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There have been a number of people asking about the status of the next DROID Ultra/MAXX and Mini KitKat upgrade. This week we started to roll out a maintenance release to address a rare network connectivity issue. Details can be found in the release notes. 

With respect to the next KitKat upgrade, as I have stated before we had some unfortunate requirement changes that had delayed the deployment of the 4.4.2 upgrade.  We are working on getting you the latest version of KitKat as quickly as we can. I am constrained in what I can currently say about timing but as soon as I can, I will let you guys know more. 
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Thanks for the update, David. It's too bad you can't be more transparent.
Gracias espero mi xt925 le llegue la 4.4 :)pronto al menos antes de que cambie de telefono
+David Schuster Thank you!!!! +David Schuster +Punit Soni +Motorola Mobility keep doing what your doing. I know you guys will get us up to date/speed as soon as you can. +Verizon Wireless in my honest opinion I think it would be greatly beneficial to let +Motorola Mobility do what they do best and give them a little more breathing room. +Verizon Wireless your not the only network that offers Motorola device's. Your network is the best as far as coverage go's but think about what it would do to your competition if you let OEM's update their device's before the other carrier's.
Any news about atrix hd😥😥 so hopefull
+Brian Hardy has the right idea. Could you imagine if Verizon gave Motorola the same kind of freedom with updates that Apple enjoys? 
+Doug Miller I don't think +David Schuster can get anymore transparent than this. As he stated above he's constrained as to what he can say about the next update and timing. I took this post as hey guys here's an update sorry it's not what everyone expected. We're working hard to get you the latest and greatest as soon as we have new info we'll tell you. Any way that's how I took this post.
+Brian Magsipoc and it's not like Motorola would push out an update that wasn't stable. Even if a major bug popped up if Motorola had freedom of updates they could push a bug fix out as soon as the problem was identified and addressed.
+Brian Hardy Sure he can get more transparent than this. If there were no restrictions on what he can say, than he could lay out at least what the approximate schedule is. I am not unappreciative of the communication at all, but it's still frustrating that we cannot be told more. And it's equally frustrating that we've gone nearly five months with bugs like the double home bug, and the 4.4 share bug, without a fix. I know that this is not Motorola's fault that it has taken this long (though double home is definitely not an Android problem; that I think we can lay on Motorola). It's still frustrating.
Trust me guys I'm just as pissed off as everyone else about this. But if you read back through all of +Punit Soni+David Schuster and +Motorola Mobility's replys to everyone's questions they've stated over and over again that carrier requirements keep changing so I think our gripe should be with +Verizon Wireless and not Motorola. I don't know if it would do any good but maybe we should all call the +Verizon Wireless complaint department and let them know this is unacceptable. We shouldn't be left behind because we own droid's. People are going to get wise really quick and stop buying droids because of this and move to moto x device's. Maybe when people stop buying droid's they will change their way's. Hint Hint +Verizon Wireless we love our droid's but we love for them to be current with the time's as well. 
+David Schuster  Thanks for the update!   I understand you can't get into timing- that makes sense.  Can you say anything more about the "requirement changes?"  You previously suggested that you were working on some baseband changes.  Were those related to the roaming issue addressed by this update, or are they going into the more significant 4.4.2 update?

One thing I think you should consider is creating a software updates status page like what HTC has at:  

That wouldn't have to get into timing, but would go a long way in communicating where things are in the process.
+Doug Miller I'm sure if +Motorola Mobility wasn't having to deal with +Verizon Wireless they could tell a lot more about updates and timing. It's kind off hard for them when they have the green light and then Verizon stops months of work in it's track's. How can +David Schuster say anything with 100% certainty when everything could change at the last second. Like I said everyone call Verizon and raise hell.
It's refreshing to see companies hold out for a more polished update and more thorough testing rather than a number right now.  That seems entirely in line with the "works better for what you actually do, not just benchmarks" mentality of the 2013-2014 Moto products.  I can wait patiently for a transparent status bar (that I could get with GEL) and a couple tweaks to the dialer and other stock apps.  Thanks for the info, +David Schuster .
+David Schuster, thanks for the transparency. You're going about this in exactly the right way, and I hope you can tell from these comments how much we all appreciate your efforts.

I'm regards to what everyone has been saying about transparency, I think we can't ask for anything better than this-- David dropped a hint referencing a 4.4.2 update, and we've hounded him for a couple weeks about it relentlessly. If he posts something publicly, he gets subjected to scrutiny for stuff that is only partially in his control-- remember that +Motorola Mobility and +David Schuster have only fractional control of the update process, and +Verizon Wireless has control over the rest. You don't hear a freaking peep out of them, either, because most PR departments would see sharing such info more of a liability than an asset. Way to go, +David Schuster, for trying to change that paradigm. Wish we had more guys like you. Hope to hear whatever you can share with us going forward!
+Verizon Wireless  You really should read this post or forward this to the appropriate parties. Every update you guys vet, never seems to do anything different from what Moto or Google releases. And alot people know that for the first time in years, youve lost customers. Being restrictive and thinking that your network is bulletproof and no one will ever leave, parallel the thoughts from Blackberry in 2007. 
+Doug Miller, if he tells us more, and then fails to deliver on time, people remember that "Moto lied/didn't follow through/etc.". Also, the nature of software updates in general is such that you almost never see something released ahead of schedule, so there's rarely a situation where they can get credit for doing "better than expected"-- best they get is " everything went according to plan". I'm happy to see him making an effort to communicate. You don't see +Verizon wireless doing anything remotely similar.
+Motorola Mobility and +David Schuster are doing the best they can dealing with Carrier requirements and restraints. It's hard to soar like eagles when your surrounded by Dodo bird Carrier's.
+David Schuster +Punit Soni  Thank you for the latest update.  However, on a personal level, I have decided to abandon my Droid Maxx phone for the S5.  I have been severely disappointed in the upgrade process with the XT1080.

