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( ◡ ‿ ◡ ) I finished and posted on my blog my graphic novel ! "l'héritage en couleur", done with Floss and licensed under creative commons ( By-Nc-Nd 3.0 unported ). I hope you'll like it.
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très belle histoire et tellement vrai !!!
beautiful communication of ideas without dialogue.... :D
Fantastique!! L'histoire est grave mais ton travail est très très bon!!
+David Revoy very nice! hit home with me, I am a stay at home dad and see this all the time, even in my own family. I was watching your shorts and video demos (awesome!). I've got gimp 2.6 (mac) and can't get my intuos4 to cooperate with it (the wheel and hot keys) any insight?
Believe it or not but it watered my eyes. Great job man, hell of a sad story. Freaking "grown ups" that we are. What is happening to us in the process of aging - we are less sensitive, we loose imagination, we are concentrated on bullshit like it really matters and at the end we are rarely happy. Plus of course we are dragging our children down to this dark valley of our so called "real life". Eh...
so great David! I really like the visuals of the novel, the character's design and how it spring to life literally when the color appears! I think the concept and idea is transmitted very well too.
magnifique ses touches de couleurs font presque magique
histoire attendrissante de la découverte enfantine
What a lovely piece David! Great and heartwarming story despite the serious undertone. It was easy to follow and understand the flow and I also really liked the scenery and architecture surrounding the girl as she moved about.. The main protagonist of the story - which I think really is the colour - comes across most effectively.
Even more than art I much enjoy good storytelling and I really think you got this one down with a great use of the graphical storytelling medium. Wonderful!
Thanks everyone for the nice comments and +1, reshare , merci !

+Griatch Art Hey thanks for the message, and I'm happy to find you on G+ . I know you posted graphic novel on Deviant Art by the past; any tips to know how to post a long strip as mine ? Maybe D.A is not adapted to this... I really don't know ^ ^

+Mark Molchan I don't know about mac, I never owned a mac system. Only Linux. Sorry to can't help. For sure Gimp / GTK / tablet have a custom way to work on this environment and you might want to refer to a forum of Gimp/Mac users.
+David Revoy The comics I've put up so far have been on a more standard page format, so they were just single deviations. But I think it's actually easier to post one single "tall" image like this on DA - there doesn't seem to be a vertical limit as far as I can see (although it will be hard to get a print of it, obviously). I've seen several doing this before, so you shouldn't have any problem to get this onto DA.
+Griatch Art So , I will test it. I'll try to color my frame separators to the green D.A background for integration. I'll see if it worked. I'm also tempted to cut each panel and do a G+ version ( like a image gallery ). Can be fun.
merci pour cette belle histoire qui démontre bien ces problèmes familiaux dans la société actuelle
Thanx +David Revoy ! talk to my neighbor who is linux programmer...mac uses x11 to run gimp and there is communication problems. oh well!
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