of our friends this holiday weekend. He saved a baby moose who was stuck deep in mud at the side of the Little Susitna River.
#Alaska   #AnimalHeroes  

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Just a quick announcement that we will be at our gallery today, shortly after the lunch hour. If you are in Anchorage, love photography, and want to chat - we'd love to see you! Stop by and say "Hi!"
515 W. 4th Ave. at Salmon Berry Tours. Hope to see you there!

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Hey everyone!
Recently, I've been using Instagram. If you are on the 'Gram, and want to see some mobile photos of my adventures in Alaska, gimme a follow. I'll try not to disappoint;)
My handle is davidryantaylor

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It has been a little while since I shared a new photograph. That doesn't mean I haven't been creating some:)
I'm busy finalizing several new photographs in my 'Through Time' Series - each of which will be unveiled at our new gallery at Salmon Berry Tours
One of the candidate images for the 'Through Time' Series is called 'Crimson'. While I was on location making 'Crimson', I also made this new, black & white photograph.
It is called 'Withdrawn'.
I hope you enjoy it. 

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From last night, along the Matanuska River, near Palmer, Alaska.
+William Woodward, werkin' his magic. 

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First Friday/Gallery Grand Opening celebrations are free to the public and start at 5 pm on Friday, May 2nd. At 5:30 pm, David Ryan Taylor will unveil his new masterpiece, 'Genesis'. And at 5:45 pm, a random person will be drawn from raffle ticket purchases as the winner of 'Genesis', #1 of 25. In addition to 'Genesis', the gallery will open by featuring over fifteen stunningly beautiful fine art prints from David Ryan Taylor's collection. Included in this permanent collection is an incredible Special Edition of 'Daybreak', a panoramic fine art photograph of the eastern Alaska Range, measuring 4 feet tall by 12 feet wide.

We hope that you will join us on May 2nd to celebrate our gallery opening at Salmon Berry Tours. Consider supporting a wonderful local non-profit by purchasing raffle tickets all this month, and have a chance to win a highly Limited Edition print on the evening it is unveiled!

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Please 'Share' & help us get the word out!
Your response has been extraordinary! Would you help us take this one step further, by clicking the 'Share' button on this post? 
Of course our gallery opening/First Friday event is important to us, but we are also trying to raise money for the MDA Alaska. 
In early March, they suffered a disastrous vandalism, with tens of thousands of dollars in damages. So, like the poster says, we are selling raffle tickets - with all proceeds going to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The winner will receive an incredible 28"x36" canvas of 'Genesis'. 
Print #1 of 25. I completed the creation of this print yesterday. It is home, sitting in our office with me, as I write this. 
I can't stop looking at it.
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