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David Spalding

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Site ad-sponsor is confused about what kind of leaky, two-handed fixture I'm working on. (joke)

Sorry,  but you've hit bottom. Best of luck climbing back up. 
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David Spalding

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Rock on, LastPass. One of the best pieces of software I use. (Chromebook, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux.) Recommended too all my friends and colleagues.
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David Spalding

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This is the tragedy of so many law students graduating with so few jobs out there for them. Some have to take refuge in fortune cookie bakeries.  :( 
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You're hilarious!
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#bluejeansnetwork   +Blue Jeans Network  C'mon guys, enough with the spammy release notes. "NEW!!" does not make you look professional. "As always we are fixing bugs!" does not impress me as a software QA. You SHOULD be fixing bugs; it's nothing to boast about with exclamation points. 


David Spalding

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New Image: Lunar Eclipse Over Mt. Shasta Revisited. In 2007 I created a composite image of a lunar eclipse over Mt. Shasta. Despite not having a clue what I was doing (capture or developing) I somehow pulled it all together. The image ended up getting some good attention and even ended up in the Smithsonian Museum for a while. Seven years later, the most recent eclipse gave me a rare opportunity to revisit the concept and try again with more advanced equipment and better skills. This is the result (best viewed full screen on black). This image is technically better, cleaner, higher resolution and with much more detail, particularly in the shaded parts of the moon. Many of the eclipse phases required blending of up to six exposures. This final image consists of over 75 layers and took somewhere north of 20 hours of work. However, I think I still like the original more. It had a certain simplicity and realness to it. This one feels a bit busy and over done. Plus, night sky images have become quite common in the last few years, so much of the novelty has worn off. Whether the image stands up or not, I still had a great adventure, challenged my brain and learned a lot.

You can see the original version here:

You can read about the process here (old article with images missing):
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I'm waiting for the inevitable ads that offer "immediate relief from the heartbreak of SSL-less-ness..." (I'll bet I just dated myself.) 

All the people recommending "change your passwords," without any hint as to checking if the site you're doing it on was ever vulnerable, has been patched, or will be prompting you to do so anyway in a few days (thereby invalidating the password you just set, oops), seem to me like those who forwarded those "Forward this email and Microsoft fill give you $100" hoaxes. For crying out loud, stop with the incomplete advice. Just send people to a site with Real Information(TM).
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A hundred dollars? Sign me up!
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David Spalding

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Rock on, LastPass. One of the best pieces of software I use, great for Chromebooks. 
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Using your Google password for your Lastpass master password = BAD. Use Google's two-step auth to ensure you enable only the devices you own. Then use Lastpass for sites and services that don't offer two-step auth.

+Richard Smalley um... No. ;-) 
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David Spalding

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Long, long week. Late, lazy Saturday. Oh, yeah. This combo's going to be good.
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Dolce vita, cherie. ;-) Oh and I had to use the French press for the joe. Just had to. 
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Happy International Women's Day! #GoogleDoodles  (Really cool one, this time, Google. Well done!)
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Former Coast Guardsman, public radio producer, infopreneur, and freelance tech and entertainment writer. Now slumming in software development and testing.
Native San Franciscan, adopted southerner (think I'm still an honorary Texan), self-avowed grump and prop replica geek, watch idiot savant, SCCA corner worker (flag marshal), gadget freak and closet Luddite, proud papa and pitiful divorcé, flirtatious and elegant he-man and notorious slouch. But I'm not old enough to say "I'm too old for this ****" yet. I hope.

Quote from my daughter recently, "You know, some times you're a really cool dad." Can that be my epitaph?

