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David Romeyn
Does this smell like chloroform?
Does this smell like chloroform?


" Tomsula


Don Shula

Open Your Eyes, People! the 9ers are going undefeated next year! "

Stolen from another board.  Made me laugh pretty hard.

sure would be nice to have another time out right about now....

i'mna start some shit here.

Alex Smith woulda made that pass  =P

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I sure do like these LastPass folks.
Visit the LastPass email look-up tool to see if your account was part of the leaked Google data:
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when the Niners CB's push WR's it's illegal contact.  when Dallas does it it's offensive PI.  lulz @ refs.

the injuries are damaging my calm.

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How many runs for Gore to break 10k?

I say 4.

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let's roll
The ‪#‎USWNT‬ will face GUA, TRI & HAI in the CONCACAF Women’s Championship.

The groups are set! KC, Chicago & DC, get your Series Tix now:
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This is gonna get old, reading SEA game summaries like this one for another 13 weeks.

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Under pressure.

The sad thing is that it is really not that far from the truth.
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