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David Slabaugh
If you can't laugh at life, you can't live...
If you can't laugh at life, you can't live...
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Marvels of creation!


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This is great. I just Activated my Chromebook yesterday, and got the bonus 100GB storage. I read this, and decided to go back and see if I could get the 1TB bonus. And I DID!! Thanks +Google +Google Drive 

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Now this is new for T-Mobile here. Any word on 4G LTE here in Troy, OH +T-Mobile​? We've been living in 2G for a while. It only popped up a couple times, a day or so ago. But hoping it goes live soon.

So... Soon I'll be making the jump to Windows 8.1. I was shocked to discover that you are not able to change the search provider in the Smart Search feature that's built into the OS.

Especially after, just a few years ago, Google had an anti trust lawsuit leveled against them involving their OS (Android), and abuse of their position, especially with regard to market share dominance.

So what separates Microsoft from Google here? Just about the only thing I can see is that while Microsoft certainly has a choke hold on desktop PC market share, Windows 8 and 8.1 that feature the Smart Search function are not market share leaders. They're barely contenders.

Regardless, I still think it's in the best interest of Microsoft to allow users to choose which search engine they want to power the Internet portion of Smart Search. They still get access to the data, even if they don't get the search numbers.

As it is, I'll likely immediately disable this function, which means Windows is now inconveniencing me, AND losing out on that part of my data. Great job guys. #cuttingoffyournosetospiteyourface

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I'm curious... Is Windows really moving in the direction of incremental updates for free/reduced pricing, like another popular paid for OS?

Or are they secretly moving toward a subscription based OS? I know it sounds nuts... But I can see them trying it. Look at Office 365. I wouldn't be shocked if they moved that way, even as an "option" similar to the 365 model...

Windows 10: Microsoft hits a turbo button to get back to business

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So this is happening. Ruining my routine... 

+Josh Dillon

Thoughts on the new OS X? A lot of features Google has flirted with, that I've dreamt of... Answering a call from the desktop... Its much smoother than the current Hangouts solution for those with Google Voice that requires a Gmail window be open...

I love all things El Goog, but I just can't help feeling that Apple is whooping them when it comes to making things truly useful in everyday life. Google has great R&D, but of late struggles to follow through with the whole Human Interaction bit.

And don't even get me started with things like screen mirroring, etc. Google seems to be cutting off many of the advantages for their ecosystem (the beloved external storage being more severely handcuffed, downright incarcerated on nexus devices), without opening a lot of new doors.

I get the feeling that with things like Glass, Self driving cars, infrastructure, etc maybe they feel it is time to begin transitioning? The big developments of the Android ecosystem have slowed from groundbreaking to 'kind of keeping pace' ...

Am I totally off beat here? 

Okay +Google what gives?

On my +Google+ app, things are just... Well broken. It refuses to let me compose a post in landscape. May the force close be with you!

But also, nothing loads in a nice, clean, linear, chronological fashion. When I swipe down to refresh, I get a random mishmash of posts from the last 2 days or so. It makes it nearly impossible to find anything!

Is this a feature I missed?? Are you trying to highlight things in my stream I haven't read yet? Or things that are popular? That's nice... But give me a choice! I can't find squat! It's frustrating when four consecutive refreshes (with in a minute) give me the following: 7hr old post, 1day old post, 4hr old post, 8hr old post. But gone is the 2 minute old post I just got an alert for and commented on...

Yowwee... It's makin' me head just hurt!

Not to mention how hard it is to find posts that I've +1'd. I've never tried on the desktop, but really... If I want to find something I thought was cool a week ago, I'm up a stream without a paddle... No pun intended. Maybe it's there, but I've never found it... 

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I like this idea, but I think it should be optional. I hate when software hides information from me... And I don't have a choice. I like the feel of a cleaner UI, but let me decide when I want it and when I don't.

This is my biggest gripe about Windows. Every rendition buries the nuts and bolts of the OS a few more layers down. That's great for some, but let me get to it if I so desire.

"Could Google's Test of Hiding Complete URLs In Chrome Become a Standard?"

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I'll tell you, I DO love me some science...

"Scientists confirm existence of elusive 117th element"
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