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Friggin epic, man! Two classic Miles moments! Haha!
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Let's see if I still know how to share anything on Google+.

This is a frame from Lago di Landro back from earlier this year, in the Italian Dolomites. I hope you enjoy!!

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Thanks, +Molly Page! Sure felt weird after so long.
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David Richter

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"Slice of Winter"

On a fairly warm, early autumn day in the valley near the Partnach gorge, the surrounding peaks received their first dusting of the season. The transition of the seasons was in full swing in the Bavarian Alps, as illustrated in this view towards the King's House on Schachen (Königshaus am Schachen) and the Partenkirchener Dreitorspitze, a prominent 2,633m (8,638 ft) multi-peak in the Wetterstein mountain massif. The small castle, built by Ludwig II of Bavaria, can only be reached by a three to four hour hike. It's perched on ridge in front of the gap between the Dreitorspitze on the left and the Oberreintalschrofen on the right. (Someone please correct me if I got those peaks wrong!)

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David Richter

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First off, thank you +Jim Goldstein for putting so much time and effort into this, year after year. It's always a pleasure to see what others have been up to and view their favorite photos. That said, be inspired by following the link in Jim's post and while you're at it, say thank you. #bestof2012 #inspiration #photography  
Looking for photo inspiration? Here are 300 photographers who submitted to the Best Photos of 2012 Blog Project at JMG-Galleries
Thanks to all the G+ Photographers who took part!

Best Photos of 2012 by JMG-Galleries Blog Readers

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Thanks for taking part +David Richter and sharing the link.
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David Richter

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Stunning view over Snake River and the Tetons by my homie +Alex Noriega. Your loss if you don't check out his work.
"Snake Drifts" - Twilight falls over Mount Moran and the Teton Range in Wyoming. The Snake River meanders through the midground. Shot this en route to WI for the holidays last month.
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+Alex Noriega de nada, bromigo!
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Backcountry Bliss

Here's the first image I want to share with you guys on G+ from my trip into Aigüestortes National Park in the Pyrenees.

I intentionally kept this on the dark and moody side, to accentuate the sky clearing after a heavy thunderstorm with hail and crazy wind gusts. I hope you enjoy this. More to come, should I actually have some time on my hands.


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David Richter

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"Moonlight Symphony" - Mesa Arch, Canyonlands NP, Utah

Stars over Canyonlands NP's iconic Mesa Arch during a full moon night, about an hour before the actual sunrise. Full moon nights, or nights with any moon can be tricky and you don't see as much stars due to the brightness of the moon in the night sky. In the desert however, far away from light pollution of the cities, even full moon nights can be worth photographing and the brightness provided by the moon creates a soft, even light across the landscape.

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Splendide !
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David Richter

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Unbelievable composition and fantastic conditions in this shot from Banff NP by +Robert Beideman. You want to see this!!
The first in a long progression of new work... "In Hiding"

From a cold afternoon in Banff this past December.

Thank you for looking!


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Excellent David
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David Richter

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"Frosted Giants"

A thick layer of rime ice covers the highest branches in a stand of large beech trees, shortly after the sun climbed above an inversion layer on the German-Czech border.

I uploaded a short video of the beech trees making all kinds of dicey sounds, swaying in the wind; to my FB page. A very unsettling feeling, considering beech trees' tendency to drop large limbs under their own weight, even without wind and/or a thick layer of ice.
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Thanks, man! Appreciate it!
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David Richter

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When snowshoeing goes wrong... or how to create amazingly beautiful snow crop circles. 
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