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Hey, I have some exciting news. If you thought we were fast in getting KitKat out faster than anyone else in the industry, then this will blow you away. We have started to roll out the latest version of KitKat 4.4.3 to some of our devices in less that 24 hours of it being publicly available. Have fun with it and enjoy!
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Nvm its only the tmobile Moto X...hope remains!
Very, very well done.  Hopefully the carrier variants won't be long behind.  A bugfix update can't take that long to process.  Besides, we all know this will only be the latest version until the end of the month :-)
we still waiting 4.4.2
Please update us on the status of the Droid Maxx.  We have been waiting a LONG time now.  Thank you.
Where is 4.3 for the droid line!!!
+Jared Annis Huh?  The 2012 Droids got 4.4.2 a few weeks ago.  The 2013 Droid 4.4.2 builds hit a snag during certification that delayed them, but have been on 4.4 since December.
Guys guys its not even fully rolled out to the X yet its only Tmobiles Moto X that has it
+Tim Glaraton No reason not to celebrate.  Motorola has turned the US unlocked version of the X, G, and E into what is essentially a cheap GPE lineup.  that is definitely cause for celebration :-)
+Tim Glaraton the Verizon Moto X got 4.4 first. The AT&T Moto X got 4.4.2 first. Now the "T-Mobile" Moto X gets 4.4.3 first. 
+David Schuster any news, other than the "coming soon" news or variations thereof, would be greatly appreciated for the 2013 droid line including the Droid Maxx, Droid Ultra and Droid Mini.

It kind of feels like we are being left behind and forgotten about since we seem to get zero news about our phone. The latest update was so minor that it was more like a tease than an actual update.
Yeah, and nothing about KitKat for Razr HD (xt925) I give up
I see a lot of comments on a couple different threads asking about the 2013 DROID plans. Now that KitKat 4.4.3 is publicly available I am able to give more information about our plans. As I have stated previously, we ran into some issues with requirement churn on getting KitKat 4.4.2 out as quickly as we wanted too. Once that got resolved last month we had a decision to make with respect to rolling out KitKat 4.4.2 vs. waiting for KitKat 4.4.3, which we knew, was coming out shortly. We were concerned that if we used KitKat 4.4.2 it could be months before we were given the opportunity to get you KitKat 4.4.3. Consequently, we made the decision to wait for KitKat 4.4.3 as the base for our next update to the 2013 DROID family. We are working to get this update to you shortly, as it gets closer I will let you guys know. Thanks for your patience.
Wow!!! i cant believe Motorola did this so fast!! hours after the release!!! thanks also for some droid love , my droid maxx getting 4.4.3 soon!!!
+David Schuster Honored his word and told us all what he could when he could so I believe we should all respect that and thank him. I'm sure as he did before he'll tell us more as it draws near. But anyway aren't you all glad we're getting 4.4.3 I know I am. Good move +Motorola Mobility for skipping .2 for .3 everyone got so angry and as I suspected there was a method to the madness :-)
+David Schuster Thank you for the update on the 2013 Droid line.  Glad to hear we're going straight to 4.4.3 and hope it won't be too much longer.  Still frustrated with the relatively minimal communication, but I understand that's mostly VZW's doing and not Moto's.  Thanks for letting us know as much as you can.
+David Schuster Thanks for the update on the 2013 Droid line.  It was probably a wise move to wait for 4.4.3 to drop, given the situation you were in.
+David Schuster Hey David thanks for the update. I kind of figured it had something to do with 4.4.3. I remember you saying you got our backs. I see now you do. You took quite a lashing the last few months from droid owners. When in reality you were doing us a solid by holding off on the 4.4.2 build so we get 4.4.3 much quicker. On behalf of all the negative shit you had to put up with I would like to say sorry and thank you.
Why don't you guys pressurize VZ if you want faster updates? The updates get held up there for a long time.
+Dru Safa Ah. I never realized that. I am still trying to figure out how to get rid of some home screens. There are too many of them by default.
+David Schuster thank you for the update, I do appreciate it immensely, hopefully this will be sooner than later
Thank you for the encouraging news.
I have the kit kat 4.4.2 update on my Droid RAZR HD as of about 2 weeks, now. Very frustrating @1st tho. I had 2 take it in to my carrier, VZN of course to reboot the kit kat 4.4.2 update again. Basically all old previous updates Had to be Removed on your phones, first. My phn was updated to the kit kat 4.4.2 then that's when I had trouble. Took it to Verizon & here's the solution, to save all of you face, so to speak. If you have a compatible USB/SD Memory card with space available, use that to store all previous info to your laptop, pc etc., devices FIRST. IF UNSURE how to do this, take it in to your carrier FIRST (AGAIN OR EVEN AFTER YOU DID KIT KAT 4.4.2 UPDATE ONCE ALREADY) THEN YOUR CARRIER SHOULD BE ABLE TO FIX IT. OR YOU CAN BUY ANOTHER USB/SD CARD W/more space. This has to be done even if your kit kat 4.4.2 update was done and NOT WORKING. I HOPE YOUR FOLLOWING me. Once ALL the OLD PREVIOUS UPDATES ARE REMOVED, THEN the kit kat 4.4.2 update Must be Re-installed for ANY DEVICE TO WORK PROPERLY. BELIEVE YOU ME I DO KNOW. I FOUND OUT THE HARD WAY BY DOING WHAT I JUST SUGGESTED. so do keep your phones updated by be sure your transferring all you VIP FILES PICTURES ETC ETC ETC to THAT CARD FIRST TO SAVE FACE from LOSING anything. I do hope this helps and ask questions. You may be surprised at stay your carriers can honesty help you out with. Dotti ~ 
Thank you David Schuster for this info here also,,, (sorry about my tiny few errors at the end of my comment above,,,

Corrections re: * "your phones updated by doing the above and be sure...All your/not all you... /be by..." *... Be surprised at what/not stay..."

