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David Shellabarger
Android Developer, Entrepreneur, Deep Thinker
Android Developer, Entrepreneur, Deep Thinker


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Friday I was laid off

The startup I was working with closed it's doors.
I don't know what's next for me yet, but I'm looking forward finding out.

If you know if any interesting oppunities for an Android or iOS developer let me know.

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The EU has passed their "Patriot Act".

But instead of spying on their own citizens, they are cracking down on hate speech. Specifically they are forcing social networks (in the EU) to police their own networks and delete "illegal hate speech".
Though good intentioned, this seems even worse than the Patriot Act. Private citizens and companies almost always oversimplify and label any controversial speech as hate speech because the definition of hate speech is largely undefined and constantly changing.
Just imagine if FB policed "hate speech" the same way they police nudity. FB famously deletes breast feeding pictures even if no nudity is shown. They will remove ANY content that is even approaching nudity. The same will undoubtedly be true for hate speech.
Today is a horrible day for free-speech on the internet.


Allo is already a failure. It's only simi-interesting feature is chatting with Google and isn't compelling enough.

Let's face it, Allo will be part of spring cleaning next year.

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It's about time that we got an app for this...

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Are there any good Time Lapse Android apps that don't use timers?

I'd like to take a 'photo each day' type of time lapse like this video but I couldn't find an app that does that well.

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I made a vlog style video about shopping with my wonderful wife. It turned out surprisingly good I think.

I'm really enjoying creating these videos.

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I wanted to learn about video editing so I made a short birthday unboxing video.
It was a failure.
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