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David Pylyp

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Are we seeing that condo tonight?

OH Freezing rain...
Its too dark....
Its too cold....

That's why I use #Matterport

Gets yours today!

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David Pylyp

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Toronto Condo Insights for 2017

Are foreigners buying everything?

Urbanation recently polled Builders to ascertain the level of FOREIGN OWNERSHIP in the Toronto Condominium Market The results of a survey conducted by Urbanation Inc. indicate that the majority (52%) of buyers of new condo...
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David Pylyp

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Missed calls on my cell phone as UNKNOWN CALLER and I thought it was you? Did you want to see this?

#ON #Matterport 
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David Pylyp

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Perpetual open house when you use Matterport

Order yours today

or book your listing with David Pylyp 647 218 2414

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David Pylyp

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Matterport is a complete three-dimensional representation of a space, which lets you “walk” through the house and experience it as if you were there


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David Pylyp

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Open houses are only a couple of hours a
week, but when you have #Matterport virtual
reality, we can be open ALL Day.


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David Pylyp

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Sooo....." The average homeowner to this day is 38 times wealthier than a renter."

What are you waiting for?

#Toronto #realestate #condo

House sells for one million over asking; What would that do for your portfolio?
Real estate is "an escalator to wealth," David Bach tells CNBC.
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David Pylyp

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Connor T Macivor is suffering the same inventory shortfalls that are driving prices higher in larger communities.

[He] is expecting another round of interest rate increases POST the inaugural.

#SANTACLARA #california

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David Pylyp

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Want to have that apartment exposed to ALL potential Buyers? #remax #matterport

Why interrupt your Christmas or worry about lockboxes after dark? PLS Share #YYZ
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David Pylyp

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Great they reduced land transfer tax exemption for First Time Buyers from $2,000 to $4,000.
For every dollar over and above that, the rate will rise from 2 per cent to 2.5 per cent.

But the tax on the portion of the purchase price between $400,000 and $2 million will remain at 2 per cent.

Big House buyers pay more!
Finance minister Charles Sousa is giving first-time home buyers a $4,000 land transfer tax rebate.
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David Pylyp

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Create your own site with a simple drag and drop, you can create landing pages and metrics, you pay the hosting and control your domains.


My Domain Names · Renew Domains · Assign an AccountExec · Register Domains · Transfer Domains · Bulk Registration · Bulk Transfer · Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) · Private Registration · Deluxe Registration · Protected Registration · Domain Backordering · Business Registration ...
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People don't meet by accident, our paths were meant to cross.
I sincerely love what I do, but its the people that I meet every day that fuel my passion for real estate.  People don't meet by accident, our paths were meant to cross.

Real Estate Sales Representative;  Call David 647 218 2414  Almost certainly one of the preeminent real estate agents for West Toronto Homes and Humber Bay Shore Condos, Award Winning Realtor David Pylyp has been helping families buy and sell homes in West Toronto GTA (Etobicoke to Oakville) for 27 years. My Pre Listing Video online, Using innovative strategies and sales techniques to advertise and promote your home [NOW with Matterport Virtual Tours] for maximum exposure to get maximum dollars. If you want Results that Matter  TXT or E@
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Digital Marketing Specialist - Toronto Real Estate Agent specializing in Etobicoke, Accredited Senior Agent for the GTA. The 2013 Stefan Swanepoel Technology Report, named David Pylyp as one of the Top 10 individual real estate channels on YouTube. Matterport 3D Virtual Tours featured on CTV.
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Lake Shore and Ellis
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Realtor, Real estate agent
Condominium, Etobicoke, Seniors specialist; ADDED Matterport Virtual Tours in 2015
  • RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc.,
    Etobicoke Real Estate Agent,, 1989 - present
    Accredited Senior Agent with 27 years experience selling in Toronto, Etobicoke and MIssissauga. Our maturing population and general downsizing by affordability has increased condominium ownership 10 fold. Understanding condominiums is critical. #askPylyp
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Five Reasons To Renew Your Mortgage: ​REFINANCE to lower your interest rate REFINANCE to renovate your home REFINANCE to consolidate your de

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The [LANDLORD] couple has had to pay a $10, 000 deductible to fix other units [standard unit By law] in the building that were damaged, and

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Agents with New Coast Realty say paycheques stopped after they told their employer they were quitting

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Who will you pick for your second real estate agent? Will you revise the selection process? Because we are not all the same ... Sellers seem

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No matter what he says; Tell him we need to think about it

My guess is that before this meeting took place, you agreed not to make a buying decision today. That's perfectly understandable. Most of my

I will need to get an appraisal of the property done as of the date of d...

New legislation in Ontario Canada requires the Executor of an estate to provide as estimate of assets. The estate administration tax is impo

Toronto Star

With the proclamation of the Green Energy Act, 2009, Ontario has moved one step closer to requiring mandatory energy audits on the sale of r

Wynne's health-care prescription absurd

She cozied up to the teachers’ unions and gave them virtually everything they’ve wanted — except for the Elementary Teachers Federation of O

Superb Renovation at Holts Renfrew! Fabulous 3 storey glass atrium with sunshine and a casual seating lounge
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Staff was determined to be right irrespective of data; Appraisal was LOW and deal was aborted. Transaction funded through another lender and appraisal. PING ME DIRECTLY for appraisers name. Never Let Appraiser in unattended. Monitor and filter their input process. His response: I have no obligation to talk to you. Next Time If it is this person and this company I will turn them away. Fund your transaction residential condominium purchase elsewhere.
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Recently had a daughter in possession of a Power of Attorney and her Mother installed at the Nursing Home. While we had made the property available for sale the contracts could be challenged as the POA need to be triggered by a medical event.[and supporting medical or assessment documentation]. Stan Gelman, in transacting this Real Estate sale; went out of his way, on his own time, to visit the seller at the Nursing Home and receive instructions directly and ensure that she understood what was happening. The SELLER [daughter] was thrilled with the attention to detail and extra effort made without increasing fees to her account. If all real estate and divorce lawyers paid more attention to the details that were required there would be fewer claims against solicitors. A big thank you to Stan Gelman in Mississauga for making my real estate transactions smoother.
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Betty Bart takes time and pride in her efforts by pre inspecting every property and providing comparative sales for the home under purchase consideration. If you want detailed backgrounds of homes in Lorne Park, Mineola and communities like Watercolours that's who I Call. If understanding the value of the money you are spending and respecting your efforts is the type of agent to use; THEN I would call Betty Bart! The agent that other agents call for advice.
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