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David Pylyp

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David Pylyp

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What's the best price you will take for your house?

Seriously. Is that the best you can do?

We don't need a house till September. Will you hold it till then?

Realtors provide marketing, floor plans, Matterport virtual reality and so much more.

Pre screening and qualifying the buyers before the offer table.

In Toronto Canada we even offer closing insurance to make sure the deal closes.

Call me to talk 647.218.2414. 
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David Pylyp

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The books are in the basement
the garage is filled with your sports equipment

Its time to deal with it
You came to visit and take an inventory. Mom has relocated to the retirement centre and the house vacant for over a year. The carry costs are accruing. There in the back; the Soap Box Racer that you built with your Dad...
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David Pylyp

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Your Valentine just wants to hear 3 words... Paid in Full. It's time +Vee Thompson #Toronto

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David Pylyp

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Posted on an article that I was pleased Louboutin was opening a store in Yorkville in Toronto.

FROM LEFT FIELD unprovoked +Heather Redfern comes back with a scathing rebuttal about my skill and activities as a realtor.

Given that I have been a realtor for 27 years and have helped hundreds of families; have a Gallery of Video Testimonials online at YOUTUBE.  I am saddened that a person of no apparent contact can make scathing remarks without knowing me or having done business with me.

I am glad that in these difficult financial times; companies are employing people to fix a location, invest in a store and promote their brand with diginity. 

If you have business with +Heather Redfern please pass along a word of advice.   Leave the world a better place or just leave it.
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David Pylyp

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The squirrels had a meeting; why did they built nests to hibernate when there is no snow in Toronto? 

40 degrees in Toronto and MILD on the forecast
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David Pylyp

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My Best Marketing idea hidden inside the fridge door.....  There was a novel marketing program!

I really wanted to do something different.   Without direct personal contact I find that marketing trinkets are without value.

What marketing "thingy" works for you?   #realestate  

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David Pylyp

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Does Your Website Look Like The Fortune 500?  #marketing #smallbusiness   #Toronto  

14% CONSUMERS decide on their REALTOR based grammar mistakes discovered on their sites.  

 I got that!
Top Agent for Toronto Real Estate, Condominiums, Luxury Homes in West GTA, Using 3D Virtual Tours by Matterport to engage Audience; We're efficient and good at what we do to save you money. Houses for Sale, MLS Listings, Videos, Internet Marketing, delivering Results that Matter.
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LOL good byline man
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David Pylyp

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Gaining and prequalifying Buyers by giving them an accurate virtual Tour
a) Reduces Lookey Lou's
b) Buyers share the Virtual renderings with their friends and colleagues
c) Expands your audience

#Matterport   #VirtualImaging   #condominiums  
#foreignBuyers   #onlineengagement
How can you attract fresh eyes to your condo listing? They are all the same right? What if you could travel through your screen to every nook and cranny of each room; check the views from each window, take a walk in the k...
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David Pylyp

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Ontario Provincial Debt service costs exceed Hospital Admin Fees or Eduction.

Are you allowed to run up the debts in your household?
Please read the details and Chart for yourselves; Component 3: Deficits and debt The final component measures the relative performance of the premiers on deficits and debt. Specifically, it ...
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David Pylyp

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Yes there was life #beforeFacebook We ventured out and looked at Real estate PORN [condos and Homes for sale]

People went out to Open Houses. 
What are you doing now?

#Toronto   #HOmesforsale  
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David Pylyp

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You just want your questions answered.. You don't want to be followed up or dripped on #askpylyp #toronto #condo 
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People don't meet by accident, our paths were meant to cross.
Etobicoke Real Estate Agent; Call David 647 218 2414  Almost certainly one of the preeminent real estate agents for West Toronto Homes and Humber Bay Shore Condos, Award Winning Realtor David Pylyp has been helping families buy and sell homes in West Toronto GTA (Etobicoke to Oakville) for 22 years. My Pre Listing Video online, Using innovative strategies and sales techniques to advertise and promote your home with maximum exposure to get maximum dollars. David is passionate about getting and giving great Value, Professional and Persistent in getting things done. David’s candor and humour combined with a simple phrase of “There are no wrong answers” help ease the decisions you need to make. If you want Results that Matter  Call or E@
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Digital Marketing Specialist - Toronto Real Estate Agent specializing in Etobicoke, Accredited Senior Agent for the GTA. The 2103 Stefan Swanepoel Technology Report, named David Pylyp as one of the Top 10 individual real estate channels on YouTube.
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Ontario Credit Rating Goes AA or Alcoholics Anonymous

Please read the details and Chart for yourselves; Component 3: Deficits and debt The final component measur

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New legislation in Ontario Canada requires the Executor of an estate to provide as estimate of assets. The estate administration tax is impo

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She cozied up to the teachers’ unions and gave them virtually everything they’ve wanted — except for the Elementary Teachers Federation of O

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New Technology now available in Toronto Matterport digital imaging combines 3D and 2D technology and renders a drive-able video tour. You co

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Contact us by email, phone, or use our contact form to reach us. We will respond quickly.

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So you’ve been living in the same family home for 30 years and the kids have moved out or a life change has happened, and now you’re looking

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Staff was determined to be right irrespective of data; Appraisal was LOW and deal was aborted. Transaction funded through another lender and appraisal. PING ME DIRECTLY for appraisers name. Never Let Appraiser in unattended. Monitor and filter their input process. His response: I have no obligation to talk to you. Next Time If it is this person and this company I will turn them away. Fund your transaction residential condominium purchase elsewhere.
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Betty Bart takes time and pride in her efforts by pre inspecting every property and providing comparative sales for the home under purchase consideration. If you want detailed backgrounds of homes in Lorne Park, Mineola and communities like Watercolours that's who I Call. If understanding the value of the money you are spending and respecting your efforts is the type of agent to use; THEN I would call Betty Bart! The agent that other agents call for advice.
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Recently had a daughter in possession of a Power of Attorney and her Mother installed at the Nursing Home. While we had made the property available for sale the contracts could be challenged as the POA need to be triggered by a medical event.[and supporting medical or assessment documentation]. Stan Gelman, in transacting this Real Estate sale; went out of his way, on his own time, to visit the seller at the Nursing Home and receive instructions directly and ensure that she understood what was happening. The SELLER [daughter] was thrilled with the attention to detail and extra effort made without increasing fees to her account. If all real estate and divorce lawyers paid more attention to the details that were required there would be fewer claims against solicitors. A big thank you to Stan Gelman in Mississauga for making my real estate transactions smoother.
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