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Here is more good news, KitKat Android 4.4.2 for Moto X on Verizon is now rolling out over the next few days. Enjoy!
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You got some good news for Att friend? 
We are continuing to work with ATT to get 4.4.2 out but at this time I do not have an updated on timing
Droids are hoping,waiting wishing dreaming for 4.4.2 oh moto please make it soon😁
And hopefully when we get some droidly love Verizon has had a change of heart and decided to let you guy's change the blue icons to white. +David Schuster
+David Schuster See this is why I'm a Moto Man. What other companies have their people out on the front lines reaching out to their customers. We ask and you guys let us know what you can thank you!!!!!! +Punit Soni +Motorola Mobility you guys rock!!!!
Brian, thanks for the support, I have been at Motorola for 25 years... people like you really make it worth it
The original droid had me hooked with Motorola as I wanted something different than an iPhone. Then my next phone was the droid 4. That was my favorite phone except for the battery life. I miss keyboards. Then I made the jump to the RAZR Maxx. Amazing. Then to the Maxx HD. Now I'm on the moto x as I'm trying to keep my unlimited data from Verizon. I came close to ditching Motorola due to software not updated timely, but now everything is perfect. I love my custom moto x and watched as people envied my ebony moto x. I had a sales person ask me what skin I used on my phone, I told him it was customized. He looked confused haha. The Moto X is a perfect sale. I wished to get the droid maxx but full retail was pushing it to around 700$ while I could by this phone for 300-400$ which is perfect for full retail. However I miss the battery life so dearly from the maxx brand. I have to be somewhat conservative of my usage now, but this phone and software is amazing now. I love it. I hope lenovo doesn't damper the fresh idea's you guys have and I hope sales are coming back in your favor. Thank you for all your hard work to have this lovely device in my hands.
thanks for the updates dave!!! Gonna be great to have the latest version of Droid on my Maxx!!!
+Keith Honaker  Sorry that was my 14mo old. Apparently "endless alphabet" was boring him so he decided to comment on here.
Just want to say a HUGE thank you for your answers, +David Schuster , +Olivier Meirhaeghe and +Kirk Stromberg. Speaking of the kernel sources, there is a post on the SourceForge forum ( that would be great if you could answer. Regarding FMRadio, I understand that this streamlining is indeed good for the development and release of new versions of Android for the Ri . Since FM Radio support is not a priority to you, would it be possible for us to have the source code for put it back to work ? :) Thank you so much again! 
PS: I don't know what happened but some posts (including yours and mine) are missing here on google plus. I was able to see the answer in my Gmail :)
Looking forward to the AT&T update, +David Schuster. The Exchange issues in 4.4 are frustrating as a business user. The team set expectations high with the quick release of 4.4, but this update cycle has been less impressive. I hope this isn't indicative of a slow slide back to the way the rest of the industry handles updates.
Zachary, we are committed to getting upgrades out as quickly as we can. We are actively working with AT&T but at this time I am unable to give you a time frame, hopefully soon. 
So the buzz on the world wide web today is that there's a new moto x coming our way this summer. I really do think it would be awesome if you guy's made an app called My Moto Theme and the app would allow user's to customize the look of their phone. Have a red moto x want red status bar icon's and on screen nav button's you got it. Users could choose from any color they like. It could even change the color of the the lock screen keys and the color of the lock screen clock. You could do the same for any new droid's in the work's and make the command center available as a lock screen widget as well. It just make's sense you can choose multiple colors for your Moto X why not be able to theme your user interface to match or mix and match. I'm just one person with an idea that I think could go far no other OEM has done this yet. I know there's Tomfoolery with root that allows this but why have to do all that. Motorola brings you the worlds first fully customizable phone From the skin down to it's soul feeling blue change your theme to match. +David Schuster+Olivier Meirhaeghe+Michael Labowicz+Motorola Mobility+Matt Jones+Michelle Gattuso+Punit Soni
Why didn't I hear about this from +Droid Life first? They must be slipping, especially given all the props they give the X. ;-) 
+Brian Dillinger may be questioning if the standard edition MotoX is only receiving the upgrade, or if the Dev Editions Lots of us bought are included in this release. Does that help clarify, +David Schuster ?
I have been hearing that the 4.4.2 has actually hurt Verizon user's battery life. My battery life is currently suffering on 4.4 because the android OS is taking up a lot of my battery life. Anything you can do to help. +David Schuster 
+Nick Sciancalepore Nick, we have added some improvements in the 4.4.2 upgrade to help with battery performance. How many hours do you get before needing a charge?
+Diego Scheuermann We are actively working on the RAZR HD upgrades but due to the customizations we did in the past on top of Android it takes us a little longer to get them out.
+David Schuster can you confirm that the Verizon Moto X developer edition is on the same update schedule as the standard X's? 
+Chris S. It doesn't appear to be, I've tried running the MDM on my computer and forced OTA updates. Both result in the same outcome, "Up to date software"
+David Schuster generally 13-15 hours on android 4.4 however android OS is using too much battery, if there is any way I can test new features I will just as long as it helps everyone else get the most out of their moto x
+Chris S. +Brian Dillinger Chris and Brian, check in the morning (after midnight EST) for the update, it should be available. In the future, i will discuss with the OTA team to include the Developer Edition devices in the early soaks.
Why it takes AT&T so long to roll out the update??? Very disappointed
+Alex Margulis Alex, I understand that you are frustrated, we are too. The good news is we are making progress so hopefully it is not too much longer. I will let you guys know as soon as things change.
David, thanks for fast reply and kind words. Good to know that Moto cares about its customers. Hope you will work out all the issues with AT&T soon. Just curious, what kind of issues delay the release?
We are actively working on both Droid RAZR M and HD upgrades, we had done a lot more customization on top of Android for these phones so it takes us longer to get the upgrades out. We are making good progress and I will keep you posted.
Então vai sair  a atualização do Android do Motorola Razr HD?
obs.... muito obrigado pelo desempenho pra trazer a atualização pra nossos aparelhos.
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