To me, I just see two billion dollar companies fighting to get requirements correct.  Bickering back and forth, back and forth.  It is exactly like how Time Warner Cable and Direct TV are fighting.  Now DTV has lost a ton of market in the L.A. area since fans can't watch the Dodgers.  

You see the analogy?
+Jacob Kunkel I largely agree with you in spirit, although personally I'd appreciate a little more transparency with what's going on with the update.  Requesting schedules or target release dates seems unreasonable to me, but I think HTC manages to provide significantly greater transparency into the process through their software updates page.

+David Schuster's post above is a great "we're listening to your concerns" message, although it didn't really say anything we didn't already know.  That is, unless you were really starting to think that we'd never get another major software update.  I appreciate these personal messages from +David Schuster and +Punit Soni- that's something I haven't really seen from HTC- but I wish they would try harder to provide more substantive information. 

Simply saying when an update is under evaluation, development or certification would go a long way without providing any dates or ETAs.  If HTC can do this, surely Motorola can, right?  Like now, where is this the 4.4.2(3?) update?  A few weeks ago, when asked about the 4.4.2 update, David said an update would be entering lab testing "shortly."  Was that this minor update, or the 4.4.2 update?  If it was the 4.4.2 update, is that process continuing, or were there further changes that required additional development?
Thanks David! I was wondering what was gonna happen, and kind of figured that was gonna happen based on what I read from you earlier. Thanks for the update. Are u able to shed any light what some of the changes were that pushed this update back?
+Brian Kircher  Sorry, I can't. We have NDA's (non-disclosure agreements) with each of our carrier partners so I am legally unable to disclose any of their plans and details. I know that some people feel that I am not being transparent enough. I have to walk a fine line. As I have said before, I will give you guys all the information I can but sometimes my hands are tied or the plans are just not firm enough to disclose. Hope that helps
+David Schuster Just to clarify, in case I have been unclear about this, I thank you for being as communicative as you can be, and I appreciate it. I just think it's too bad that you are unable to be more forthcoming. Keep up the great work.
One quick question. Will running ART instead of Dalvik matter when updating? Because as of 4 minutes ago my device manager said there is no update. 
What about Razr i? When should we expect to see the update? Thanks for your time and keep up this great job!
Brian C
If I buy another Droid, that's how I will know I have officially lost my mind.
+David Schuster +Motorola Mobility +Punit Soni Thank you very much for your support and information. Most of us know where the problem lies and it is not with Moto or Google. +Verizon Wireless Please get your head around the fact that we, the consumers, know you are holding up upgrades to these excellent phones. Having a superior network is not enough anymore. As a long time VZ customer I would like you to know that I am considering other networks for my family wireless provider in the future. The competition is getting better and if you don't start improving customer service I will make a change. Work with Moto and Google, not against them and your customers.
+Doug Miller I am tired of hearing about this "double home bug". Home is the center screen for most of us, not the last screen visited. If you want to go to the last screen visited just tap the back button. It's that little fish hook shaped one to the left of the home button.
Makes me wonder why I "upgraded" to the Mini from my M. Should have stuck with the M.
Brian C
+Jim Massing Good point, Owning an older device gets you updates faster. Who'd have thought? This will shift the mobile industry forever!!!
Guy's look at it this way it's obvious that +Motorola Mobility has ran into some issues with +Verizon Wireless. If not the 2013 droid's would have been on 4.4.2 probably right behind the Verizon moto x . That being said both companies probably decided to fix a couple of bugs an update the status bar icon's to white and at least give us something until they can work out their differences. The white icons are a requirement of android for device's running 4.4 and up if they use transparent status bars. In which our lock screen it is transparent. The home screen however not even my nexus 7 has a transparent notification bar on it with out the Google experience launcher. I personally use Nova. But I'm confident that as soon as +David Schuster+Punit Soni and +Motorola Mobility get what ever it is worked out with +Verizon Wireless they will take care of us.
+LEWIS WILLIAMS It's a bug, and not the way Android is supposed to work (or the way the phone worked prior to KitKat). Home is supposed to bring you back to your last used home screen. If you press home while already in the launcher, it's then supposed to bring you to the default home screen.

If you run an alternate launcher (like Aviate) that uses the home button not just to return home, but to toggle a function, if you press home once you will see the function toggle on, then off (or off, then on).  This is also what is happening with the default launcher - pressing home once sends two home key presses, so the launcher shows the last home screen, then it slides back to the default home screen.

Back doesn't always bring you home. If you are in an app like a web browser, it will step you back through all of the links you've followed since you opened the browser (other apps work this way as well.) Also, if you've done something like open Chrome from a web link from the twitter app, it will bring you back to the twitter app, not home. It will go home if you've already stepped all of the way back.