ONCE all your VIP info pictures etc etc etc are transferred to your pc, laptop, etc etc etc devices, & Saved, then onto that USB/SD card and SAVED all should be good to go to do the kit kat updates, any of them. It's just that we don't know what's going on with our devices and, yes, life I did, put the blame here there and when is SIMPLY... REMOVE ALL OLD UPDATES BY having all the above DONE FIRST, IN ORDER for ANY device to work functionally, properly. Yes I did shoot emails to Motorola and Google. I needed help. When it s as simple as JUST going to my carrier. (and yes, I was very upset, mainly that I couldn't get IN no calls to my phone. Loi
, 'D™®©
(Btw, yes, these little emoticons are mine and must be asked to be used, by Me. I have tons of them, not on the market yet. thank you)

Hopefully this information I am passing along will really help any of you. . ')

Do have a Phenomenal day.
Dotti ~
, ')™©®
+Dorothy Johnson I have no idea what your saying its incoherent. Is English your second language. p.s. I don't think anyone wants to steal your emoticons or whatever they are. are you trying to copy write punctuation emoticons ,'D now that's funny please don't sue me.
+David Schuster thanks for the update! I'm glad you skipped 4.4.2 and are headed straight to 4.4.3 my Moto X on 4.4.2 gave me a lot of problems. I just have one request for the Maxx... Can make it so that the entire row of buttons is not a hot spot for swiping up to get Google Now? It's very annoying when I hit the back or multitask buttons and the Google Now ring appears. Thanks.
Can you even copywrite, trademark or register emoticons (especially punctuation ones)?

If so, I'd like to see the info on that and where I can look up copywrited, trademarked or registered emoticons and such things
+David Schuster one more thing, can you change all the blue accents to white? To make it more uniformed. For example in the app drawer and the line at the bottom of the desktop that indicates which page you're in. 
If you could add in actionable notifications for the default Exchange email app on the Droid MAXX, I would do a backflip... for real!
+Vita Vidaurre 2012 phone received their last upgrade a couple of weeks ago. 4.4.2
Can you tell us about the progress on Motorola RAZR I (XT890) and if we will get 4.4.2 or jump directly to 4.4.3???
Alex L.
+David Van Dalinda why do you say RAZR i won't get any update when every souce including Motorola says it will? 
Alex L.
+Thiago Bachi Rehbein David Schuster said in a different thread, that RAZR i will not be getting 4.4.3. due to its release being late into the development-process of 4.4.2.
Is the Powered by Android splash screen going to be updated on the Droid phones?
+DJ SPY yeag this post is about 4.4.3 so i was wondering if we're still getting an update, and my device has'nt gotten 4.4.2 yet (xt925) but i have a custom rom so i don't care...
JX Chen
What about the issues with WiFi and Bluetooth?
Some people are asking about why they have not seen the push yet for the Android 4.4.3 update on their devices that were outlined in the Motorola blog post earlier this week. Our process is to do an initial push to a limited number of devices for a soak period so that we can make sure there are no issues that we could not see in our smaller population testing. You should be seeing the push shortly.... 
Pleased re 4.4.3; Maxx really struggling now w/ BT basically unusable, wifi close behind, battery life TERRIBLE since 4.4. Appreciate your making these phones work better soon...thanks.
+David Buckley download betterbattery stats so you can log the wakelocks and see which app or service is draining bettery. 
+David Buckley my Maxx is not giving me bad battery life. After 10 hours today and 2 hours of screen on time I was at 82% I also used navigation for about 5 minutes and forgot to turn off GPS for a good while after that.
+David Schuster Know of a place where we can complain to AT&T at or get hot to pressure them to speed it up?  I don't understand why the Atrix HD has to wait until Q3 for KitKat when all AT&T has to do is take the 925 sources, remove cdma & nfc, add in bloat that available on the Market, and block tethering. 

Custom roms are starting to go out with the 3.4 kernel and we need that updated bootloader to be able to use them.
+David Schuster Oh, and will the Photon Q 4G LTE be considered for KitKat?  It's not much more than the RAZR M with a keyboard.  

It would really suck for them if every Moto Msm8960 phone was updated and they get left behind; especially since they have an unlocked bootloader and really only need the KitKat bootloader (and other updated partitions) to participated in Unified Moto Msm8960 custom development.  

My Atrix HD is waiting on that too, but at least we have a guesstimate of Q3 and we're still listed to get KK on Moto's update page.

Please consider expandable micorsd storage and the RAZR HD styled usb/hdmi ports in a future phone....I'd really like to update my phone and I use both of those features daily.

And Revive Webtop.  Throw a decent Debian Linux setup on a Webtop enabled 64bit arm 4 gig ram phone and you'll compete with Microsoft's Surface.  You guys released that a generation or two too early.
We unfortunately will not be upgrading Photon Q 4G to KitKat. Motorola is committed to supporting our devices with the latest Android software but unfortunately conditions beyond our control have prevented us to supply this upgrade.
Solving the constant bluetooth dropouts on the Droid Maxx is very important to me, especially because it is a (severe) regression from 4.2.2, and especially because I specifically mentioned it in the soak forums and was categorically ignored by moto employees. Fix it ASAP please! I am finding it hard to justify going with a future Motorola device when this one sits on a MAJOR regression for 6+ months. Galaxy Note 4, you can't get here fast enough. 
I wholeheartedly agree. Bluetooth failure is really a deal breaker and I am
a huge Moto fan, serial purchaser and proselytizer. The severely degraded
battery life under 4.4, 19. 6.3 - obake... is also removing my primary
reason for owning the Droid Maxx. I am about to swap my phone under
warranty and if the Bluetooth/battery issues are not resolved, bye bye
I've had problems with bluetooth as well. Purchased a isimple car kit for bt streaming in my car, and it worked great with my old cheap phone running 2.3. Got a new droid mini and suddenly bluetooth is worthless. The car kit no longer connects easily, and when it finally does, the audio is choppy and plays "slowly". The car kit company finally tested and had the same experience, but it works fine with an iphone or android device running 4.4.3. Please get us the update so we can have a functional experience!
+David Schuster +David Buckley +Jason Melendez +Sean McNamara I have a Droid Maxx Developer Edition completely stock and have ZERO problems. Excellent battery life and no problems whatsoever with Bluetooth. I do a factory data reset every time I get an update. You might want to try that. 
Could be related to the fact that you have a Dev Edition. They could've
switched a couple chips inside for ever so slightly different models, or
they could have ever so slight tweaks in the firmware. Or maybe you've
disabled something with root (you said stock, not unrooted) that is causing
the bluetooth to lag for the rest of us.

