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Are you ready for the leap second?   Be prepared.  This will happen at exactly the same time all over the world.  The next leap second will be introduced  on 30 June 2015 at UTC 23:59:60.    The clocks should go as follows -  UTC is referenced to the time zone near London, England. 
2015 June 30,     23h 59m 59s   UTC
2015 June 30,     23h 59m 60s   UTC
2015 July  1,           0h  0m  0s    UTC
Why do we need this?  Earth's rotation is not a good clock compared to our atomic clocks.  The rotation slows down constantly.   Every 100 years the rotation period increases by about 1.4 milliseconds.   Currently our day length is about 2 milliseconds longer than in the reference year - 1820.   We want to keep our time units really constant.  We don't want to redefine the second as something longer.  If we did that all the numbers on our car speedometers would have to change.   So to keep our clocks matched to the actual rising and setting of the sun,  we need to add a second every year or so. Otherwise we would have to change all the tables related to times of sunrise, sunset,  sun angles,  etc.   Adding a second, when needed, is the simplest way to correct the mismatch.     #leapsecond  
LEAP SECONDS. The next leap second will be introduced in UTC on 30 June 2015 at UTC 23:59:60. (See the IERS Bulletin C ). Civil time is occasionally adjusted by one second increments to ensure that the difference between a uniform time scale defined by atomic clocks does not differ from the ...
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4... 3... 2... 1... 1... Happy first of July!
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Liz C
Perfect! :-D
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In the wake of the racially motivated church massacre in Charleston, South Carolina,  there is talk about removing "offensive"  symbols of slavery - most related to the Confederate States of America.    The problem is not the symbols per se but the veneration of them -  and the mindset that glorifies the slave-owning period in America.   Displaying a statue  of a historical person is not necessarily an endorsement of their actions and beliefs.  I say we should keep the statues and attach large educational plaques with information about who they were and what the did and believed.   Let's educate ourselves about the sordid aspects of our history.  There is no rationale for sanitizing  history.
The push to remove Confederate symbols is gaining momentum, and there are few places where those symbols are in more abundance than at the Capitol.
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Noisy :)
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Why am I awake so early?   
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LOL -  I was stealing bicycles :P    -  ping +Victor Brunko    
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#seagullbuttsaturday    Garbage detail edition.  It's 3 AM in Boston's chinatown.  The streets are quiet except for the the growl of a garbage truck.  The trash guys are hurling stuff into the back.  Small bits are falling on the road.  Following the truck at a discrete distance is none other than Whitey Seagull  the famed gang boss from Southie.  It seems the FBI  has cramped his style and his gang has abandoned him.  Thus ends the career of crime.  Tell your kids not to be criminals. :)) 

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Ha! Awesome!
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The Supreme Court of the USA ,  in a 5 to 4 decision,  has legalized  gay marriage.  It's no surprise that the dissenting four justices are  Roberts, Scalia,  Thomas, and Alito.  Kennedy, as usual,  was the key vote and wrote the majority opinion.    An example of how narrow-minded the dissenters are is Roberts'  statement that that the US constitution has nothing to say about marriage.   The dissenters conveniently forget , that our constitution is not a simple enumeration of rights -  if anything, it's a list of what the government can NOT do   i.e. make laws limiting behavior  that is not harmful to others.  
The Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the U.S. Constitution provides same-sex couples the right to marry, handing a historic triumph to the American gay rights movement.The court ruled 5-4 that the
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Yes,  finally there is another kind of marriage I can avoid.. :P 
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#jazzonthursday    Stolen bike edition.  Brought to you by the theft ring.
Ringleader  +Iwona Ozz    Associate stealer +carlos rosales   New Jersey division leader  +Jetski    Cambridge got bikes  -  me.  :))
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......we've just had enough... ;-)
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Making friends....with sunflower seeds.
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cold beer....or two guys! ;)
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Smoke rises from Villarrica volcano as seen near the town of Pucon in southern Chile, June 23, 2015. REUTERS/Andres Stapff
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Excellent: food great people great .
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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Dr. Tian is an excellent dentist. I have had some serious work done with skill and efficiency.
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A real local classic ME cuisine. Not as refined as the Middle East rest. Are we not spoiled here in the PRC.
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The actual address is 2200 Washington Pike, Carnegie, PA 15106
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6 reviews
Like many Thai restaurants in Boston- nondescript copy cat food for the "round eye" palate. Chinatown is your best chance.
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I just read an article in the Cambridge Chronicle that they have filed for bankruptcy. If you don't have a car to get out to Ikea, Home Depot, Target, etc. then you don't have much choice. I live closer to Pill Hardware only buy small items. I only go to "economy" when I can't find what I want at Pill or Radio Shack. Most times I land up at Home Depot since they don't stock anything exotic. Pill, at least, still has some old stuff. Dickson Bros. in "The Square' is better. If you need weird stuff try Fran-Dan or Met. Pipe near Kendall.
• • •
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