It's a bug. Just because you like the way it works, it doesn't mean it's not a bug. 
+David Schuster in regards to this update, I've tried the steps to pull the update and it says my device is up to date. Has this been officially released yet or will it simply be released soon.
+TJ Kelly Jr it's pushed out in Waves usually after two or three days of it being released you can pull it via check for updates if it hasn't been pushed to your device yet.
+Tarel Washington It has to be made available for manual pull first. They usually push out the first few batches first then make it available to pull via check for updates
You all realize that Motorola is dealing with more than just Verizon right? RAZR HD is in European and Latin American markets, Atrix HD is AT&T, Bell and Nextel, Photon Q 4G is a Sprint phone.....Verizon isn't the only evil bastard around.
I could be mistaken, but it's possible that the older Droids were given priority due to the fact they were still on Jelly Bean. I don't know how big of a difference there is between 4.4 and 4.4.2, but maybe someone could articulate the differences and maybe, just maybe, it may cause some of us to think that it isn't that big of a deal. Trying to play devils advocate because I'm tired of bitching. Lol 
Some people are asking about why they have not gotten the push yet or why they can not pull the release. Our process with most carriers is a phased approach. We start with pushing to a small group (10k - 40k consumers) depending on the overall population of devices. We monitor feedback for a few days, if all is good, we start pushing in larger waves along with opening up the release for pull. The process can take about a week depending on the overall population. 
the millon dollar question, does the razr line from 2012 have ART enabled?  it will be very interesting specially for the razr i
Speculation.  Verizon is supposedly turning on their AWS network (XLTE) next week (5/19).  In order for phones to utilize this new network, they will need to have a firmware update.  Could it be that Verizon is holding off on our update so it will include this capability? It would make sense to have Verizon only phones reap the benefit of this higher capacity network wouldn't it?    
Saldrá KitKat para el Motorola D1?
I recieved a notification for android 4.4.2 ... I'm not gonna download until after work.... Looking forward to this update
+Matt Jones Not much what's shaking. +Ben Lee seemed to be having signal strength issue's and asked where to report it so I sent him your way.
Thank you for not forgetting old devices that can easily run kit kat like droids and atrix hd
Thanks where thanks is due. My brothers droid hd's update just came through, so did my girlfriends. At this rate, I might just get the atrix hd for my Mom, and upgrade from my moto G to a moto X. Yes, we own a lot of motos in our family :D. +David Schuster does the atrix hd have kitkat?
i wanna to know artix hd upgrade time?please
+David Schuster were battery life improvements included in this tiny update? If so its greatly appreciated. I cannot wait for 4.4.2 for my Ultra!!
+Brian Kariuki Atrix HD doesn't have kitkat as of now but it does look like we are close to getting the update...hopefully anytime soon.
+Matt Jones Just a suggestion, but perhaps Motorola can do a better job about informing people about this outage (and any future outages)? Besides your comment, there is nothing on G+ about this, nothing on the Motorola Support forums, nothing on twitter, no emails. Is there somebody I can contact to suggest better communication about downtimes?
This whole update thing is the one thing iOS blows android out of the water in. Android phones literally never get updated in a timely fashion. Its the most frustrating and difficult thing as a heavy user. You can't deploy a major update, and not correct any bugs that arise after months and months pass. Its just annoying. The droid maxx has such a ridiculous amount of potential. It sucks that it seems like the development behind it is non existent. 
+Kevin Jachimowicz so buy an iPhone then. I'm just saying.... +Motorola Mobility has updated far more of their devices compared to other OEMS. It may take a bit but they get them updated eventually. But the real blame is +Verizon Wireless and their slow ridiculous approval add more useless bloat process. Verizon doesn't want to update your device they want to sell you a new one with the latest os and lock you into another contract. +Motorola Mobility has updated devices that started out on ginger bread all the to jellybean. The 2012 HD series has went from ICS to now KitKat. So moto works hard to update getting past Verizon is the issue. +Punit Soni and +David Schuster have our backs bare with them.
According to Droid Life, the Ultra and Maxx is on the list of phones that will take advantage of the new XLTE market being announced Monday. I still think Verizon may be holding our update up for this reason. If that's the case then it's worth the wait...assuming you're in an area that will have this enhanced network. 
+Rick Sims The phones already support xLTE. The AWS support was added with a previous OTA update (I think it was the November JB update.)

