Pro-life really means pro-death
Laci Green eloquently points out what sadly isn't obvious.

...The facts are pretty clear: those who want to make abortion illegal do not care about peoples’ lives. Plain and simple. Before Roe v. Wade, countless mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends died seeking the care they needed. ...

...When a living, air-breathing human being actually comes into the world, being “pro-life” becomes infinitely harder. This requires you to actually care about people. The sort of care that takes a critical mind, patience, and self awareness. The sort of care that requires figuring out why things are the way they are so that you can work toward actually fixing them. The sort of care that takes compassion and an unending dedication to a better for life for all humans.

The sort of care that marching around, waving huge dead baby posters, and calling women murderers is completely and utterly devoid of.
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