FDR does not help.
+Sean McNamara what date was your device assembled? Mine was assembled on March 5 2014.
I purchased my device on release week (day 3 of general availability at
Verizon stores), so I'm guessing it was built very early during the
manufacturing process. It had to have been part of the first shipment of
phones. Edit: Just to be clear, I did a factory data reset as part of my update to the first KitKat release. I did OTA up to the most recent 4.4 patch, but I had the bluetooth problem long before the most recent OTA was released. The symptom was completely absent on Android 4.2.2 with the same bluetooth headphones.
What Bluetooth devices are you guys having problems with? I need names!!! Maybe there is a connection. I connect to my 2013 Toyota Corolla S and my JBL Charge. No issues with any of my devices. RAZR Maxx HD, Moto X and Droid Maxx.
Bluetooth devices that work 100% perfectly (never any dropouts) with the
Droid Maxx on Android 4.2.2, as well as the Razr Maxx HD on 4.4.2:
Meelectronics Air-Fi Matrix, versions 1 and 2 (version 1 is Bluetooth 3.0;
version 2 is Bluetooth 4.0 LE); 2012 Honda Civic; 2014 Chevy Impala. Steps
to reproduce: play sound through ANY media app (phone call doesn't appear
to drop-out, only media). It'll drop out for 1 to 2 seconds at a time
seemingly at random (averaging about 15 to 30 times per hour) even if you
FDR, skip past the setup screens, then play some music in Google Play
Music. Can reproduce the problem in Spotify, MX Player Pro, PowerAmp and
Neutron player as well, both with OpenSL and the Android sound API. The
same problem doesn't occur if you plug in wired 3.5mm headphones. It has to
be something in the bluetooth stack for the specific hardware we have, and
that hardware is likely a chip that got swapped for an updated version (or
a newer non-updatable firmware) after the first wave of models were
iSimple connect devices do not work properly with bluetooth. Look, we are not reinventing the wheel here. There is a problem with bluetooth, and it's widespread. Many people all over the world have had issues, you can google search and see this. Is everyone affected? No, of course not, but I'm thankful there will be an update that will hopefully fix these problems for those of us that are.
+David Schuster may I get more news on the atrix HD? Will we receive a soak test in the next few weeks. Long time waiting for KitKat.
Not that I don't agree that 2 weeks -- let alone 6 months -- is too long to
wait for the KitKat Bluetooth bug to be fixed, but I think it's a little
unrealistic to expect that they'd have it done so soon. Historically, once
Moto starts working on a patch, it takes at least 3-4 months before it's
released. Verizon eats up at least half that time with their own internal
testing, I believe.
+Sean McNamara I get what you have stated, but this is ongoing for a long time now.  Again, Moto X and Droid 2013 lines share exactly similar hardware and software with a few exceptions like battery size.  Your historical notices are due to older standards.  Since the Google acquisition of Motorola, they have been primed for updates at around the same time as Nexus devices.  That 3-4 month standard has long disappeared.  Moto X updates have been almost instantaneous which is a big attribute to the Moto X team.

I have actually gone back and forth with this topic, it's not a testing issue, i can promise you that.  It's a requirement issue that has Verizon and the Droid team have been battling for some time now.  Even +David Schuster pointed that out some time ago.  
+Saumil Jobalia be that as it may, I don't personally expect any updates for the Verizon Droid Ultra and family until August at the earliest. Moto's update latency on phones that aren't tied down by Verizon's testing and regulations is going to be much faster than the latency on Verizon. Even if Moto had production quality code ready on the day of the Android OS release, we still wouldn't see our updates on Verizon for at least a quarter of the year. This is unfortunate, and it makes me very annoyed at Verizon for doing this, but it is what it is. 
Try and hang on guy's I'm sure they are working as hard as they can on it. I have no reason to doubt this. +David Schuster has been as open and forthcoming as he can when he can. I'm sure everyone at +Motorola Mobility are working feverishly on it.
Sorry for the delay in giving an update on the 4.4.3 upgrades but I had to wait unit Google announced KitKat 4.4.4 today (I am bound by a NDA). A significant security vulnerability was discovered by OpenSSL ( and is fixed in KitKat 4.4.4. We had to wait until KitKat 4.4.4 became available. Consequently, all of our 4.4.3 upgrades that were in carrier labs worldwide (including the 2013 Droid's) had to be respun, tested and resubmitted again. This was a significant unplanned effort that we had to undertake. We should be re-entering labs next week and hopefully getting TA (technical approval) in 3 to 5 weeks later depending on the carrier.
now news on the atrix hd, soak test soon?
Any news on the Droid 2013 Droid Maxx from VERIZON...i heard it was going to 4.4.3 but haven't seen anything...
+Greg Havas  Yes, just look up two comments from yours. David Schuster gave us an update last night.
Thanks for the continuing updates Mr. Schuster. This info. sheds some light on this usually mysterious process.
+David Schuster thanks for the update. I for one don't mind being "stuck" on 4.4. My Maxx is working like a champ. My Moto X took a dive with 4.4.2. Take your time to get it just right!
+Greg Havas what version of Android are you running? 4.4 is the latest official build for the Maxx and Ultra. It is Up To Date.
+David Schuster When will my AT&T Moto X get the next update and will it be 4.4.3 or 4.4.4
+David Schuster LOL. This is becoming comical.  So if Google releases an new update of Android at I/O will you guys skip further development of 4.4.4 . to work on that version and then take another 3 - 5 months to work on the new one. Then a new update comes along in the mean time, so you skip development on that version and work on that one too?. I guess I can just get use to share bug..... Release and skip. 
Approving a 2.5mb update = equals 5 weeks .... Wow
Tarel Washington remember that the 2013 droids have not been updated since 4.4 so it would include everything updated from 4.4.1 to 4.4.4
They were already working on 4.4.3. Basically any release between testing has nullified the current software in testing and starts all over again. 
So for the users of Motorola Razr I (xt890) what upgrade we gonna have? we all waiting for at least 4.4.2. Its 2 quarter of the year that was promised. Any news about it?
+Tarel Washington Maybe I was not clear in my previous post. There are certain restrictions Google imposes on the OEM's when they come out with a new release from a timing and approval perspective for using the older releases. In addition, we assessed the security risk that was uncovered and felt that it was best for our consumers to get the fix out as quickly as possible. If we would have proceeded with 4.4.3, it could've been months before getting new carrier slots to push out 4.4.4
+David Schuster my frustration is not towards you or Motorola Its Verizon. You guys have been very transparent. Verizons slow testing process is what's killing everyone. It seems they have no trust in OEMs or Google to release updates directly. 
Hi, there's a lot of news for the Droid folks but I feel like XT925 international users are being left behind, we have not seen news in days, and for those in Latin America not even a soak test has been released by any major carrier. At least we know we're going to get the update. 
4.4.3 is causing a weird battery drain issue for Moto G. battery drains much quicker during data and wifi use, and even while the phone is not in use. battery went from 99 to 90% in one hour. this has not happened in 4.4.2
+David Schuster So the 2013 DROID line is now another 4-6 weeks out from the 4.4.4 update, unless Google releases 4.4.5 (or whatever might call another fix) in that time frame which will restart that clock again. What might the actual probability be that we will get this update soon?