For all the belly aching about Verizon, remember that these phones were one of the first phones to be updated to Kitkat in the first place... And the 2012 Droids are one of the first that came out that year to get Kitkat. I believe that only the Nexus 4 and the Sprint GS3 are the only other 2012 phones to get Kitkat so far. Hopefully that's a good sign for our phones for the next big update to Android, presumably coming out this fall. 
The server's seem to be back online so everyone can stop losing their minds now. Lol +David Schuster+Motorola Mobility I'm glad the servers are back up let me know if you need me to buy you a drink. You guys probably need it. 😀
out of curiosity, with the full 4.4.2 upgrade, will we be getting the new android dialier app?? I know the moto x has a variation of it. would be totally awesome if that happens.
+Doug Miller I have been responding to multiple G+ and forums posts about this, plus on Twitter, etc. But we do need a better method of letting more user know in the event this happens. We were actually preparing a forums post when the team got the system back up and running.
Here's to hoping we see the atria HD update real soon!!
Any news on the progress of the update? Maybe a tease towards a release date? Still having issues with messaging and calls while using LTE in Canada. +David Schuster
Kinda wondering what the status is as well.  Are we looking at weeks or months?  I know there is a limit as to what can be said, but anything you can divulge would be appreciated.  +David Schuster 
This is ridiculous waiting for this update I'm done with Verizon only phones you get treated like a redheaded stepchild. 
Agreed. This will be my last Verizon Droid branded phone, and still undecided on Motorola. I keep holding out hope something good is coming but I'm starting to feel skeptical and foolish. 
Sorry guys.... it is a little difficult to follow the thread.... which device are you asking about status on?
The new droid series 4.4.2 update status
I was looking for info on the ATT Atrix HD KitKat update
+David Schuster stated in this post that he's currently constrained as to what he can say right now and that he will let us know more as soon as he can. So hang in there guy's I'm confident that he'll let us know as soon as he can. Just please bare with him and +Motorola Mobility They are working as hard as they can on it. So hang in there I have a feeling we won't be disappointed :-)
Hey david is there any possibility the new phone app will b included with the next update???? I see the new phone app is in with 4.4.3
4.4.2 is so yesterday. When we getting 4.4.3? :) 
I see that there have been a number of questions on this thread about Atrix HD status. We have be working to secure a slot in lab and we just recently succeeded. The plan now is to get the upgrade out in Q3 for Atrix HD on AT&T.
There are some questions about getting some of the features (dialer for example) from Android upgrades for the 2013 DROID's. The DROID family in general have some specific requirements from the carrier that we are required to fulfill. Our Moto X, G and now E line is much more of a "pure" android experience. To answer the question about dialer specifically, this is one area that the DROID family does NOT use the same solution from stock Android, so we are required to maintain the existing dialer look and feel in the DROID line. 
+David Schuster I am interested in the status of the next system update for the Droid lineup, can we expect to see it in days, weeks, months? I am still having issues using LTE on the Bell network in Canada, can't send messages or make calls while using LTE. I understand its hard to say with Verizon always making changes on you guys but it'd be nice to hear some kind of ETA on the update.
Thanks David, ya I was asking about the droid series. That's a bummer that the new droids most likely won't see the new dialer. I hope that something can be done to see that the dialer comes with the update. From the outside it seems like the droid series, is pretty pure android, but I guess that's why I'm not a developer haha.
If the new g and e series phones are of a more pure android, why aren't the droids going to be updated to be somewhat of the same?? It would seem to me, that it would be easier if all of the phones were more closely related in terms of being able to update them all quicker. I guess the next question that I really have is will the moto x see the new dialer?? 
+Brian Kircher its a more "pure" android because those phones aren't Verizon exclusives and don't have to go through so much testing to make sure all the carrier bloat apps are compatible with the new Android software. Verizon is responsible for the updates being so delayed.
I understand that, but what does the dialer app have to with Verizon's bloatware?
+Brian Kircher Because the dialer is a system app, and with Verizon and major carriers, updates to the system go through a vetting/testing process.  It's the same reason I have to wail till Q3 to get my KK OTA for the Atrix HD -- carrier bs.  I wish Motorola could pull an Apple and damn near ignore the carriers in regards to OS updates.

+David Schuster What about the Bell, Nextel, and Dev. Edition Atrix HD's?  It's not like the Developer Edition has a carrier to go through and most of us Atrix HD users posting here have unlocked bootloaders.  Thanks for the good news.  Knowing that it's Q3 is better than Q?

Also can't wait for the Moto 360.  It looks like it's going to be one of the better Android watches.  It'll be the best if it has the standard Motorola build quality.  I like how standard Motorola quality is better than high quality builds from other manufactures; and it's why I'm a faithful Motorola customer on my 4th Motorola smartphone.
Really?!?! The moto x is already getting 4.4.3 and the droid series is still on 4.4. +David Schuster any updates??
+David Schuster Can you at least confirm that the 2013 Droid line will skip 4.4.2 and go directly to 4.4.3?
I see a lot of comments on a couple different threads asking about the 2013 DROID plans. Now that KitKat 4.4.3 is publicly available I am able to give more information about our plans. As I have stated previously, we ran into some issues with requirement churn on getting KitKat 4.4.2 out as quickly as we wanted too. Once that got resolved last month we had a decision to make with respect to rolling out KitKat 4.4.2 vs. waiting for KitKat 4.4.3, which we knew, was coming out shortly. We were concerned that if we used KitKat 4.4.2 it could be months before we were given the opportunity to get you KitKat 4.4.3. Consequently, we made the decision to wait for KitKat 4.4.3 as the base for our next update to the 2013 DROID family. We are working to get this update to you shortly, as it gets closer I will let you guys know. Thanks for your patience.
+David Schuster thank you very very much for this update!! THats prolly some of the best news ive read about the Droid series in a long while. I guess now the only big thing for me, which you already touched on a bit, is if we will get the new people app specifically, and I hope the new dialer app.
+David Schuster Just chiming in to add my thanks for the update. Looking forward to seeing more from you guys. You killed it with the Moto X 4.4.3 update, this only adds to my satisfaction with +Motorola Mobility . Keep up the great work!
+Verizon Wireless Let's get this update out fast so you don't have a bunch of customers anymore upset than they already are. What do you guy's think +LEWIS WILLIAMS+Russ Thacher+bryan bailey+Vandy Prince+Punit Soni+David Schuster+Matt Martin+Rick Sims+Brian Kircher+George Davis+David Van Dalinda+Doug Miller+Kevin Jachimowicz+Tim Glaraton+Andy Regenscheid+Brian Magsipoc+Motorola Mobility+Michael Labowicz+Michelle Gattuso+Mark Rose+Olivier Meirhaeghe+Matt Jones we are excited Thank you for all you do +Motorola Mobility. Now +Verizon Wireless it's time to get off your rear ends and do what you have to do to get this out ASAP The Droids are supposed to be your flagship your exclusives. So +Verizon Wireless Prove it to us!!!!! We want our Droid Ultra/Maxx/Mini 4.4.3 update Verizon
+Verizon Wireless You have a loyal Droid consumer base don't punish us because our phones are droids. The Moto X is on all major carriers and receives updates fast. The Droids being your exclusive it would be more than wise to keep them at the front of the line so its not the end of the line and we all move to the moto x on a different carrier. Please show us you care about your customers wishes. We pay your bills. Thank you. I know you can do this.
+Brian Hardy I will try to investigate this a little more when I get home, thanks for the heads up!
What +Brian Hardy said exactly. IMO since the Droid line is considered the flagship of Verizon, Verizon should do their very best to push out the updates as fast as Motorola gets them out. The Droid line should be getting updates at the same rate as the moto x. +Verizon Wireless
+Brian Hardy +David Van Dalinda The Moto X on Verizon hasn't even been updated yet.  I think we can pretty safely assume we won't see the Droid lineup updated until after the Moto X is updated.  The 4.4 update didn't even see a soak until about a month after the Moto X update went out.  I doubt Verizon is prioritizing the Moto X updates over the Droid updates, so I would bet that Moto bears some of the responsibility (changing requirements notwithstanding).

