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What has Ozzy gotten himself into this time?
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Are Ozzy and Yoko Ono merging into one person? That would be equal parts awesome and shit.
ha Ive got a neighbor that looks like Ozzy and she's female. She's got the purple circle glasses and long hair. Every time she comes outside we go "Ozzy!" in Sharon's voice. but not too loud so she wont hear us lol ;)
gees dude, I'm wondering what we're going to call you in a few years, "Shhh, shhhh it's dickweed"
from the looks of it, Ozzy and Tom Arnold are having some sort of falling out between them... ;p
I almost said they may be having a "beef", but if that were so, they'd likely look more pleased than not.
ever since he hooked up with sharon his life has been poo so it serves him right dumby !
He's been having a gay tryst with that guy who looks like the love child of Jonathan Frakes and Tim Curry........."I'm just a sweet transvestite." 
He's been with Sharon since the 70s.  He'd probably be dead if she wasn't around to babysit the two braincells he has left.
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