I'm kind of getting frustrated with this "flagship" phone and it will probably be the last "+Verizon Wireless Exclusive" phone that I purchase due to all the carrier restrictions.

Are there any plans for future phones from +Motorola Mobility that have the great battery life that the maxx has but that aren't +Verizon Wireless exclusive?

I am a fan of +Motorola Mobility due to build quality and battery life, so plan on staying with their phones, just not going to do a carrier flagship phone again.
+Tarel Washington To play devil's advocate, when something goes wrong with an update, customers complain to the carrier. And they're not wrong to go there- that's how the ecosystem is set up, particularly for Android phones.  Some OEMs like Motorola have some limited customer support services, but in general they expect that you'll go to your carrier.  Given that, it makes sense that Verizon and the other carriers would want to test updates pretty extensively.

The update situation isn't going to get better until we either start seeing major attacks on unpatched phones/tablets or the ecosystem changes such that you buy devices directly from the manufacturer.
+David Schuster please unlock mz 616 bootloader ... pls ... pleaaaaaaaase
+Andy Regenscheid I would believe that, but Verizon tested 4.4 back in November and it bricked a lot of phones upon updating. Their testing is futile and redundant especially if moto and Google have tested for release to the carrier. 
+David Schuster , these issues in updating some phones to 4.4.4 probably delays other phones' updates, e.g., Razr I, am I right? (even thought it won't be upgraded to 4.4.4 ... or considering this security issue you plan to rethink this?)
Unfortunately the security issues that have been identified and addressed in 4.4.4 has a ripple effect to our RAZR I, RAZR HD, Atrix HD, etc upgrades on 4.4.2. We are going back and add these patches into these releases and restarting much of the testing and certification work. Sorry for the delay but t is important to correct these vulnerabilities. 
+Bondrea Paul Alexandru , there is another post where he says that they are trying to keep the update on Q3, but carrier labs can be a pain to test and approve the update... Also, Razr i will only be updated to 4.4.2 (w/ the security patch), not 4.4.4. Thanks +David Schuster  for your answer and sorry for making you repeat it :) 
+David Schuster I know i may be too early to ask this, but i was wondering is the moto X getting Android L? Thank you very much for your attention
soy propietario de un moto g comprado en estados unidos. la actualizacion llego raido +David Schuster  lo malo es la falla del wife es muy tedioso porque se cae muy seguido.espero q mejoren con la actualizacion 4.4.4.
+David Schuster  So, making it clear: the 2012 RAZR HD and RAZR I, for example, are getting 4.4.2 with the security patches from the 4.4.4 release? And also, will the international version of RAZR HD be delayed more than the north american one? Thank you for the attention.
Donde queda el ATRIX HD ?? Espero la actualización en KITKAT ya es tiempo no?
Is Droid maxx possible to get the Android L? I know moto x and moto g will get it this autumn. Thanks David.
Yea eagerly waiting for an update on Atrix HD mb886
Flaco Laburen VAGOS como es esto, compran Motorola y ni ahi de actualizar.... la verdad una decepcion 
Desde enero que publicaron actualización para HD y todavía en veremos y ahora salen con esta versión, son PATÉTICOS!!!!
Ojalá la saquen pronto, a lo mucho unos 3 meses más sino y ame compro el Moto X
+David Schuster So what is an estimate for how long we will continue waiting for the KitKat update for the Motorola Atrix HD? Thanks.
Hello from Argentina when he would be available for my bike about G kitkat 4.4.4 Thanks
Any news on 4.4.4 update for moto x UK? Battery life is currently v. poor with4.4.2 
Android 4.4 came out  for Moto G, E and X some days ago, but it will come out for 2013 models (i, HD...) in several months.Give thanks that you will have kk.
I have seen a lot of phones with android, and do not understand the lack of optimization of the official software.
All have serious problems.
All the 2013 phones are going to get L the phone isn't even a year old yet.
+David Schuster Hey! what's up, you have been very quiet, before you were more in touch with your customers, i can't wait to hear about your plans for the Moto X and Razr I, don't forget us! Cheers from México.
+David Van Dalinda I know phone is relatively new and love Moto X, but I have diabolical battery life when phone is idle/sleep and hoping update will cure this. 
When is it rolling out for moto g India

+David Van Dalinda thanks for the tip. Downloaded the gsam app yesterday and turns out biggest battery drain is surprise surprise..... Android OS. Real disappointment with such a good phone. Been getting worse over last 3 months or so. Was really going that 4.4.4 would help cure this 
+Mark Jackson no problem its a great diagnostic tool. I hope 4.4.4 fixes a lot of issues. Especially how long it is taking to get.
Hey guys.... I actually took a little vacation with the family, sometimes I try to have a life :)

