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In 2013, hot startups were able to access capital from a wider variety of sources than ever before -- not just the prestigious venture capital firms of Sand Hill Road.

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In other words, more pumping.
Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said the Fed has more to do to reach its goals for inflation and unemployment, and to repair damage from the financial crisis.

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Doing our part to thin the herd #TacoBellSlogans
Is anyone actually ready for Taco Bell's latest breakfast creations? - The Waffle Taco with Bacon (hey, but #bacon !) seems to be the most... umm.. syrupy!

Also, do you consider this #foodporn  ?

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I had fun on a FoxBusiness panel this morning talking #entrepreneurship and #Obamacare
Panel breaks down the CBO report and what it means for small business owners and entrepreneurs

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Is the U.S. Becoming a Nation of Endangered Entrepreneurs?-Recent reports show business owners and those who hope to become one (wantrepreneurs) may be a dying breed.First some wonky background: It's

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A disturbing new report from the Brookings Institute finds that startup growth, a primary engine of America's economic power, is slowing down

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Great overview of the economy... it's not what we see being reported in the MSM.
The economy in pictures. Broad overview of the economy to help you decide for yourself.

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Stocks were battered on Monday, with investors fleeing equities after factory data cast a negative light on the economy.
David Sussman is CEO at Valcor. Business Restructuring and Capital Acquisition. Providing Integrity, Experience & Results since 1994 - Licensee Network Throughout North America
David Sussman is CEO at VALCOR.

Business Debt Restructuring is a little known but highly effective process that provides small to medium sized companies the ability to resolve debt disputes with their creditors before litigation or bankruptcy is necessary.

Providing debt restructuring and small business financing.

We work to keep businesses financially viable, and subsequently, we help good and hard-working people remain employed.

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    David Sussman oversees the Valcor team of Consultants and independent Licencees throughout North America. Providing support and training as well as ensuring Valcor clients receive the most cost effective approach to assisting small businesses during these challenging times.
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