I don't plan on buying another Droid phone again (though I'm not writing off Motorola).  I'm looking forward to the Android Silver program. Hopefully we'll see some options with battery life comparable to the Maxx.
+Andy Regenscheid The Moto x has 4.4.2. The reason for us not getting 4.4.2 yet was explained by David in another post. He didn't want us to get stuck by Verizon. If they pushed us 4.4.2 it would have taken longer to get 4.4.3. So they held off. And are just giving us 4.4.3. And there is a Moto x with 4.4.3 now it's on t mobile. 
+David Van Dalinda Understood- I saw those messages.  Given the circumstances, I think it was the right move by Motorola to hold off on v4.4.2.

Anyways, I think you misinterpreted my message.  I said that the Verizon Moto X hasn't been updated to v4.4.3 yet, and it's unlikely that Droid user will see the v4.4.3 update until several weeks after Verizon and Motorola push out the update to Verizon Moto X users. The v4.4 update for Droid users came about 2 months after Moto X users.  While there were extenuating circumstances there, the soak test didn't even start until almost a month after they pushed out the update to the X.
+Andy Regenscheid I see what you mean I think the reason the moto x gets it first is because it is on many carriers.  We are verizon exclusive which sucks for us.  I have owned 3 droids the droid 1 the bionic now the maxx.  I love droids hate verizon quite the conundrum. I would have gotten the moto x but could not pass up the big ass battery in the maxx.  I will wait and see what the new moto x has to offer along with the droid line before I make my next decision.

Is it just me or does moto need to get better names.  every time I search for maxx stuff I get the razr maxx very frustrating. 
+David Schuster hey man just curious to know if there are any updates to the droid series 4.4.3 update. Thanks n advance
+David Schuster Hopefully you're patching the CVE-2014-3153 vulnerability in your Linux kernel.  While I realize the current exploit doesn't impact Moto or HTC phones, it's my understanding write-protecting /system just makes the exploit harder to write.
+David Schuster anything yet? Got me all excited with this shortly talk and its been 5 days... Thanks in advance! 
Patience guy's I'm sure we will hear something as soon as they can let us know. Hang in there.
+Brian Hardy is correct. Remember that we are skipping a build so who knows what that entails as far as updating. I have confidence in Motorola that we will see this soon enough. 
I hear you guys but David posted a week ago he was giving an update soon. So where is it? I don't consider a week as soon.
I don't consider a week as too long either. Hr as already stated that there are carrier requirements and NDA they have to follow. The fact that we've been given as much info as we have is better than any other OEM has given its consumer base.
I understand wanting to know what's going on with the update. But I also realize that +David Schuster also has a job to do and guidelines to follow. When he is given the green light to release the information, I'm sure he will in a timely manner. Until then his hands are tied. 
Realistically, I don't expect to see much on the v4.4.3 update for the Droid users until after Verizon or Motorola announces something on the v4.4.3 update for Verizon's version of the Moto X.  Maybe David will provide an update on both models at once.  