Anyway....  there are some questions about timing of 4.4.4 in India. This week we started rolling out Android, KitKat 4.4.4 for our Moto E users in India and expect Moto G and Moto X to follow soon. Thank you for your patience!
I don't see droid maxx in that list I would hope we would be first on the list considering were still on 4.4.
Still no kitkat for Atrix HD? it's only device with MSM8960 which haven't got kitkat. And when I tried to flash Cyanogenmod 11, it's also need a 4.4 bootloader since 140702-nighty. So pls release the update...
OK, great. And how fast are you in bringing KitKat to RAZR HD? It's 7 months so far, still waiting after official announcement for the KitKat update-list of (the INTERNATIONAL version of) RAZR HD... :(
I there a single person working with the updates? Woo, I thought Motorola was bigger.
Any news on when Europe will see this update? Starting to get a complex here 
Not my case, but get to know that some people even got frustrated waiting for their RAZR HD (INTERNATIONAL) until now, since the first news about the plan update occurred more than 8 months ago, so then of course their frustration is reasonable.

I take part on a Brazilian facebook community of the Moto RAZR HD, and am proud and glad to have purchased this device. However, as I mentioned, some people got frustrated at waiting and many migrated to the X and some even to the less fancy G. (Maybe Motorola wants that to happen? I don't really know)

We paid a good amount of money for the all premium RAZR HD, so that means we are also your 'premium consumers'.
I now speak in the name of the Brazilian Razr HD community to you, David: don't forget us about that update, but no hurries also, we're enjoying the experience after all, and just tasting a bit of anxiousness looking at the most recent simple Moto devices. And to the entire Motorola development team: thank you for building the brilliant, titanic RAZR HD.

Please report back if you read this. Thank you.
I've just noticed that moto maker is available in Mexico, you guys are awesome! now just complete my happiness with some kitkat love for my Razr I and 4.4.4 for my Moto X and I'll be the happiest guy on earth!
Hello David, Any news for the Atrix HD (MB886) KitKat update?
+David Schuster Hey please tell us about the release of kitkat for the Motorola Atrix HD MB886. Thanks in advance.
 Hey please tell us about the release of kitkat 4.4.4 for the Motorola X
in india
i not yet received the update of 4.4.4 in my moto G XT1033 , thought the moto E & moto X has received the update of 4.4.4. in friends mobile
in india
We are in the initial soak test period in India for 4.4.4, if all goes well... it should be pushed out to everyone shortly....
Depending on device and country, Latin American soak testing will start next week and continue to rollout by end of the month.
As I have stated a number times, we are working to get Atrix HD out in Q3. As we get closer with lab testing, field testing, etc i can be more specific. thanks
+David Schuster can you reveal whether or not the updated email and dialer apps are included in the update about to roll out for the Droid Maxx? Rumor has it that the soak test still had the old style email and dialer. 
+David Schuster I have upgraded Moto G XT-1033 via India OTA, but now  my wifi always drops which never occured when in 4.4.2, I have tried wipe cache partition, forget network, off/on wifi but didn;t help.
any fix for this? like can I flash wifi module in 4.4.2 to 4.4.4?
+Jesse SB thank you! I worked very hard to get it 😀 but its worth it, its a great performer, awesome battery life and a beautiful screen, I love my Moto X! 😎 I know that I sound like a TV ad, but a truly like this device.
+Lino Zarur only if I had a job. My aunt has the moto x, it is pretty amazing. The features are awesome. I might get a moto g.
+Jesse SB yea its pretty hard to get a job nowadays, but hopefully you'll get one soon, as for the Moto G, over here in Mexico, its very popular even more than the Moto X, some of my friends have it and its a very good phone, worth every penny
+Lino Zarur the thing is that I am still 15 but my birthday is nearly a week from now so I'll be 16 soon, I'm in the u.s. I'm going to go with the Moto G 4G LTE since it comes with an SD card slot :3
+Jesse SB Oooo I see hahaha well you don't have to worry about getting a job for a while, man I wish I was 16 again hehe and go for it, the Moto G LTE is from my point of view the best in terms of what you get for your money! it has a great value
+David Schuster I was hoping we would get the new Android dialer with the 4.4.4 update. Is there some reason why we didn't?
I think the dialer update was for the Moto X and all other Moto phones.  There's been quite a few postings about the old dialer from Jelly Bean era that the Droids still have and I think (my opinion only) Verizon is holding firm and not allowing the new stock Android dialer for product differentiation.  
+David Schuster Hi David, what about XT925 in the caribbean, I read you said soak testing will start next week in LATAM, though for the Moto X and G. Should the XT925 get soak testing in the coming weeks for LATAM, will the Caribbean be included as well? Claro is the biggest carrier in both LATAM and the Caribbean. 
It was finally released! However, bluetooth issues still exist. In my iSimple car kit, the phone pairs to the car kit with both Phone audio and Media audio, but after disconnecting the car kit (turning the car off) and then returning to the car, the Media audio will not reconnect. Turning bluetooth off and on again is a work around (as it connects then) but audio plays fine for about 30 seconds then begins to skip every 20 seconds or so. Seems like it wasn't fully tested. Are others having bluetooth issues still (maybe of a different nature) after the update?
Alan M
Eh, what about Razr i??????
Someone told me,atrix hd 4.4 kitkat was cancelld is it right?Really
Even bigger problem: after the update, the camera won't record video anymore!
Could you speak to Telstra in Australia and give them the update ? They really don't seem to know if or when they are getting it.
hello, the RAZR HD XT925 get there KitKat? When (date)? That he would release (4.4.2) or (4.4.4)?
Japanese one, roll up and read. Atrix HD update after Q3.

