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David Stallard
Technophiliac (technoholic?) family man
Technophiliac (technoholic?) family man

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Hi +Google Glass​, I'm having an issue where there is a solid green line running through some, but not all, screens. It's never been dropped or come into contact with water or anything like that.
Any ideas or suggestions? 

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Billy Joel is live streaming right now @ #bonnaroo  

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Chromebook Pixel Case from Booq FTW

I've seen plenty of posts from people looking for the perfect case/sleeve for the Pixel and I was looking for one until I recently found the Booq Viper Hardcase 13. It's currently on backorder from Booq in the US for $45 plus shipping, but I found one on Amazon UK so I grabbed it and it is absolutely perfect!

The Pixel fits in very snug without being too tight, even with my usb dongle in the side, although it is a small Logitech one - larger ones would be an issue. The outer casing is nice and rigid and is water-resistant so I feel comfortable knowing my Pixel is protected. There is no contact between the zips and the Pixel plus there are pockets to hold extra devices or notepads or whatever you like. I have my Nvidia Shield tablet in 1 and it fits great.

Anyhow, just wanted to share in case anyone is still looking for a case for their Pixel. This is certainly not the cheapest case (especially with the weak Australian dollar) but it was the best I could find and I'm loving it so far!

Amazon UK:

Booq US:
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Standing desks in schools - I think I'd be happy if they introduced this at the school my boys go to.

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Interesting wind turbine design. 

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Another case for standing desks... 
Warning: Sitting Is The New Smoking!

Do you know that sitting is the new smoking? Sitting is like you’re smoking even if you’re not, because excessive sitting is going to kill you, softly and slowly.

No, please don’t take this lightly, especially if you are blogger or writer. This is no joke but a real warning – sitting is killing!

Though sitting is not literally smoking, but the similarity is in the number of resulting deaths due to excessive use of both.

Smoking is not a disease, but sitting has been termed a disease.

Read more at the blog to know about it :)

#health   #healthandwellness   #healthandfitness   #healthy   #healthcare   #healthyliving   #healthychoices   #disease   #sitting   #standup  

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More Bali beauty!

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Can't wait to get my Pixel and see how useful this is.
The new Chromebook Pixel is the first Chrome device that has the ability to perform some limited Wi-Fi functions during sleep, for example connecting to known hotspots for faster connection after wake up. Of course, you can manage whether this feature is turned on or off in chrome://settings.

This new setting is the first feature of an experimental project codenamed Lucid Sleep¹. Its goal is to create a hybrid power state that could wake up a Chromebook from a suspended state to perform some work. Potential tasks include:
- Associating with a known Wi-Fi access point that has just come into range
- Updating user data in response to a received push message²
- Synchronizing with app servers at the request of an app
- Performing system maintenance like trimming SSDs or checking the battery level

Please refer to the Lucid Sleep design document¹ to understand how Linux Kernel, Power Manager, Shill Connection Manager and Chrome browser work together to coordinate Lucid Sleep.



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I have all my files in Google Drive, but having some clients who share files via Dropbox, this functionality makes it even easier to access those files on my Chromebook. #itjustkeepsgettingbetter  
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