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I feel this is one of the most important TV segments I've ever participated in. They gave me a whole 10 minutes to discuss this; an eternity in TV time.

Please share and discuss. Thanks!
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I hate this. I really do. It makes very little sense from the government's perspective to do this and at the same time, it's pushing the limits of the people's rights. The proposal doesn't seem to have any limits. And lets be honest, their not going to really use this for looking after and finding terrorists. This is the policing of the innocent and the patriots. Do they really think they're going to catch a terrorist from Facebook or G+?

Have you seen this one too?

The CIA, FBI, FAA are all encroaching on the civil liberties of their own citizens. They're trying to validate their reasoning behind these projects so they can watch the people in their own care. The government is scared they'll lose their power so they reach for more power. It's a crying shame!
+Garrett Carter also an issue, which I didn't have time to mention, is the huge economic impact- the next generation of social networks will start to operate offshore to avoid all of this police state nonsense.

we'll lose one of our vital growth areas.
Very good point. They may not go because of the economic changes, but for the relaxed rules and regulations of those countries. If that happens, the government will push to get into the sites and servers in foreign countries and they'll reach beyond their boundaries.

How long do we think these countries will allow it? I don't think it will be for long. Big Brother is watching the wrong kids in my opinion.
+David Seaman If you think of the Swedish north as offshore, where Facebook is on it's way to built a gigantic servers farm - in a state where the restrictions for spying are very low ...
Facebook is owned by the FBI. Mark Zuckerberg, I believe is the founder and he also works for the FBI so imo they are already watching anyone on FB.
No I have not seen that. I do not watch comedy. I do not have cable. Refuse to pay. I did however see a news excerpt where FBI admitted they were spying on its users Thanking The Zuck for creating it. :)
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