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David Shellabarger

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For all the haters that said, there is no way that game play will actually look that good.
This looks soooooo good. Like good enough making me want to buy a gaming PC... Hey Steambox where are you? 
I don't want to buy a Windows computer and PS4 graphics are already outdated...
How can I play this game when it launches?...
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nice !!
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David Shellabarger

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get it while it's hot
It's up! 
Google Photos is the home for all your photos and videos, searchable and or...
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That was a fabulous Keynote, just a flood of creativity.
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David Shellabarger

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Launching today for developers from Google Play:

Now available in the Google Play Developer Console – run experiments on your Play Store Listing to test different versions of graphics & text to see what drives installs and create your own developer page, a single destination for you to promote all of your apps and your brand on Google Play.

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David Shellabarger

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This is very alarming. Do EU carriers really think they can censor the internet so easily?
Just when you thought that carriers could not be more assholes.

"One European wireless carrier told the Financial Times that it has installed blocking software in its data centres and planned to turn it on before the end of 2015."
Several mobile operators plan to block advertising on their networks, setting the stage for a battle with digital media companies such as Google, AOL and Yahoo. One European wireless carrier told the Financial Times that it has installed blocking
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They talk like companies that make money online get a free ride to profits.
[Sigh] "Many mobile operators are frustrated that digital media companies profit from their high-speed networks without having to invest in the infrastructure behind them."
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David Shellabarger

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URL Links to custom watch faces.

This is a clever solution. I'd like to see more shareable links to customize my phone and watch. It's really cool. Has anyone does this for Home Launchers? Share folder of apps or bookmarks to apps would be really interesting.
Handling URLs in your app. Not a new thing.
Customisable watch faces. Not a new thing.

Put these two together and you get a magical effect. Click a link of someone's watch face share on a social media site and in few seconds you have the same watch face on your wrist.

+Pujie Wear​ is doing things right!
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David Shellabarger

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A Glimpse at the Next 50 Years in Biotech

This is an ad for a video game but it really has very little do to with the game. This is a video about what biotech might look like in the next 50 years. It's an exciting and scary look at a very possible future.

What happens when biotech goes beyond repairing disability and starts improving our bodies? If doping is illegal in sports, would augmentation also be illegal? Let's say that something like eyes or cameras in the back of your head become an available augmentation. Would it be legal for some players to have that and others not to? If it's not legal in sports, is it conceivable that your average rich, modified human could easily beat any pro-athlete?

What about the social power divide? If private citizens have super human robotic arms what does that mean for the police? What about the poor that can't afford them? If you think there is a financial power divide in society now, you haven't seen anything. 
And of course, what does all that mean for the military?

These are the sorts of questions we'll have to ask in the next 50 years.
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David Shellabarger

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What do I do?

If you ever wanted to know what I do on a daily basis; read this.
It's very long, but it's approachable and fun to read.
It's easily the best article on programming I have ever read.
The world belongs to people who code. Those who don’t understand will be left behind.
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Cool! Thanks for posting this David, I'll definitely read it at some point.
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David Shellabarger

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May 2015 Material Design Spec Update

Today’s a big day for design here at Google—along with the new, we’ve got a lot more tools and content to share.

For starters, we’re updating the material design guidelines today (, with a focus on guidance for larger screens. We heard loud and clear from designers across the community that the guidelines for tablet and desktop sizes left a lot of open questions, so we’re providing additional recommendations for these sizes with this update. But that’s not all—the list of updates includes:

Adaptive UI: a new section on layout and navigation for large screens.

Navigation: a new section with suggestions for different levels of navigation.

FAB expansion: additional examples of FAB expansion animations.

Launch screens: a new section on displaying app branding and placeholder content when launching an app.

Empty states: a new section on treatment for empty collections and other empty states.

For the full breakdown of what’s been added and updated, check out the What’s New section in the spec:

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David Shellabarger

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Last Saturday my wife and I took a trip on the Tennessee Valley Railroad for fun. It was surprisingly delightful.
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David Shellabarger

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LeakCanary was released today. I've never seen so many people excited to find memory leaks in their apps.
leakcanary - A memory leak detection library for Android and Java.
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Maybe Google will use this to fix Play Services.
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David Shellabarger

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I didn't realize there were so many new features in Android Wear 5.1.

I'm especially interested in the new feature that lets you keep an app in the forefront even after the screen turns off. That really sets the stage for having actually useful apps on my watch. I haven't seen many people talking about that and it's potentially the most significant new feature. I'm excited.
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David Shellabarger

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I have accepted a job at Wahoo Fitness. If you haven't heard of them, they make really great fitness devices for cyclists and runners and anyone that wants to stay fit. 
I'll be working on their Android team.

If you own any Wahoo gear and you are an Android user, I want to hear from you. How can we make your life better?
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Congrats, David! That sounds exciting.
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The interactive museum is top notch
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My favorite place to eat in Chattanooga. Always great food and lovely home style dining.
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