Motorola is delaying very much so I'm done being worried about updates.
+Xavi Ralita They might have forgot us, I guess... Maybe we'll get it before the end of the year.
Let's hope they stay on schedule and roll out the Atrix HD in Q3... Not holding my breath. 9 months since release and counting
Don't hold your breath and don't count. We can do nothing but wait :/
Still not a single update or soak test for the XT925 aside from that, leaked by the way, soak test in a french retailer. This is getting so frustrating, I will never buy a Motorola phone ever again. Google Play editions are far better. 
You are so right, Bryan. However the manufacturers get a hard job at updating older devices a couple of times, which is the case of the XT925. Aside from that there is the testing, then the carrier testing and modification and all that...

Anyone worried about updates should stay away from modified UIs, however I think XT925's case is a little weird considering it has a very similar Stock's UI... 
Grant H
you guys are lucky that your droids are even on kitkat. In Australia +Telstra  has not even let our XT925 update since 4.1.2 I really hope +Motorola Australia and +David Schuster  can get any version of kitkat forced onto Australian phones FAST... the forums here are all saying never buy a moto again!
Yes, there seems to be a lot of disgruntled Motorola Australian customers.
Hi there, any new about the RAZR i upgrade to KitKat ?
I thought I have whote 2 questions here. Can't find them anymore. 1) what is the logic behind the push of new updates around the world? Who get the updates first and last? 2) does the carriers has to approve the update or you do it straight to the customer... I have the xt1058 with Fido and I still don't have the update. Those 2 points would affect the release date. In my case I don't care about delays... I care more about having the clear information an get inform about delays precisely! 
I'm an update addict... I will check every day for the update and I get frustrated each time and come back here to get updates... Tell me when I will get it and I will live a better life :)
Third quarter (equals three months in this case)

So the promise is scheduled to September, but I greatly doubt Motorola will do the update of older devices (like ours) before Christmas.
+David Schuster A date for the XT925? which version 4.4.2 or 4.4.4? very disappointed with Motorola, too much waiting in relation to this overlay.
This seen to me that there will be a cancellation noticed soon for the gsm devices. I already see this happening before.
yet I contacted customer service France and Motorola is said that would directly 4.4.4
That is for the 2013 Droid devices. 2012 ones will get 4.4.2 as far as I know.
Many people like me, wait for kk to Atrix HD, please don´t let us down
I hope it's soon. In xt890, I hope it is lighter because JB is very slow. JB does not manage well the background applications.
Do it pure android, like moto G or moto X.
+David Schuster Hello, on any websites you can not find information on the updated RAZR HD, Motorola does not communicate about it and you do not talk to David a lot of this update. So I do not think I would take over Motorola in the future because of the lack of seriousness and respect for customers. Making customers wait for already eight months without news though I have rarely seen in his other manufacturers. And you're not even able to give a deployment date for the announcement in November, it's really sad to be to get there.
Hey guys, we are starting to enter carrier labs with RAZR HD with KitKat for our international markets. I will give you an update once we get a little further with their cycles of testing.
Great. And the date of international version is... ? Good news
Maybe you guys could read before asking repeated questions??
That's not the reason most people repeat questions.

I was not answered but I did not fire up dozens of messages with the same subject. You appear to be smart, do you really think that being a careless copycat will bring you answers?
Alexis, I agree. In fact I already know this is a scenario with every company, that's why I try to relax.

But reading is important...
+David Schuster I saw that you started the test for Razr HD there one week, what happens to today's time?
xt925 will be waiting for the KitKat update for almost a year then...
Android L will soon be released...

and that's, what Motorola is calling "head of the class on upgrades" :-(

Maybe Windows Phone is meanwhile worth a look... or the next Nexus suits my needs on hardware?
So nice Motorola's hardware is - a Smartphone is >50% Software - and Motorola (and a lot others) are not delivering on that.
What's the issue with the XT925 update with Telstra in Australia ? Could you please advise ? Telstra say Motorola have taken back the update.
+David Schuster I think we have waited long enough to update the RAZR HD since November without news on the progress of your tests, it would be nice if you called us at what stage are the tests two weeks soon have passed since the beginning of the wheat test. Thank you to answer me.
+Lennon Roberto Motorola delays for the Moto you buy X, E or G, if he wished we would have had KitKat in March-April. Otherwise it always comes back to the same, the lack of information from Motorola.
+David Schuster +Punit Soni This is where you can see that Motorola does not care about us any information from nine months, Motorola's'm very disappointed.
Ho yes Motorola on deaf ears, as usual no information.
+David Schuster its going to be two weeks that the test for the xt925 is started, the Droid RAZR HD test XT926 had lasted three weeks I think. So that is today?
at least were getting kitkat, who knows when....  sony said that after some "investigation", the xperia t/v which use the msm8960 as our 2012 RAZRs will stay in is moving so slow right now..LG has stole their thunder fromthe Moto 360 with a round LG watch R watch,  moto x+1 should've been released in April alongside the galaxy S5 and HTC M8, looks to be a very conservative upgrade, and US only AT&T exclusivitys kills sales. no wonder google wants to get rid of moto. hopefully lenovo will change these issues and let them iterate faster with specs that compete, because that is what people really want. otherwise people will keep the moto x until it breaks and motos capitalistic revenue model will show too slow growth to the big coat execs. components are getting better and better and moto is not using the latest and greatest to get people's attention. honestly i won't buy a moto again. not even a nexus this year. why? i'm waiting for a snapdragon810 device. if we go by this trend then the moto x+2 (3 whatever ) would be released in sept 2015. and by lenovo who knows how good it will be? too late by then. ill be looking elsewhere for my next. thankfully i have a custom rom so i don't have to wait that much. i just want the kernel to be released so my xt925 can have the 3.4kernel.
Are the 2013 Droid devices planned to be upgraded to the upcoming Android L?
I doubt it because they already have trouble updating droid 2012 then 2013 will not see Android L.
threads like this is the reason why needs to stop. lol People get desperate too much even when a good news pop up. Amazing!! lol
Couldn't get the message, Solis. Say what?
+David Schuster +Punit Soni unfair , the Droid RAZR HD (XT926) had Kitkat in May while the Xt925 is the same but international version still does not KitKat in August. It is taken for pigeons.
+David Schuster It is September 1, so you have up to one month to give an update for the RAZR HD, I hope this will be respected
You guys really blew up at:

The nav bar - 100% opaque - really, really, really sucks.

