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Happy Father's Day!
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Amazing shirt from  I want so bad! 

I just watched Transformers: Dark of the Moon, because I heard that it wasn't really bad, only to realize that I had already seen it.  How bad does a movie have to be before you block it from your mind?  Although, I'm not really sure how I could forget the crazy Soundwave hentai scene.  That should have been memorable. 

On a side note.  A megalomaniacal alien race has the power to enslave the world and bring their planet into our orbit.  They waited thousands of years to do this.  Maybe enslave the humans before bringing your planet for us to rebuild.  Your planet can wait a day or two to show up.  Think of it as ordering it online.  It just takes a couple of days.

But, here's what I don't get.  Humans haven't developed a single weapon that's effective against Decepticons yet?  We had weapons in the first movie.  Maybe we're using DU-ammo in those guns, or whatever worked in the first movie, but really, humans fail at killing Decepticons.  I suspect that the Autobots weren't interested in giving humans weapons that are effective against them, but we're in the third movie now, and there is no way that the US military would accept that scenario. Even if they trusted the Autobots completely, they'd want to be armed and armored for when the Decepticons returned.  We know that they're vulnerable to cold.  I'd have developed a liquid nitrogen sprayer or something.  Not only that, but we'd have corpses from the two previous movies to test things on.  Seriously, Sector 7 was substantially more advanced in the first movie.  Did we just forget?  I just don't understand.

And, what is up with Sam being a failure, career-wise?  There is no way that someone in the government wouldn't be grooming him to work with the Autobots.  Even if they didn't want him, they wouldn't let anyone else have him. 

I can accept the robot aliens.  I just can't suspend my disbelief on the human portion of the story.  At least there was a bad human in this movie for Sam to beat up?  All in all, a very disappointing movie.  If I forget that I've seen it again, please someone remind me. 

Saw Skyfall last night.  It was better than Quantum.  The story was good, but I thought the villain was dumb. Now I just have to wait until tomorrow night when everyone else sees it to talk about it. Sigh

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I'm on Google+ now.  I have no idea what I'm doing  =)
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