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I'm not sure if he expected the traffic to go up or down?
Maybe  +Cyrus Shepard can answer that. I personally expected traffic to go down as a consequence of disavowing all external links.   
Haha. I suppose I expected traffic to go down, if the tool worked automatically.

Matt Cutts and others have stated that you can use the tool if you've been hit by Penguin, to disavow links that violate Google's quality guidelines. What's unclear is:
1. In this case, must you also file a reconsideration request. (must you always file a reconsideration request when using the disavow?)
2. Does this only apply when you've received a manual penalty?  (if you disavow links without a manual penalty, does anything happen?)

Folks trying to recover from Penguin are genuinely confused by this. Any light that can be shed on this is appreciated. Thanks +John Mueller 
This came up in our office-hours hangouts before - the disavow links tool works fully automatically. However, if you have a manual action, you will always need to submit a reconsideration request (in addition, if you're using the disavow links tool). For algorithmic issues based on links, we have to recrawl the links before the disavow takes effect. 
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