The SMS app as well as the hangouts SMS screen couldn't be all white! You know Razr HD has AMOLED screen and that do no good both to power consumption and led life span.

David Schuster, I want to know if any other minor fixes - despite the software upgrade - are going to be released to the RAZR HD. You guys should really remake that homescreen nav and status bar. 100% opaque really sucks
And I know, I posted in the wrong publication
lets see if they say anything in the Moto annoucement about the updates. I doubt it.....
I number of different threads have been asking about the progress with RAZR i upgrade to Kitkat. It has been a little bit of a challenge due to some 3rd party vendor issues but I am glad to report that we are starting this week our Test Drive activities in a number of select countries. If that all goes well we should be able to enter carrier labs in a couple weeks.
Hope Brazil will be on yoir list of selected countries as i signed up as a tester and my RAZR I is willing to help figure bugs...
Can you say me when the kitkat update for the Razr HD comes out in germany?
E Carry
ATRIXT HD upgrade to Kitkat?
Cuando KK para Motorola rar i?
E Carry
i want to have KITKAT for Atrix HD!
Please give us a  status for the razri update. Did it enter carier test?
The 3rd quarter is about to end i know you be very busy but can we get any information on the motorola Atrix HD update?
We are waiting for kitkat on the Razr HD and Razr I Handys in germany.  The last information was the Updates will come in october. Can you give us a rollout date for germany?
4 days left and its Q4. It's almost a year since the announcement of the update. We've been stuck at 4.1.1 far too long. Break your promise and you lose a loyal customer.
Moto g(1st gen.) Get android l update?
Hey David Schuster, I havn't get an answer to my question. In germany we are waiting for the kitkat update for the Razr HD and the Razr I. Tell us when the update releases in germany. Now we have october, the last information was that the update comes out in october.
To the atrix HD owners like myself don't expect kit kat moto makes promises and they aim to sh..t in our hand like they did me with my atrix phone Q4 close the door.
Atrix HD users will feel cheated if there's no 4.4 update
+Mario Acevedo will get ready to feel cheated because I believe that motor is not going to send us an update just like they did with the Atrix 4G sorry to tell you
Atrix HD... well, I won't hold my breath, as the update, even if released will come out after the non removable battery quits and no longer takes a charge... rendering the update useless. Now we're forced to have Moto Nexus devices, which is ass, because they are built cheap like Moto X and have no SD card slot. Thanks for going cheap and breaking us into the crappy Touch wiz market. I only like Motorola! Bring back SD card slot and kevlar (unibody?).
+Jofre Furtado Moto G 4G has SD Card slot and so does the Moto G (2014) and I also believe the new Moto X has SD card slot.
+Jesse SB Nexus devices don't use SD card slots in an effort to promote Google Drive cloud service. MotoX and G are just cheap made. Hate them. Razor and Atrix HD had great design and kevlar backed and could take a pounding. Either way, since the Nexus 6 is Motorola now and has an option for 64gb internal, I might consider it now. Though I wish better material... How about a competitor to the SPen and a software suite to utilize it...?
Motorola has a very long time mentioning that the update will come our Atrix HD. possibly Kitkat , which he has been quite large . because they go to Lollipop (Android 5.0 ) and will not know what to do . I think in my opinion that Motorola has greatly deceived all users who purchased the device , relying on a provider that does not meet . We are ending the year and no response. irresponsible
The last word there was on the Atrix HD issue that I am aware of was from Mr. Schuster back on the 25th of June when he commented on the fact that there were security issues that were identified that needed to be addressed with the kitkat update before it could be released. The release of the update was estimated to be the 3rd quarter of 2014. That time has since passed. Have more issues been found to further delay implementation? Does anybody at Motorola have a new estimate on when the kitkat update will be released? Are they going to do what they did to customers of the Atrix when they promised an ICS upgrade but changed their mind at the last minute? Are they going to offer a trade in of $100 for our current phones toward the purchase of a newer Motorola device to mend the rift that the lack of an update will cause with folks like they did with their Atrix customers? Your guess is as good as mine. If anybody at Motorola knows the answers to any of these questions then they are not sharing the details with anyone.
Will the Atrix HD update be released after tiny 1700mAh non removable battery ages to the point of no longer charging???
+David Schuster are you guys only married to Verizon? Where is the AT&T support??? Atrix HD is barely ever mentioned by you guys, much less about its presumably dead KitKat update. Internal battery will be dead before I get it at this point.4th quarter... are we going to keep upping the stakes to Lollipop instead for 3rd quarter next year? Or Green Tea 2016, or Sugar Daddy 2017? Are we being waited out til the phone dies and were forced to get one of the new ones?
Hilarious how Atrix HD barely has skin over stock Android and was once owned by Google, yet TouchWiz Samsung garbage always gets updates before me!
he said it brother go to the molar rollers website and see how much they give you for a trade in on that Motorola Atrix HD it's only $10 they're never going to give you a KitKat update for a phone that's only worth that much
An individual on the Motorola forums just posted that he had contact with Motorola reps via live chat on two occasions yesterday inquiring about the Kitkat update for the Atrix HD. He was told by the reps that it was available and was released to AT&T. He was also told that it was up to AT&T to release it to us. Mr. Schuster can you or anyone else at Motorola confirm this?
Atrix HD is dead. I give up. Thanks for nothing 
I sitll have hope for the atrix hd, but it is almost the end of the year! will we get it or not?
Over a year ago there were several articles that many of the older lines of Motorola smart phone would be getting an update to android 4.4 Kitkat. Many people were skeptical of this because most manufacturers do not update the android operating systems of their phones more than once. The Atrix HD started out with Android 4.04, so after the update to jelly bean it was believed by many that there would be no more official updates. But after the announcement by Motorola that they would indeed be updating many of their older line of smart phones and as we saw the Razor line getting the update, many of us began to hope that there was something to this after all. Mr. Schuster chimed in on this post that they were working to get the Atrix HD out  in the third quarter of 2014. He went on to say that he could give more specifics as they got closer with lab, and field testing. We have less than a month remaining to go in the fourth quarter of the year and still no official word from Motorola, or AT&T. Mr. Schuster has not even bothered to respond to any of the questions posted on this blogspot in nearly six months. Over on the other sites including the official Motorola forum, no one from the company has responded to the numerous questions about the status of the Atrix HD and its update to Kitkat. There have been rumors from individuals on the other forums that have said that the Kitkat update was finished and is currently with AT&T and will be released to us pending approval from AT&T. Individuals have contacted AT&T to inquire about the Atrix HD update to Kitkat, but have been getting mixed information. So what is the real answer about the future of the Kitkat update for the Atrix HD? I do not have the slightest idea, but the year 2015 looms large on the horizon. I think it is time for Atrix HD users to face the facts. I believe that there is a high degree of probability (99%) that there will be no official Kitkat update for the Atrix HD.
Like I said if the company is only willing to give you $10 for the unit as a trade in there's no reason they would want to update that to KitKat at any time soon
Once again Motorola and at and t get the last laugh so what does that tell you maybe it's time to move on to a different phone and or cell service
+Kelly Gould I am the person you're referring to. There is an update to the situation. Please check the latest post.
+Steve Miller Once again, Motorola and AT&T came through, and possibly (very slim chance) will give us something better.
+Jofre Furtado Non removable battery? Really now? Now that is news to me since there is a battery modification that has existed for quite some time that it seems you have not found yet...
This information sounds promising. Let's see how things play out.
+David McLeod​ I obviously meant something that didn't require unofficial modding, snapping plastic and ungluing. I'm a PC tech and not an idiot. Now, an idiot would replace a battery that way after paying $40-100+ for it depending on size when the same stupid phone is free upon contract renewal anyway. I'm not modding a phone at cost when I can get it free right when the average battery begins to fail or not hold as long a charge... 1-3 year give or take
+David McLeod yeah... and maybe Atrix HD users will get strawberry shortcake ladyfingers version 8 at some point... four years from now seeing as how we've been promised 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, and rumors of 5...
+Jofre Furtado​ We can now run LP, and when ATT drops the KK or LP update that will be the last official update from Moto that our device recieves. we were never promised 4.2 or 4.3, only 4.4 with a possible negotiation between Moto and ATT for a 5.0
Um... no. We were promised 4.3 because that's where it started (exaggerated
4.2). Due to "security holes" that "trickled down into our phone series"
4.3 was snuffed and they did 4.4 instead and began retesting. Now...
problem is that this takes so long that they are bound to keep finding
security holes again. Now it seems more promising this time, but we got
this far in 4.3 before they killed it. So I'll either be pleasantly
surprised or I I'll just expect the cancellation. I won't hold my breath

