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David Sanger

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wonderful images by +Sapna Reddy on NBC Open Road TV, Sunday night at 6:30 in the Bay Area.

My Bay Peaks project will be featured next Sunday May 17th
A radiologist who analyzes images to help cure and a photographer who creates images to inspire.
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David Sanger

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Bay Area Peaks selection
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David Sanger

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Morning above the South San Jose Valley. This lone oak is yet to get its leaves this year. I love the green grass on the hills this month but decided the sepia filter emphasized the intricate form of the oak branches – form and light. 
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David Sanger

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Swat by +Edwin Koo  :: landscapes and strife
A photographer’s at first puzzling encounter with people displaced from their beloved Swat Valley led him to consider what makes a place paradise.
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Ollf make people perfect
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David Sanger

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And another take on +Getty Images 

"Since It Can't Sue Us All, Getty Images Embraces Embedded Photos"
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David Sanger

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Have him in circles
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David Sanger

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And magic light too
Time-lapse of the volcanic eruption in Chile
Just wow!
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David Sanger

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Here's a story about my new project #hiking   and photographing #peaks and summits of the greater San Francisco Bay Area
Albany man hikes the Bay Area's best and least known peaks in a personal quest.
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David Sanger

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I'm clipping this!
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David Sanger

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"And imagine your website has used a lot of Getty embeds over the years — enough that Getty can actually sell ads specifically targeting your website, using all that data it’s gathered. Or imagine there are enough Getty embeds that it could sell ads only on photos of Barack Obama, or only photos about Cajun music, or only photos about restaurants in Kansas City. You can start to see the potential there. Think of how many YouTube videos were embedded on other websites before Google ever started putting ads on them."

so Getty gets to know your traffic, who visits your blog and what pages they look at even if they don't click. And of course they can consolidate that to learn other blogs they visit. Talk about targeted ad potential..
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David Sanger

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looking at the longer term one key question is, whether other agencies will follow +Getty Images lead  #nf  
The company just made tens of millions of its photos free for noncommercial use.
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I wouldn't be surprised at all.
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David Sanger

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This should be good for years of's not at all a simple matter..
“We're really starting to see the extent of online infringement,” says Craig Peters, senior vice president of business development, content and marketing at Getty Images. “In essence, everybody today is a publisher thanks to social media and self-publishing platforms. And it's incredibly easy to ...
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