Usually identified (reviled) on forums as ChromeJob or Kojiro Vance.
Bragging rights
I used to operate a multimillion dollar sensor system to find baddies in the dark over the Caribbean. Snorkeled in Puerto Rico and Cuba. Barnstormed in Little Spring, Texas. Drove 115 MPH in my CL9 at VIR. Flew aerobatics with my father in high school. Daughter thinks I'm "cool" once or twice a year. I fold my own laundry. I can cook.
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San Rafael, CA - Novato, CA - Mobile, AL - Elizabeth City, NC - Houston, TX - Villa Grande, CA - Los Angeles, CA - San Francisco, CA - Cape May, NJ - Aguadilla, PR - Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
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I break software just by looking at it.
  • Red Hat Inc.
    Sr. Software QA Engineer, 2007 - present
  • CC Intelligent Services
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  • Yellowbrick Solutions
    Sr. Software Tester, 2002 - 2003
  • Brightware, Inc.
    Software QA, 1999 - 2001
  • Inference Corporation
    Tech Support Analyst, 1998 - 1999
  • United States Coast Guard
    Aircrew (sensor system operator), radioman, intelligence specialist, 1985 - 1998
  • IBM
    Software tester (Director), 2004 - 2005
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Today I'm in San Jose, attending a hearing in the salary fixing lawsuit brought against Apple, Google and other tech giants. I'll have more


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Nice food, affordable prices. I found portions a little conservative, but what was served was above average and truly tasty. I've been back several times.
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reviewed a month ago
Only Burger ... what's in a name? A superbly crafted and prepared hamburger. All others pale by comparison. They're the "only burger" for me.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
Really nice staff, convenient location, nice prices. Membership (monthly debit) brings discounts and benefits.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
Massage Heights is a new-ish massage/spa boutique in my immediate neighborhood, and I was bought a massage for my birthday (yay!). After the treatment I was given the upsell pitch for membership, a monthly debit that provides a single treatment per month, and a pretty significant discount on additional visits. I opted for a six-month plan (paid in advance) so that I could use the included treatments on my schedule rather than be limited to once-a-month (and I can use them for family members). Though I've only been here once, I'm looking forward to return visits, the CMTs that I met were really nice and the rooms were very good (it's a new place, so this shouldn't surprise anyone). // I can't compare with the nearby Massage Envy (never been), but Massage Heights offers a comparable "introductory" price for your first visit -- ask about it. They might not mention, but they also grant an elevation (another name for an add-on, like hot stones, or facial massage, or foot scrub) gratis if you check in with Facebook or Yelp. I suspect a Latitude/Google check-in will qualify as well. By double-dipping (FB and Yelp) me and my sweetie both got elevations. When you arrive, tell them you're checking in online! By joining during that visit, we also got our introductory visit prices knocked down to the member price (both of us). If this all sounds like an incredible bargain ... it is! We both both got our hour massages with free elevation for $39.99 each, all because I tap-tap-tapped a quick check-in on my mobile apps for FB and Yelp. I credit the staff for offering this when I started my membership on checkout. That's pretty impressive hospitality. Maybe it was just the people on staff that Saturday, or maybe management is encouraging the staff to strive for this level of service. Either way, I really appreciated it and applaud them. I don't know if you'll get anything by mentioning my review as a "referral," but give it a try: say D. Spalding sent ya. // Massage Heights is a short stroll to one of my favorite local restaurants, Ted's Montana Grill (great drinks, wonderful food, very good staff and service), so I think this will be a regular "treat myself" combo. By commiting to a six-month membership, I'll be returning of course, but I look forward to being a regular patron.
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I've been a member of Costco for 20 years ... wow. I can't type enough good things about them. Great customer service, they consistently and enthusiastically put the customer above any single purchase. Easy returns. 90 day returns on some electronics. Automatic 1-year add'l warranty on most electronics. Really good foods, good selection of above average products (I've really gotten something crappy there, but you can return something that really disappoints). Again, super-friendly staff and brightly lit (clean!) warehouses make coming to Costco a nice shopping experience. I hate going into the other warehouse club stores because they're so dingy and sloppy by comparison.
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Such a great idea, expertly done. Love their specials using local ingredients.
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reviewed 10 months ago
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reviewed 2 years ago