Jofre Furtado
+Jofre Furtado seeing as every thread i've come across never mentioned any plans for 4.3 OTA, provide your reference otherwise it didn't happen. The update to 4.4.(presumably 2 due to RHD and communication with Moto) was the only update discussed. Now, if you are really trying to say 4.4.2, 4.4.3, and 4.4.4 in your post, now that makes a bit more sense, and we all are well aware that Google, not Moto, pushed out the .3 and .4 series as RHD was being released. Moto made the promise to push out the security patches from these updates. They did their job. Now for AHD, Moto never released the spring 2014 build to ATT, it wasn't until the fall when a build got pushed out to ATT. This is the furthest we've gotten. ATT has even confirmed that they have the update. You are so dead set in your mind that this is currently a Moto issue, when in fact it is an ATT issue. As reported, ATT will release the OTA KK update, if Moto says AHD will not be updated to OTA LP. Seeing as we are already at our EOL, this scenario is the most likely course of action. If Moto says yes to an OTA LP, then KK gets scrapped and ATT will push out LP when they recieve it.

On the matter of your unofficial modding, you are incorrect on what you say. While some device owners opt to take the route you vividly described, the majority has not ravaged their device in such a hostile way. In fact, there is no glue, just unsnap the back cover, unscrew 2 screws, swap the battery, retighten the screws, and snap the cover back on. Very simple process. Nearly as simple as the pc tech work that is done on a daily basis when you actually have to open up a pc. If this sounds too destructive, time consuming, complicated, then i'm afraid you may be in the wrong career field. The battery only costs between 20-40, your numbers are false advertising and only reflect sellers who want to make a profit. If you can get a replacement battery for free, by all means, i highly encourage you to take that route.
+David McLeod​ yes sorry. Meant 4.4.3, etc. But the battery you refer to at that price is stock. Why would anyone spend that as opposed to getting whole phone free on contract renewal? Also, why pay for the same crappy 1700mAh battery? I was referring to the Razor Maxx battery mod, which would be the only worthwhile one, but again... new phone free or cheaper...
Well after almost a year and a half after Google announced KitKat, the folks at US Cellular finally started rolling out Android 4.4 to their RAZR M variant called Electrify M over the past few days. That leaves the Atrix HD as the only one left without an update. Maybe this action will cause AT&T to finally release the Kitkat update to us. Only time will tell.
Don't hold your breath. Kit kat or forced to new phone. Nexus 6 built in a kevlar like the Atrix HD would be phenomenal.
Well it's official. After nearly two years of telling us that the Atrix HD would be receiving an update to Kitkat, Motorola released a statement on their forums saying that there will be no update after all. They do not explain why, but say that they and AT&T are sorry about not being able to give us the official update. They attempt to make amends by offering Atrix HD users on AT&T a $100 dollar off coupon towards the purchase of the Moto X Pure Edition phone, or the Motorola Whisper bluetooth headset. With the coupon you would still be paying around $300 dollars for the phone or $50 dollars for the bluetooth headset. A sad day indeed for Atrix HD owners.
Of course. The Moto special. Empty promises and $100 off a specific model phone I don't want. Suck it, Moto. Next phone is Samsung. Your UI is identical to stock and Samsung manages even with Touch Wiz to get updates. I'm done with you.
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