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It seems like Airbnb and Google now have a similar bug. Both systems assume that previous country you've been to, is your home. I left to Indonesia from Italy, then I bounced between Indonesia and Malaysia. So both Google Now and Airbnb will sometimes send me information in Italian, Indonesian or Malaysian.

I'm going to be in France next week, and then in England, to add to this app's madness. I get Google they probably content with moving around California. But Airbnb created by travelers for  travelers, why is it freaking out like that?

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My thoughts on Dart after 18 or 19 months of using it personally and commercially.

React.js seems quite nice, if a bit hacky at times. Bought Angular and React are nice ways to try and reinvent good old Flex. #trolling

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That annoying thing about JavaScript
Or how to write next AngularJS

Best place ever! Great co working too :) (@ Bathtub 2 Boardroom in City of London, London)

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Some of photos of Street Art and Murals I took in San Francisco
San Francisco Street Art
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Trip to Berlin!

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Nothing new for people with my interests. But it's fucking humbling nevertheless!!!

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Smart exploration of the evolution of the agency model from @markpollard:  via @aaretz Worth thinking about: what makes your business move?

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Dog Bollocks

This particular punctuation ":-" (colon and dash) is called, it was used quite often in English ( and in the best programming language ever: Prolog as a syntactical separator between functor name and functor body, e.g. "fruit :- apple.".

Inspired by Vsauce.
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