It's not crazy to think that the new Android linux kernel vulnerability is introducing a bit of a delay.  While there isn't a working exploit out there right now, my understanding is that the Moto X and Droid Android builds are vulnerable to this vulnerability.  Unless I'm missing something, this is one of the most serious vulnerabilities we've seen in Android devices yet.  If they're going to patch the kernel, hopefully they can do that without restarting any carrier testing that may have already begun.
I've been tuned in for over a week +David Schuster where is the update you said you'd be giving "shortly" it's time to tell Verizon to shove it.. there's a lot of unhappy Droid Ultra/Maxx/Mini owners around here.. 
+Matt Martin With all due respect. I don't think being pushy is going to make +David Schuster anymore inclined to give an update. He will let us know as soon as he can. If there's nothing for him to report yet then he's not. Try to bare with them a little longer. Thanks
+Brian Hardy I believe the frustrations that are being expressed are justified. We've been told "shortly" since around April 14. The only difference is this is a 4.4.3 shortly as opposed to 4.4.2 shortly. Is it anyone in paricilars fault? No...but +David Schuster is our face to Motorola and he's guilty by association with Verizon. Other than calling him a liar, I think he can take some shots without hurt feelings. The truth is we are way past due for a true update and patience has faded. 
Just read that sprint is pishing 4.4.3 guess Verizon is the redheaded stepchild. Did I mention I hate Verizon.
Sorry for the delay in giving an update on the 4.4.3 upgrades but I had to wait unit Google announced KitKat 4.4.4 today (I am bound by a NDA). A significant security vulnerability was discovered by OpenSSL ( and is fixed in KitKat 4.4.4. We had to wait until KitKat 4.4.4 became available. Consequently, all of our 4.4.3 upgrades that were in carrier labs worldwide (including the 2013 Droid's) had to be respun, tested and resubmitted again. This was a significant unplanned effort that we had to undertake. We should be re-entering labs next week and hopefully getting TA (technical approval) in 3 to 5 weeks later depending on the carrier.
So in Verizon time that means 2 months :( thanks for the update
This isn't Motorola's fault +David Schuster+Punit Soni and +Motorola Mobility Did not anticipate there being a security flaw with 4.4.3 they have no control over this why would they push .3 when 4.4.4 patches this. Let's just hope +Verizon Wireless doesn't waste anytime once this hits their labs next week. I'm disappointed to but personally I don't want an update with an open door for someone that's up to no good. Same scenario with 4.4.2 vs .3 if they pushed 4.4.3 to us today there's no telling when they could have gotten .4 to us. It's a pretty big breach Google just got .3 out to all of its Nexus devices and turned right around and is pushing .4
Thanks for the update, +David Schuster.  It's great to see Google and Motorola taking security seriously, although it's disappointing that the Android team didn't patch the kernel to fix CVE-2014-3153.  A root exploit that can attack almost any current Android device just by installing a malicious app is a pretty serious vulnerability (at least Google Play scans for it).

I realize that this update has more than security patches for many devices (those not on v4.4.3), but I still think it shows the sad state of affairs when it takes 1-2 months to get security updates out the door.
Thanks for the update and transparency.  I assume when Android 5.0 gets announced next week, we can expected it to get pushed back again :)
CVE-2014-3153 fix is being pulled into our upcoming updates.
+Joseph Hansen Thanks, that's great to hear. When you say upcoming updates, do you mean this v4.4.4 update, or whatever comes after that one?
+Joseph Hansen Well , I'm still impatiently patiently waiting for another promised update. Hopefully this wont get bump to 5.0   ;-)
The transparency from this Moto team is AWESOME.
where the 4.4.3 and 4.4.4 update for Indian moto versions(x,g,e)?
+Andy Regenscheid motorola has write protection on the system partition so the exploit you are referring to doesn't work on the moto x/g, I get your point though.
+Diego Scheuermann I know the exploit code out there now doesn't work, but I don't think write protection on /system blocks the vulnerability.  Unless I'm not understanding the vulnerability, it should be possible to write exploit code that doesn't need to write to /system.  Or do you think that wouldn't work for some reason?
+Andy Regenscheid yes the vulnerability is real and works, not having write access to the system means that every and any change you do to it would only be temporary ala jcase pie exploit, and as far as I know CVE-2014-3153 should work on every android with a kernel date prior to June of this year, not a Motorola specific issue and it's a local exploit. That being said I'd also like that fixed asap of course.
Maybe the carriers shouldn't stop an update rollout for an exploit, if the exploit also applies to the (already/previously) available firmware.

This way a creative hacker group could just release a new (minor) Android-applicable exploit every 5 weeks or so to stop all devices from being updated worldwide.
+ryan casella if you had better results before the 19.6.3 update (small, most recent one) you can find the full fxz file easily with Google. if ya need help, hit me up. my Maxx is a Dev Edition, so i actually am on Carbon rom and it alleviates those problems. For those on the standard Maxx software, 19.5.3 is a solution.
EDIT: P.S. Ryan, this is pretty straight-forward:

+David Schuster thank you for the updates on the updates. i would quit being an EMT if i could have a job like yours. i love moto phones. ;) and i have great, fresh, new ideas that could propel moto into the number 1 spot. in all seriousness I am, have been, and will be a supporter of Motorola devices. If you would like to gain even more market share than you guys have with the G, E, X, and also the new versions of those released and to be released this year, unlock some bootloaders and conquer the phone world. Htc did it. Moto can too. Granted, my Dev Edition Maxx would no longer be so special, but it would benefit everyone with a Maxx by creating more.....development. (Win-Win for Moto and the End-User.) Think about it, David. 
+Henk Poley The OpenSSL vulnerability (CVE-2014-0224) is kind of a big deal.  Unlike other vulnerabilities, there's not much Google can do to mitigate the vulnerability other than patching it.  In comparison, Google can mitigate the local privilege escalation vulnerability (CVE-2014-3153) by scanning apps in the Play store for exploit code.

