Planning the Shot
Here's a new spin on one of my favorite spots to shoot in London. Earlier this week I noticed that it was supposed to be mostly clear later in the week, so I decided to check out viewing angles on +The Photographer's Ephemeris​ (TPE). Needless to say I was really happy when I happened to notice that the sunset was supposed to be right between Big Ben and the bridge. It was mostly clear today with only a few clouds, so I thought I'd head out at sunset and see if I could get the shot. If you don't use TPE or something like it, you should check it out.

Here's the night version of this shot:

For #longexposurethursday +LongExposure Thursday​ by +Francesco Gola+Luca Gerardi

You can find other sunset/sunrise shots from Sunrise, Sunset album here:
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