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Don't Starve is a charming and hilarious survival game. Come watch me play it live at:
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David Shellabarger

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This is a pretty good overview in Ars on Marshmallow.  While looking through it, I saw some things that could use more explanation so thought I'd share my comments.

Extended Voice Actions:

The discussion about how applications work with the new voice interaction service may be a little misleading.  As with Now on Tap, applications here don't directly interact with Google; rather they go through a platform API ( for those who care) which interacts with the back-end speech recognition service.  So I wouldn't describe this as developers plugging in to the Google App -- they are using the platform API, which has a back-end plugged in to it (by default via the Google App) that does the recognition.

This is very much how Now on Tap is integrated into the platform, as described in the previous section.  In fact, it isn't very much like, it is it!  Now on Tap and the new voice interaction are all part of the currently enabled VoiceInteractionService, which is what you are selecting when you select which assistant you want.  (This is also why voice actions can now use the context of what you are currently looking at to help with the recognition, because it is also the assistant so it that can do that.)

So, it wouldn't make sense for this to move to a Google Play Services API, because it is a very well-defined platform API.  This also isn't really the first time this pattern has appeared: it is basically how input methods work, where platform APIs arbitrate interaction between the application and the current back-end input method.  More closely, speech-to-text and the old simple speech recognizer are both pluggable components, which applications interact with through a (simple) platform API to whatever back-end implementation the user has selected.


On the topic of organization of "permissions," while I would agree there is some further cleanup that can happen in the UI, in many cases things are deliberately not simple runtime permissions.  For example, the new "Draw over apps" and "Modify system settings" controls actually correspond to existing permissions, which we explicitly didn't want to turn into simple runtime permissions.  We want to discourage apps from using them unless they have a really good reason, and they don't have anything to do directly with specific personal data access so are really hard to explain to users.

You'll note there is a warning dialog that appears when enabling an app's access to one of these, giving more information about what is happening.  This is also a pattern followed by other existing dangerous access controls like accessibility services and usage access.

Speaking of accessibility, if anything we'd like to see that made less easy for apps to get to.  This feature really is intended for accessibility services, and you should be skeptical about any other kind of app asking for access to it -- it gives that app almost complete control over your device and the ability to see everything you do on it!

Also fwiw, the new runtime permissions implementation makes use of app ops for applying permissions restrictions to pre-M applications.  You can basically see this as the long desired UI for app ops, and app ops' basic behavior remains the same where turning off access means the app simply sees no data (no location, zero contacts, etc).  We never create fake data.


Abuse of high priority messages have a special difference from other things like notifications: they must go through Google servers, so Google can monitor and modify what is being sent to devices.  If apps abuse these for other things besides their intended use, we will be able to stop that abuse without touching any software on the device.  (Also "abuse" here is much less subjective than for notifications, where there is a large gray area of things some users care about and some don't.  For high priority messages, if it isn't something that is time critical to go to the user immediately, it is not appropriate.)

Chrome Custom Tabs:

This isn't really tying an app to Chrome.  It is defining an extended API with the browser than an app can use to get the behavior.  The standard implementation used by apps should work with any browser as long as it supports the API, regardless of what the default browser is.  So Firefox and others should be able to implement the same API as Chrome and get the same behavior from the same apps.
Marshmallow brings a lot of user-requested features but still has no update solution.
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David Shellabarger

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Can I buy the new Nexus 5X or 6P ON contract? The off-contract prices are pretty good, but my contract just ended and I'd prefer to pay $50+contract for the Nexus 5X than $380. I'm planning on staying with my current carrier for the next 2 years away.
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+Ian Lake​ I can think of at least one reason: some people can expense their entire carrier bill.
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David Shellabarger

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New Job

I've accepted a full-time position at StoryCloud. StoryCloud is working on content and file sharing that gives content owners fine grained control over sharing. Think of it as Google Circles on steroids. It also has some really great analytics for shared content.

StoryCloud is launching their 1st product very soon  but you can get a sneak peek at the file sharing service at

I'm doing Android dev and maybe a little iOS dev for them too.
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Congrats! Have fun creating a rocking app!
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David Shellabarger

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iOS support for Android Wear is official

We knew it was coming and it's finally here. No more vendor lock in for Android watches.
In a nondescript conference room at Google’s headquarters a few weeks ago, I paired my iPhone to a smartwatch running Android for the first time. I was there to ask Jeff Chang, the lead product...
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David Shellabarger

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Just 2 weeks ago, I was asking an a hardware entrepreneur to a wifi Router / SmartThings type device.
Well, Google beat him to it. Not only does this thing have fantastic Wifi but it has Bluetooth, Zigbee and, most excitingly, Weave. (no Z-wave :( )

No Weave devices exist yet, but it's the most exciting development in home automation since the invention of the modern smart phone.
Looking for a router that’s simple, fast and really, really ridiculously good looking? Meet #OnHub.
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If/when Weave dies of disinterest, Google will still have a network gateway presence in your home to deploy other types of new services.

Cloud based parental controls, anyone?
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David Shellabarger

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This would be a major change to the activity lifecycle but it would be a welcome one. :)
There are a bunch of smooth interactions in Android but sadly, rotation isn't one of them. I've been craving the "smooth rotation" (as seen on iOS) since ICS. Well, let's hope that one day, this will become an actual thing.
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It's probably under copyright/patented.....
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David Shellabarger

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YouTube Red is a Great Deal

I've been thinking about getting a Spotify subscription but now it makes way more sense to go with YouTube Red because it COMES WITH Google Play Music. They did kind of a terrible job marketing that part but YouTube Red is like paying for Spotify Premium except it also removes all ads from YouTube and lets you play videos in the background and offline. Spotify Premium is $10/month. YouTube Red (with Google Play Music) is $10/month. That's a pretty great deal.
YouTube Red is a damn good idea, and I'm not even going to qualify that statement. You know why it's a damn good idea? Because YouTube needs to grow up, an... by David Ruddock in Applications, Editorials, News, Videos
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David Shellabarger

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I think this might be more exciting than the new Nexus phones.
It's even better than I imagined.
Yesterday, we broke news of the Pixel C, an upcoming premium tablet from Google that would run Android and carry the company's high-end Pixel name. Today,... by Cameron Summerson in News
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+Jon Knutson Nexus brand has always been confusing. Only consistent thing is that it's branded by Google and probably runs Android. (Nexus Q?!)
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David Shellabarger

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StoryCloud Launches File-sharing with Permissions

You can set permissions on the files you upload. For example you can make a file only accessible to a certain county or city. You can also set the max number of views or set an expiration date. Some files like, videos, images, music and PDF have a viewer but It's very flexible and can be used with any file.

This article focuses on music but you can upload APK's, files or anything. It's free, clean (Material Design) and has really cool analytics.

You can use it at:
With its super-granular ways to control content access and payment options, this startup hopes creators can find a formula that works.
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+Eva Ditasari I'll give it a try.
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David Shellabarger

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This is the funnest video I've seen in a long time.
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Probably even funnier for a swede, like me :)
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David Shellabarger

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Glad to see Hangouts get it's own website. Starting a Video hangout had always been tricky before with lots of clicks. Now it's easy.
Oh wow. Google is giving some well deserved love to the Hangouts!
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The interactive museum is top notch
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My favorite place to eat in Chattanooga. Always great food and lovely home style dining.
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