I agree you that it doesn't make sense to yank updates that are already going out to wait for patches (unless the first update introduces the vulnerability), but it doesn't sound like that's the situation here.  Motorola is updating the version currently going through carrier testing to introduce these new patches.  Sure, if this sort of change was done anytime a vulnerability surfaced during development or testing you could run into problems.  But, in practice, this is an exceptional situation.
+ Andy Regenscheid Will this affect root and system write access on developer edition (unlocked) models? 
+kit costantino I don't see why it would.  The dev editions are open(able) by design.  You don't use an exploit to open those up.
Queria ver no motorola xt890 se verá atualizações 
+David Schuster with the recent announce my of Android L, does this change anything toward the update progress of the Droid line?? I would hope that it wouldn't and that progress is still being made towards pushing 4.4.4 to us. Thanks for the response in advance.
I can't imagine they'd wait for "L" to drop to push the next update.  "L" isn't expected to be officially released until the fall.  

I am curious about the future updates to "L," though. I realize that the "Android Update Alliance" was basically dead on arrival, but it does suggest some level of commitment by Motorola to update devices for 18 months after release.  +David Schuster, is it safe to assume that the 2013 Droids will be updated to "L"?  
Hi, and the Razr D3??  The update has ben promised for june!!
We will absolutely get L the phone isn't even a year old yet. Now after L I don't see any further updates to be honest. However I never thought the 2012 line would see KK.
+David Van Dalinda I think you need some higher expectations, then.  Motorola has at least gone on record saying 18 months is a reasonable update window.  Even that is ridiculously short, given the 2 year upgrade cycles the vast majority of customers are on (and also that that 18 months is based on initial availability, not the discontinuation of new sales).  I'll note that the iPhone 4, released in June 2010, is just now falling out of support.

If its too expensive for the Android OEMs to support so many devices, then they shouldn't have so many devices.  Motorola is on the right track in that regard.
I almost said exactly what you guys did, but I have cone to the astute conclusion that even the Bionics (i have 2, rooted and safestrapped my kids play on) could hang if they had a bootloader unlock. I am running 4.4 3 (liquid) on them no sweat. As far as the msm8960dt line, the hardware will hang for four years as well. The software end is free if bootloaders are unlocked. (and word of that mive would sell boatloads of the units that are left in stores). How about this...after 18 months, give an unlock. Then, only security fixes need to be pushed...and they will have to pry my moto out of my cold, dead hand. ;) I should say that my original A855 kicked along nicely undervolted and overclocked at 1.7 GB. RAM and internal storage caught up eventually, but Moto continues to make excellent hardware. Let us all see android P. 
+Andy Regenscheid I actually have very high expectations but the reality is android L will probably be the last major update we get. By the time we get it say Oct or Nov the phone is 14 months old. I can definitely see us getting 5.1 or 5.2. But L will be the last MAJOR update. There is no real difference from 4.4 to 4.4.4 other then email and dialer and bug fixes radio or kernel tweaks. I do not see this phone making it another whole year to fall 2015 and getting the next major update. If it does great but don't hold your breath.

Now what we want and what we get are to different things. I do agree there should be more long term support no doubt. My father always had a great saying "want in one hand and shit in the other and tell me which fills up first". I do think moto is doing a good job keeping older phones up to date. Especially if android is designed to run on slower phones with less ram. Then there is no excuse not to update.
+David Van Dalinda Got it. My comment about expectations was directed more at your surprise that the 2012 Droids got Kit Kat. Kit Kat was released one year after the 2012 Droids came on the market. I'd be awfully disappointed if they weren't updated. Taking 7 months to develop and push an update isn't a good excuse not to update.

On the 2013 Droids, by your definition of major update, I agree L is likely to be the last major update. I'd probably view each of the 4.x updates as major updates, personally. I think there's a good chance we'll get some point release after L, although who knows what development cycle Google will be on by then.
My wife's Samsung Galaxy S3 just got updated to that "unsecure" 4.4.2 Kit Kat today on our Verizon family plan. I'm impressed with how they've quietly kept their phone OS up-to-date especially since it shipped in 2012 with ICS and is two generations behind on the current flagship.  It'd be great if Motorola would do the same for the new Droid line and Moto X and keep the OS updates going through 2015. 
+Glenn Asakawa I think we will still see updates into 2015. I just would not hold my breath on a new OS in 2015 just incremental updates.
+David Van Dalinda Thanks for your thoughts on this. I love my Droid Mini and we have two other very happy Moto users on our family plan.  Just want to point out that other manufacturers work hard at pushing updates for older phones. I certainly think the hardware on the new Droid line and original Moto X should be able to handle future updates for awhile.  I saw that Samsung announced their S5 Mini and the main specs are still less than my Droid! I don't mind waiting as long as I know the updates are coming.  HTC lost my business when they pulled a previously announced update on my Incredible 2. 
+Glenn Asakawa I agree 100% the phones contract is 2yrs so they should maintain for at least that long. I hear you with HTC just sold my wife's inc 2. HTC is horrible with updates.
As I hope you guys know by now, keeping our phones up to date with the latest Android releases is a key part of our strategy.
+David Schuster thanks for your reassurance. I'm a happy and loyal Motorola customer, especially due to the efforts of continual product improvements. The individual app updates such as to the camera and Assist have been a winning strategy too. 
+David Schuster thanks for that. so what will be the next update that the Droid series sees? Will it be L or will it be 4.4.4??
Looks like the Verizon soak test is starting soon. Emails went out.
When is the next update to the Droid Maxx on Verizon expected to be released, and will it fix the issue that just started for me today where my phone keeps asking for my gmail password and says it can't log in? Apparently it's an issue with 4.4 on certain Motorola phones.
+Jason Ouellette  For what it's worth, I've been running into the exact same problem the last couple days with my Maxx.  I have no idea if its a Google/Android issue or a Motorola issue.
Thanks +AndyRegenscheid . I'm not sure why this popped up all of a sudden. I was on the phone with Google support for about half an hour, but the guy couldn't help me. I really hope it's fixed soon, because my phone is almost unusable right now!
Yep, hopefully it goes well and we can push to everyone 
Well I can tell you this I am already disappointed.  Not in Moto in verizon the dialer is slightly new but the email is the exact same.  I hate that verizon won't let you guys update the things on these phone we use the most.  That is all I will say for now until after the soak.
yeah I know it has nothing to do with moto it's verizon.
+David Schuster Is there anything Droid customers can do to try to change that?  Being stuck with the old dialer has always bothered me, but it recently occurred to me that the problem could get much worse when Android "L" comes along.  Assuming +Verizon Wireless lets you push out the update, I have a feeling we'll miss out on a lot of the UI improvements with material design.

