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David Raffin
Metaphysicist, Writer, Performer
Metaphysicist, Writer, Performer
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‪”The president is a wonderful magician,” said Mitch McConnell.‬ ‪”How so?” said Paul Ryan.‬ ‪”When he saws a lady in half he actually saws a lady in half.”‬ ‪As he said this Mitch McConnell smiled in that creepy way Mitch McConnell smiles.‬ ‪”I’d love to…

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‪President Trump goes to a new doctor who tells him, "Confidentially, you're a terrible president."
Trump, his voice tinged with outrage, says, "My old doctor said that. I came here for a second opinion." ‬
"OK," says the doctor, "you make poor life choices as well."

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I wrote this to commemorate the death of Ronald Reagan. It ran in a magazine in Texas. Still true today.   Killing you softly by David Raffin Very rarely do people kill politicians. Especially given the fact that so many people fantasize about doing so.…

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Hark, dear friends, a terrible fate America ran down the sewer grate Beavers shouted “damn!” But it was too late They were attending a party at 10,000 a plate “What to do?” said the otter to its mate “Why I otter…” was the reply-but it was too late The…

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My finest poem:

I like to do math
It puts me back
On that evil left handed path
For what is math
That Wicked art
Which reduces all to that
Numeric flow chart
It sets one and one apart
Ripped from each other
With a cold math heart
And joins together randoms
Thereby forced to work in tandem
For the sake of the equation
Where the means justify the ends.

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This Monday-Thursday, all my books available on Amazon (Perils, Cesspools, Treason) are free. Festive Saturnalia.
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