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David “Tale” Lawrence
Ranter of Bad User Experiences
Ranter of Bad User Experiences


"If you are following a link from an email, please be sure the link was not broken by your email client. If the link extends onto multiple lines, you may need to cut and paste each line into the location bar of your browser (beginning with the first line, then second, immediately after each other) until the full and complete link is recreated."

Or, you know LinkedIn, maybe you could make more usable URLs.

Yay, Apple, for your focus-stealing tendencies.  I have absolutely no idea what the popup window that you just tried to show me actually said, because it closed before it even rendered thanks to the normal typing stream I was doing to my editor.  Hope there were no important side-effects!

No, Verizon, there's pretty much zero chance I am going to risk an over-the-air update to my phone when I am out of the country for a week and a half.  Why don't you give me an option to delay trying the update for more than 23h59m?  So far it's three days in a row that I've had to play this stupid game with you.

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Another spot-on analysis by the Nielsen Norman Group on key UI/UX issues.

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I've got to get me some of these new magnets.

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Argh, United Airlines!   They're forcing some kind of imminent access change policy where you can't use PINs to login online anymore -- which hey, that's a fine change.  The very first screen of the process I am presented with this:

"Please verify your email address.  Below is what we currently have on file as the primary email address for your MileagePlus account. Please check that the email address is valid and make revisions if necessary. "

It shows the address I have used with them for years, which has a plus sign in it.  I suspect that many of you can immediately see where this is headed.

Right, when I click the button to move ahead it says, "Please enter a valid Email [sic] address."    Arrrrrgh.  It is valid!  United, you've even used it as recently as today to send email to me!  Why is this so hard to get right?!

This is made even more frustrating by feeling like there is no effective way to get this reported to them, acknowledged as wrong, and fixed.     Their form for contacting customer support doesn't even have an option among those in its "Subject" dropdown to indicate problems with the website experience, just an amorphous "Other".  There seems to be no practical way to reach a human being who would even begin to understand this issue and how to remedy it.

Sure, I can work around this as I have with countless other sites with similar bugs.  That doesn't address the core problem.  The Internet should be better than this.

Oh hey look, Oscar Munoz is in my 2nd level LinkedIn connections ... maybe I'll drop him a line.


"You deserve the best. And right now you are not getting it. 
Our site has been optimized for Internet Explorer (9.0 and above) and Firefox. We noticed you are using something else. We suggest switching for the best possible experience."

It's 2016.  Lrn2UX and knock this ridiculousness off.

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Current campaign by Vermont's Agency of Transportation.
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Is it just me, or does anyone else find in Windows Update that the Details link which pops up a box that doesn't actually have details to be a bit useless?  It does have a link to More Info which then launches a web browser, but it could have just done that directly.  Telling me there are details at the first link when there really aren't is just not a good experience.  While we're at it, it'd also be more helpful if they didn't hide the update size behind the Details link.
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