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Here is more good news, KitKat Android 4.4.2 for Moto X on USC is now available, enjoy. (Tip: Plus $70 off any Moto X without a contract through Friday!)
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soo what about the non us razr line, the razr d1, d3 and the razr i? not to be a whiny about updates, but the razr d1 and d3 was marketed as "guarantee update" and is still on 4.1.2, and the razr I is still sold on many markets, I don't care about a date, but a "we are working on it" would be nice, instead of the "future plans coming soon"
Federico, we are actively working on the upgrades for all three of these devices to KitKat. It takes us longer to upgrade them due to the customization we use to do on our devices. Now that we have taken a more "pure" Android experience we can move faster for upgrades for devices like Moto G and Moto X.
Thanks a lot david, just to hear that they are not being forgotten it's more than enough to me, take your time, and thanks again.
Moto X for Verizon with 4.4.2 will be very soon.... stay tuned, I hopefully will have some good news for you shortly. The DROID's take us a little longer due to some of the customizations we do on top of Android but they are not too far off.
Mr Xavi
Thanks +David Schuster I have a Razr I and this great phone needs a newest Android version than 4.1.2
Thank you +David Schuster! Hopefully it helps the battery. Or I may just be use to my old phone, the Maxx HD. Ha. This is such a great phone for the price. I'm glad I bought it. 
+David Schuster  maybe you could answer two things for us, Razr i users: First: would it be possible, someday, to release the source code (as Motorola has being doing with other devices) for developers to create customized firmwares (e.g. CyanogenMOD) and not have to wait (and bother you guys) for you to update our phones? And second: I've asked several times in every single possible way in Moto's facebook and twitter pages for a reason why FM Radio libraries were removed from ICS to JellyBean update. We all know that FMRadio wasn't announced as a feature for Ri , but it worked, that is, there is hardware support for this (as many people, by using a FMRadio apk from other Moto phones could put it to work). Is there any plausible explanation for this other than "sorry but this was never a feature" that I've been receiving so many times? I'd love to hear the answer from you. 
good news indeed!

i hope the razr i will support miracast with kitkat. and wifi direct for apps like superbeam.
Cleyton, let me see what I can find out about your questions, i will get back to you
no one can say anything to a Razr i update for Kitkat in Germany. I would like to provide my Razr i with Kitkat. Can you tell me what suggested it? Thanx from a great FAN of Motorola
Hello David!

The News about Razr i, 4.4. and coming update, is this a Official Motorola Information?

Thank you

bye bye
There have been a number of questions about the KitKat upgrade for RAZR I. We are actively working on it and as it gets closer I will give you guys updates.
shame on your marketing department for not updating the web page :/
Cleyton, I have talked to a couple of our product managers about your questions. +Olivier Meirhaeghe can give you more details on your source code question and +Kirk Stromberg can address your question about the FM Radio libraries. 
The kernel is not the problem, the issue was with the sound driver (the custom implementation of alsa from intel), source is missing, but maybe (probably) those files aren't gpl-
Alex L.
+Kirk Stromberg Hello Kirk, thank your for answering our questions. 

I am eager to know if the RAZR i KitKat Upgrade will support Miracast and WiFi Direct. Maybe you could be so kind as to comment on that matter as well.
I am glad to see this activity. I am myself waiting for 4.4 on Razr HD. But at the same time, I wonder if we need to actually push Verizon to release 4.4 faster, since that is where generally things slow down, right?
 Just want to say a HUGE thank you for your answers, +David Schuster  , +Olivier Meirhaeghe  and +Kirk Stromberg  .Speaking of the kernel sources, there is a post on the SourceForge forum ( that would be great if you could answer. Regarding FMRadio, I understand that this streamlining is indeed good for the development and release of new versions of Android for the Ri . Since FM Radio support is not a priority to you, would it be possible for us to have the source code for put it back to work ? :) Thank you so much again! (now at the right place, sorry for that!)
Sunil, we are working with Verizon to get you the DROID RAZR HD KitKat upgrade. We have run into a couple new requirements that will take us some extra time but we are committed to get it to you as quickly as we can. Thanks for being patient.
Alex L.
+David Schuster
+Kirk Stromberg Dear Sirs, would you please address my Miracast/Wifi Direct question about the RAZR i ? That would be highly appreciated.
+Cleyton Slaviero  I understand the request, but those sources contain proprietary Motorola/Intel software. Although they may not be in active development currently, there is no reason future products cannot use them, and we may not be legally obligated to publish them. Its like going to Google and asking for sourcecode for their GMS apps that was loaded on cupcake... you are not going to get it.
This pleases me.
The Intel chip in the RAZR I is very good
Coupled with kit kat you have a perfect handset. Not a gaming or movie handset. Just a very good personal digital communications device.

