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Do you carry a Mac laptop, iPad and iPhone? Tired of hotels charging you separate Wi-Fi charges for each device? Here's a handy tip that's been a godsend for me on my current trip: turn your Macbook into a Wi-Fi hotspot.
1. Connect your MacBook to the hotel internet, paying as usual. Make sure you use the wired internet connection in your room - you can't share Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi.
2. Go to Setting > Sharing. Click the word "Internet Sharing" on the left, but don't check the box yet.
3. Under "Internet Sharing" on the right, under "Share your connection from:", select "Ethernet". For "To computers using" select "Wi-Fi"
4. Click Wi-Fi options, and set the SSID name (which will be your hotspot name) and select a security protocol and password. (If you don't do this, your hotel room neighbours will be able to piggyback on your connection.). Close the options dialog.
5. Now click the "Internet Sharing" checkbox.
6. From your iPad/iPhone, select the SSID name you provided as a Wi-Fi source, and enter the password you selected.
7. Browse the web from all your devices!
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Great tip, works on Linux and Windows laptops too with iPhones (and probably android, but I have never tried that).
Or use tethering on your Droid and don't pay anything.
In my case I'm travelling internationally, so cell data is expensive and very limited. The hotel internet isn't capped and it's fast, so this works better for me.
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