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What's the big deal about +The Hunger Games opening? It did the same as Joe Dirt when adjusted for inflation. (I think.)
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you are one of the funniest people on earth & i find funny sexy:)
hahahahahahahahahah. dude, the hair. hahahahahahahahah
(muffled voice) Home is where you make it.
Joe Dirt: You wanna see homos naked?
the world needs more joe dirts
I don't know about the Hunger Games but +David Spade is 'Bringin Sexy Back' big time in that pic!
Ray A
Im not even sure if the title is relevant to the storyline...sounds like the title 'the hunger games' is for people to eat a lot..haha
the hunger games are amazing
i read the first&was addicted soooo the movie is a big deal 2 ppl like me
and its totaly 'relevant'
i mean ppl are starving &fighting 4thier lives
i b'leve U R Correct, my good man, the inflation rate was lower thus the difference accumulated in 11 years 6 months and 24 days times the percentage of difference of the two inflation rates ='s the ratio of
wtf 'm I talkin about? I thnk tommy boy and black sheep are a close 2nd and third respectively!
He must be from Wisconsin,not many of those here in Minnesota! lol!!
XD but have u read the Hunger games? it is an awesome series... :D lol
lol its good
I'd pay to see Joe Dirt kill some Vampires and uptight teens...
Mr . Spade, I do like you work. And both movies are a critical look at modern like.:-D
when I read William brennan's comment I did it in a southern drawl...
Not bad, I wrote it with a Scotts accent in my head.
Big Oh
You ain't wrong brother. Keep on, keepin' on!
Yes, and no. The Clan Scott is (was?) the largest of the clans. The whole upper half of the United Kingdoms got it's name from....
Nav H.
lol! i watched joe dirt free the other day on youtube.
Buffalo Bill would kick ass in The Hunger Games
Joe dirt part 2; and now he looking for his sister
Does James Woods like anyone? He seems... prickley
bello :-))))) ah ah ah
That is a mighty fine Fine mullet... totally kicks that whole hunger shmunger games to the curb.
keep on keeping on Brother. Hunger games isn't the movie garden that I dig.
The Hunger Games is a trilogy of the most well written books in recent history. It actually has characters that you care about - even when a competetor died you felt some form of loss for his/her district. Its a movie with a lot of meaning IF you have read the book.
yes it did i love Joe Dirt i have watched it like 20 times and i still haven't gotten tiered of that movie i love it
I enjoyed your movie also way back when I want to see you play Joe Gold now ;) Jo-e Go-L-D, in outherwards Joe whom lacks nothing
why nonoe of your linkins is ever working!??
You look so so baianinho!!!!,
that's how we call tacky down here in São Paulo!
hahahahah joe dirt was awsome and so were the hunger games:)
Mikko J
hahaha i suddenly have a quick recollection of this :D cool
Hunger games is the stupidest book series i have ever read. so twilight can kick the hunger games in the butt. so l.t.o.
^ thats the dumbest thing ive ever hear, like i like twilight and hunger games, and if u dont like one get over it.
Joe Dirt is way better than both of those movies combined
joe dirt is the best film spade ever did, he should follow up and show how he and his family are doing today
hahahaha, Joe Dirt deserved an Oscar!
That is a liitte crazy lookiing David!! Channeling your inner hippie or is that jungle man? lol
Joe Dirt is the only time i can excuse a mullet. they discust me, frighten me,i dont think they are the least bit funny.. but on joe dirt/david spade... it excites me :)
Haven't read it, haven't seen it, so I've no clue, Mr.Spade. I've heard raves, so I suppose I'll try to read it, but film, no thanks. Have you ever read-or seen-"Holes" by Louis Sachar? The book is also considered a juvenile title, the film, the same, yet they both appeal to adult audiences as well. "Holes" I LOVED-both the book and the movie. So, as to "The Hunger Games", who knows? I'm willing to give it a try.
PS: Of course I know you are a 'celebrity' and all that, and many folks are just itching to get your attention, but I'm really not one of those. Really...(I can just see you rolling your eyes).
But I'll go for broke and ask you to come read some very good- at least I think so-writing of mine at: Check it out if and only if you want to, I mean it. No sucking up here.
Fucking love this movie haha
Joe dirt 2 come on man make it happpen this movie is legendary's a sad scene to see Rue gone :( makes me cry again :<
the video trailor was a bit confusing but I got she didn't want her little sister to die so she took her place but is that the whole plot or is it worth seeing and i'm just not getting it? Anyway rock on dude! you are a riot!! :-)
Dirt has a Hemi... he's cool... ;-) John
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