A bit late though...

+Gopinath Palaniappan Thx for explaining about the source files.
+David Schuster Is the adb backup / restore bug going to be fixed on 4.4 for the Razr I. Both should work starting with Android 4.x, including backing up app data without root but they are not working.
And I'm still surprised Motorola never released the Razr I on U.S. markets, overall its a really great phone and I personally prefer it over the Moto X.
Alex L.
+Kirk Stromberg Thank you for your reply, Kirk. That's indeed not what I was hoping to hear.

If I am not mistaken Wifi Direct was a working feature prior to the JB update.

And Miracast is as far as I know an open standard which is integrated in 4.2 and newer versions of Android. So I was really hoping the RAZR i would get those features with 4.4.x. 
+Luke Kleine I am not sure I understand the question so I have asked +Olivier Meirhaeghe from our team to see if he can help answer your question. Can you give a little more detail behind the issue?
Hello . I'm from Brazil, one of the greatest markets for the RAZR i (XT890). I know that everyone is asking you the same thing, but could you give us a short answer for the following question? Will the XT890 Intel device receive the Android 4.4 (or any newer version) update? Just don't bother about timeframe, schedules and such things. We just want to have hope. It's such awesome device from Motorola/Intel partnership, and updating it in the markets that it is active would be a great act of faith. Here, it still more expensive than Moto G, for's a great opotunity for everyone (for us, Google, Motorola, Intel, the sellers, etc). Anyway, thank you very much.
Selfishly I would like to know rough timescales for the RAZR I update. Weeks? Days? Tomorrow? ;)
+David Schuster +Olivier Meirhaeghe I reported a bug report to Moto Germany in July last year, but it probably didn't find its way to the Dev team :D Incident #130701-004551
Basically, as you know, google launched the adb backup and adb restore cmd in Android 4.0 that allows to save apps + app data via adb to the PC. However, it doesn't work on the Razr HD and Razr I (tested it myself on 3 devices) Just try it yourself, you'll see it won't work. Also the app helium uses that adb cmd so because adb backup is not working, helium can't also make any backups.
You might ask why it is important? For user with a locked BL and no root this is the only way to save app data.

I'm new to G+ but I tried to send it directly to you +David Schuster yesterday, probably I did it wrong ;)
Alex L.
+Carlos Trentini That question has already been answered in earlier posts of this thread. RAZR i will be upgraded to KitKat, but no timeframe has been uttered. It takes longer than Moto G/X, since customizations need to be done as Motorola used to do with older phones.

+David Schuster could you please tell us, what countries KitKat for RAZR i will be released? Same as previous updates I suppose? Brazil, Germany and the UK are probably it's biggest markets, right?

edit the motorola upgrade-website just got updated. thanks guys.
Thank you! I have a Razr I and I'm excited about this update! 
Então agora é aguardar essa tão esperada atualização para nosso Razr  i .
+David Schuster, thank you very much for your reply! That is really great news! I'm really, really, excited! Congratulations!
+David Schuster 

glad to hear about the Razr i update, I'm no power user so that update could keep me on this phone for another year easy if the performance is improved 
Thanks for confirming the update officially, that's a sigh of relief for us 2012 users.

However, as I read through this thread devices before the Moto X & G are getting the same level of customization to keep it streamlines. My only request is to get rid of that ugly old lockscreen with no way to change shortcuts and implement the AOSP version!
Mr Xavi
Hi +David Schuster Thanks for the great news about the Razr I. If you need beta testers...
+1 is for all the good news about the Razri KitKat update! 
OK So when will those of us who committed to RAZR I in 2013 see an upgrade to KitKat

That last query refers to us multiple users in Republic of Ireland????

Which customizations will the Razr I get? I think that most of the user will prefer a more uncustomized KitKat, that is one of the reasons why i bought my Razr I...
What about some release date??? Maybe some beta teste with the RAZR i users...
Much needed, got the Ri last August on a 2 year contract :)
My question, the new rom (kit kat) included in the Hungarian language?
+Luke Kleine not everybody wants to our knows how to root their phone, I do, and generally these apps are flaky at best.
+Mark Ingram the app works perfect.
+Milan Široký cause its not intended by google. Its not a decision made by motorola but from google. Write to google instead.
And ext sd is open for apps to use, otherwise you couldn't save data on it, you cant just officially move app data to it, again, contact google about it.
+Luke Kleine as I said, not everybody knows how to, or wants to root their phone... and if the app you mention is so good why is there no reviews from any RAZR i owners on the play store?
+David Schuster 
Could you make sure that all applications which have the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission are registered as members of the Android UNIX group "media_rw" in /system/etc/permissions/platform.xml
In Android 4.3, almost all devices granted access to the media_rw group to apps. In Android 4.4, they do not.
Otherwise we (the customers) will need to fix it ourselves afterwards.