Complaining to +Verizon Wireless customer service doesn't do any good.  Believe me, I've tried.  Somewhat ironically, they push the blame back to you, saying Motorola is in charge of the updates. 

I kind of wish I got the Moto X over the Maxx, but I really wanted that extra battery life and Qi charging.
+Andy Regenscheid I agree if it wasn't for the battery I would have gotten the x. I now use the qi charger and wouldn't give that up either. Just so you know I installed the google dialer and google email app. So I have the apps the way Verizon should have had moto make them.
+Jason Ouellette Try clearing app preferences and try re-adding your google account to your phone. I had that issue previously and these steps worked for me.
I have to agree about the dialer. It just doesn't look right next to everything else now. However, Moto definitely listens to their customers on what they can fix. Looking forward to the X+1 or X2...whatever it's called Moto has already sold me on their service. I just can't imagine ever buying another Droid though... and that has nothing to do with Motorola. 
+David Schuster Thanks for the 4.4.4 update OTA to the 2013 Droid line! You guys are awesome there at Motorola getting updates out. :)
+Leandro Luís Volkart If you are asking about the Verizon Moto X upgrade to 4.4.4, we are hoping to start rolling that out in next couple of weeks. We really needed to get the update out to the 2013 DROID Lines since it had been delayed for a number of reason.
+David Schuster In addition to the Verizon Moto X, are the other models (AT&T, Sprint, Unlocked) in the same "couple of weeks" timeframe?
+David Schuster Motorola is awesome! You guys are the best getting out those updates quickly. I have the Verizon Moto X and I appreciate that you still care about the customers after the sale unlike cough Samsung Cough
+David Schuster  The 4.4.4 update for Retail Moto X just fixes that SSL security issue or it also brings some camera updates/overall improvements like that? Thanks for being such a nice person and sharing with us stuff like that!
David are you aware of the Motorola assist problem since 4.4.4 update. When in Drive mode it reads your text and then immediately read it again without allowing you to choose to reply or to cancel and then it just stops. Also when using touchless control I choose 4 the speaker phone to activate upon making a call it does not activate I have to do it manually also when there's an incoming call it does not activate automatically. Then there is the okay Google su where the video camera does not work when okay Google everywhere is activated. I am guessing that you guys are aware of these issues if not I just wanted to make you aware if you are can you advise me on the time frame that these will be fixed. As always thank you for your assistance and appreciate you taking the time to come on here.
Does someone here knows if each carriers need to approve new android releases before Motorola push them to us?
And how does Motorola manage the deployment cycles? By company, region? I still don't have 4.4.4 with Fido in Canada. Thanks for all the updates +David Schuster!
half way through the month, wondering if the Atrix HD will receive KK?
Claro Puerto Rico is getting otas now, its america movil band 4 lte. i will use rsdlite to get the ota zip, then flash cyanoagenmod kk bootloader and kernel. goodbye moto!
i finally did it and have stock kit kat. if any of you are in america movil lte band 4 (so not brasil) you can use this to keep lte (though moto moved it to data only for some reason). flash claro jelly bean through rsdlite sbfdroid hsa the zip, you need an unlocked bootloader for this. extract the zip remove some lines from the xml get var partition signed and tx lines. either in bootloader or turned on with usb debugging let RSDLite it do its thing. set up your phone, turn on gps (important) and then accept the ota. install it on your phone and let the moto do its magic. tada kitkat! compiled july 23, godamm 4 months of carrier testing. anyways since we have a unlocked bootloader you can go to droidrzr for custom recoverys and use +Chainfire 's super su to get root. from then on get any kkbl rom on +xda-developers 
Xt925 telcel México, I unlocked the bootloader through moto apocalypse apk and ran cm11 for 10 months waiting for moto to release kk
#att, #at&t you will never see me again as a client and will do all i can to let everyone know how bad you guys are with updates.
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