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David Schult
Now with 25 percent more protein.
Now with 25 percent more protein.

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On the way to the volcano to see the mountain gorillas. 

Why is it whenever I open the back of my laptop to clean or repair something, I'm left with several unknown screws and bits of broken plastic. Where do these come from? Do they have a name?

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Nigerian Cultural Day and the American International School Lagos.

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New location of the Nigerian Embassy in Jakarta.

Jl. Ubud Blok A13 No.3

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The Jakarta floods of 2015. 
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New Google InBox, Lollipop on my Android Nexus 4... what's next? Windows 10 on my laptop?

First impressions of Google's new Inbox -- nice on a phone; jury's still out on how well it works on my laptop. Nice integration of calendar features and I like the Snooze feature. But where is the '+' button to post to G+?

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Want one -- Oh Santa!
I'm on a boat! That looks like a spider! And rides like a hoverboard!

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I've just unlocked #Copy on Drive by #Jolicloud. Get extra free storage here

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5 nights on Kanawa Island, here we come!
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