Did u have a date to bring kitkat to razr i?
:-) but I guess another few months after that for the mobile networks to test before release.
+David Schuster Would the KitKat software be using the latest Motorola software which are updated on the Play Store? Or are we too old for that privilege. 

Also, I'm loving the fantastic communication by your team now. I was waiting for ICS on my XOOM 2 a couple of years back and the old Motorola never gave us any information about the delay.
+Luke Kleine Yes that is correct. Great software, which would be wonderful to use on the latest Android.
+Roman D. we are currently using 4.4.2 which is the only available version from Android. We will have to see on the timing and availability of a different version from Android with respect to the KitKat upgrade on RAZR I
Can you tell if the update will have the same launcher (homescreen) or it will be like as motox,motg? thx
Alex L.
+David Schuster I think that's quite neat since I like the RAZR i launcher and it's widgets. 

It would be nice to see a little boost in overall performance with 4.4.2 though!

Any other improvements are welcome as well of course. ;)
We would love to see the driver for developing our own custom rom. Please keep it in mind. ;)
+Roman D. we typically only officially release kernel/GPL source only. +Luke Kleine cool list. I will check on the rw permissions but we have to follow CTS for 4.4. +Milan Širokýare you asking about MS for internal storage or the SD card +Kirk Stromberg +David Schuster
Alex L.
+Olivier Meirhaeghe  
Rumor has it that 4.4.3. is going to be released for Nexus 5 before the end of the month. 

So that raises the question once more if 4.4.3 could be an option for RAZR i as well, since those fixes might only be minor adjustments to 4.4.2. (which I don't know ofc.)  

edit meanwhile I read David Schuster's answer in a different thread. So i guess 4.4.3 is off the table for RAZR i ?
Hello, now we are in the middle of Q2. How much time you think you will need for the Razr i Update?
Hi +David Schuster I'm from Mexico, is the RAZR I update too far away? I know you already have a lot of people asking but it'll be very kind from you if you could clarify this, thank you!
RAZR i is making good progress and is going into the final testing phase which precedes the carrier lab testing cycles. I will give you guys an update when we are close to entering some of the carrier labs. Thanks for being patient.... 
Alex L.
+David Schuster Two Questions:
1. Does that mean the next testing-phase is going to be the user testing phase?
2. Are retail versions going to be upgraded sooner than carrier versions (RAZR i) ? 

Thank you for taking the time to inform us, very much appreciated.
+1 for xt890 updates!!! High time!! I'll be looking forward to them :-) 
+Alex L. this tread is getting pretty long.... what device are you asking about? DROID RAZR HD/M in the US or RAZR i in Europe and/or Latin America?
Hi +David Schuster , great news that things are going well with Razr I. I got myself questioning the other day: did you ever considered using us, users, as beta testers of new versions? I know a person or two that would love to participate. I am certainly one of them :)
Daz B
Kitkat is coming in the 3rd quarter I sometime between July and september
Pretty anxious about having kitkat con my Razr i
Hello David, before two month you have told us you will give us an Update when you are entering the carrier labs...
Hello David! My question, the new rom (kit kat) included in the Hungarian language? My device is Razr i retail  Retail.en.EU  , what time the update will be available
Hello +David Schuster, what about Razr I 4.4 for Latin America?
I'm from Brazil and I know that many people in Argentina wait for this sw too.
Das wird doch nichts mehr mit dem Update. Die halten uns doch nur hin. Mein Akku wird bald defekt sein dann klopf ich das alte Handy in den Müll und kaufe mir ein neues Nexus 5. Da habe ich dann wieder länger Spaß dran.... Good bye
i think florian is right. regarding the razr i motorola is just letting time pass and in the end of the day the message will be: guys we're sorry... we encountered some unexpectable problems... also if we would like to we won't be able to upgrade the xt890.

what i wonder is what happens with phones that were bought retail. if they're not bound to any carrier why do we still need to wait for carrier lab tests?
Ich dachte als Google Motorola gekauft hat, ging es aufwärts. Nachdem die Motorola aber gleich nach China verscherbelt haben muss dort was nicht stimmen. Die hätten ihre Nexus-Serien allesamt selbst produzieren können. Das ist wie wenn Apple foxxcon rauswirft....

Mercurio, so wird es werden....
Keine Antwort ist auch eine Antwort. Das ist ein Armutszeugnis. Motorola sollte sich schämen dieses Debakel auch noch lautlos unter den Tisch zu kehren.
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