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To all Moto X on Sprint, tomorrow morning we will be rolling out KitKat 4.4.2, so enjoy.
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Can't wait to read the same message about razr HD, keep the good work!
+Mike Oakley I have posted a couple of times about our progress with AT&T. We are all frustrated but we are making progress so hopefully it is not too much longer... I will keep you posted when I have better timing info.
I already have it on my Sprint Moto got it yesterday
+Nick Pierson Hey Nick, we have a few additional requirements from Verizon on DROID Ultra, MAXX and Mini so it is taking us a little longer to get these upgrades out. But, we are making good progress and will let you know when I have more timing info.
Alex L.
+David Schuster yeah, David, hit us with some progress info on the RAZR i update status, please. ;)

we are all very sorry for bothering, but also very curious!
 can we expect AT&T update this month?
+Jeremy Martin +Punit Soni Jeremy, I have posted a couple of times that we are actively working on the Droid RAZR HD KitKat upgrade. It takes us a little longer to get these upgrades out due to additional customizations that we do for the DROID devices on top of the Android OS. It should not be too much longers... we are getting closer.
+Alex Margulis Alex, the AT&T KitKat upgrade is getting very close.... hopefully I will have good news to report very shortly.
+David Schuster +Punit Soni I must have missed it. The only thing I have read other than moto x updates is news about the Droid updates. Since you have a Droid ultra and MAXX I thought you were only talking about those two when you simply said "Droid" since you have no other way to distinguish them like you would if you said Droid RAZR HD. 
Ty for the update status though... I am looking forward to it.
David, thank you so much for keeping us all posted. We appreciate your hard work as well as the hard work on behalf of the entire Motorola Mobility Team. I realize it must be the most annoying thing in the world to constantly answer the same 'when can we expect this update' question! Regarding the RAZR HD, I'm not concerned about a date of release, but rather can you disclose if those who unlocked their boot loaders before that exploit was patched will be able to take this update? Also what kind of new features can we expect to see? Are we retaining the 'blur' skin, blue status bar icons, or will this update bring us a more stock android feel? I realize I've asked a mouthful of information, thank you again for all of your efforts, and thank you guys for taking your time to ensure a solid, smooth update experience! 
You're the best! Thanks for the super quick reply!
Thanks Kirk! By blur skin I just meant physical UI such as Icons like Text Messaging, Camera, Gallery, Dialer, Contacts, and settings that are Old Moto stylized versus stock android! Can't thank you enough for the detailed reply!
Also by unlocking I meant strictly bootloader. If we're unlocked by Dan Rosenberg/ Motochopper method will we be able to take the update as long as we're running the stock 9.30.1 firmware with no mods without relocking the boot loader? In other words, is there a "security patch" in this update that will relock an unlocked boot loader? 
When will the MOTO X of AT&T for 4.4.2?
I hope to have good news for everyone on AT&T this week. Stay tuned
+David Schuster You guys do a great job. Are you able to give a timeframe for the Droid Ultra, MAXX, Mini update?
We received additional requirements for these devices and are actively working on them. Hopefully will have more timeframe info next month.
+Brian Hardy do you have any other android devices? didnt you say you had a nexus 7? i dont think it is really a rush to update as there is hardly a day to day difference between 4.4 and 4.4.2...probably just more security patches
+bryan bailey yes I have an N7 but. I want it on my maxx with any new little baked in goodies atleast for a couple of months before the next version of android gets released lol.
+bryan bailey I'm sure these additional requirements are something that Verizon decided that we want but we don't. Probably another 4gbs of bloat. 
Additional requirements...hoping to have more info next month...sounds more like a complete overhaul.  Doesn't make sense, there isn't much difference between the X and the 2013 Droid software.  Not enough to warrant that kind of delay one would reasonably think.
The additional requirements are unrelated to the Android 4.4.2 update but due to timing are linked together.
+David Schuster 😕 Additional requirements for the better I hope. Hope it's not more useless Verizonware.
David Schuster, may I ask you on which Android version  (4.4, 4.4.1 or 4.4.2) will be based Razr HD update?
+David Schuster I trust you guy's and I'm going to put my money on it being worth the wait. I'll be patiently waiting. Thanks guys
Thank you very much for quick answer. It's great that you use the latest source.

I forgot to ask, which is the kernel version?
+David Schuster Your response that the new requirements are unrelated to the 4.4.2 update actually raises more questions than answers.  Any chance you're able/willing to share the nature of changes?  Are they on the Android/apps side, or the radio/network side?
+David Schuster Do the additional requirements have anything to do with the new powered by Android on boot logo that Google is now requiring. Also the rumblings on the web are that 4.4.3 is about to hit nexus devices and is pretty much a huge bug fix. Wonder if the droids should just wait for 4.4.3 since .2 seems to have issues.
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