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3D Heavy Android Launcher

I've seen similar UI paradigms on desktop computers for a while now, but this is the first time I've seen them on mobile phones.
There are several UI concepts in the video, selecting icons with a lasso, putting icons in boxes, thumbing through cover art of music albums, etc.

The interface looks extremely fast but also fairly complicated. For example, why do I need a box for icons? Why does the refresh button mean confirmed?

It's really flashy but like a lot of flashy UI things people tend not to actually use them.

What do you thing? Would you enjoy having this on your phone?
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Isn't this a concept from The Astonishing Tribe? I remember something that looked exactly like that.
I lot of the concepts similar to theirs. The album art and curtain map look almost exactly the same. But I think some of this stuff is original too.
I think that one was called TAT Launcher or something like that.
I think, if I recall correctly, TAT, or just the launcher was purchased by someone. Maybe to use some features in their own UI? I could be completely wrong though .
After watching the TAT Home video again, I'd say that this launcher has to be a derivate of that one. Too many features are exactly the same. However there are several difference like the left side bar that don't feel very TAT like.
I did think it was sort of amusing how they seem to spend a lot of time showing how you can compress icons into smaller spaces, only to break out those big ass folder box icons that take up extra space.

Some of it is definitely nice - I actually like the idea of a side dock, although that would probably confine this to a strictly portrait only UI. Definitely a power user launcher overall.
Agreed +David Shellabarger I think either someone from TAT left and started this company or they have someone really good at replicating it (or at least got a leaked build of it and developed on top of it). I'm doing a post on this now.
Seems extremely smooth, though I'm not sure if I'd pay money for it. I really just don't use enough apps to justify having all those folder.

And the rotation won't work on my Nexus One (curse this poor touch sensor).
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