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This is my public profile! VP Strategy Define Media Group
This is my public profile! VP Strategy Define Media Group

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+John Mueller +Pierre Far Are there any upcoming hangouts based on the upcoming mobile update? If so, when please? If not, can we please schedule one in as soon as possible? Thanks.

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Fancy a fun SEO test?
It's in the blood of every SEO, that want, that NEED to figure the conundrum they are currently faced with. Some of us talk out loud, some resort to swearing and head scratching.

My point is that we all take different routes to get to the end goal (which is why 3 SEOs in a room will rarely agree). What we have in common is the acquired technical ability to figure most website issues out. Many different CMS and hundres of potential obstacles or arriers to indexation to clear.

And all that before we even try to keep up with every update a search engine releases. Learn about it/test it and figure out how we keep our clients sites clear of algorithmic issues without any guidance or examples.

Being an SEO is fun, I love being one, I will always be one. And proud to be called one despite the shite that is kicking about giving us a bad name. stemmed from a brief comment on here with a few others. The purpose was to build something fun instead of building something to rank I thought I would build an "anti-ranking" site. Hide it as much as I could and figure out how much really was being indexed despite my efforts.

I tweeted it, put it on here & "fetched as" in GWMTs.

Along the way its been picked up as a game which 50+ other SEOs have cracked so far.

The natural evolution was to push the "hiding" part even further, this even taught me new skills along the way (forcing a 418 at 6.30am resulted in a mini whoop #moop?).

At tje time of writing this 2 SEOs have made it onto the leaderboard for level 2 completion (kitten tickler).

And +David Sottimano has written some very kind words about my evilness'ness. (Thanks David for the completely unsolicited linkage).

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Need Your Help Testing Google+'s Impact on Search

It's been a long time since a test was run to see if Google+ activity could impact search. <----- Would love your help with this URL

It's a random page I found while searching after hearing about the #Tardigrade on Cosmos. Currently, the page ranks #26 in Google US non-personalized results.

Help needed:
1) Please don't link to this page from anywhere except Google+
2) Please do click the link from Google+ and take a gander.
3) Please do share the link itself in your own Google+ account, and +1 others' shares of the link. Feel free to use photos, too :-)
4) Please don't share the post link directly on other social networks

Thanks so much!

p.s. I'm aware G folks might see this and take manual action, but I'm hoping that won't be the case.

Post has attachment Brave experiment by +Cyrus Shepard.  Would love your input +John Mueller 

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Testing ! Please do not +1 or share anything from this post!!

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What are proxy servers mainly used for in the SEO industry?
SEO’s use Proxy Servers to hide or change their true IP address. There are several reasons you might want to do this:

If you access competitor websites a lot for research, their webservers log your IP address and may be able to trace your activities back to you. By routing your requests via a Proxy Server, your true identity is hidden

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How to Improve Search Ranking Correlation Studies

Breakthrough thinking from our CTO +Russ Jones that is a must read if you want to do more accurate search correlation studies.

"A key problem with much of SEO is that rank order is deceptive. We perceive sites as positions 1 through 10, each with a fixed integer position when, in reality, their proximity to one another in terms of actual relationship-to-the-query scores can vary greatly. It is this hidden, underlying score that is key to many SEO functions – keyword competitiveness and ranking factor determination to name two. Below, I discuss a simple, algorithm-agnostic method to determine relative rank gaps and then explain a few key uses of this information."

Read more at the link!

Hmm, seem to have lost my authorship in search results. Maybe inactivity on G+? #davetest

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