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The Story Behind Jethro Tull's 'Aqualung'
Jethro Tull had already hit the top spot on the U.K. charts with their 1969 release, Stand Up, but success in America was a harder nit to crack. Their third album, 1970's Benefit, came close to the U.S. Top 10, but stopped one mark short, landing at No. 11....

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How Gloria Became the 1st Lady of Garage Rock
"Gloria" is a classic rock tune built on just three chords that any any garage band can play and that almost every garage band has. Yet the list of artists who have covered this tune, originally written by Van Morrison (Them) and made wildly popular in Amer...

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The Story Behind the Album Chicago II
Right at the start, Robert Lamm make one thing clear about Chicago II: "Nobody the band - Chicago, that is - refers to their second record as Chicago II.  " We actually just say 'the second album or the third album, and so on," Lamm says. When we started ou...

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What Happened to Mitch Ryder?
For two years in the middle of the 60's, Mitch Ryder couldn't have been any hotter: the frenetic, soul-inspired frat-rock that he and the Detroit Wheels manufactured was one of the most exciting sounds on radio, a blast of purely American noise that drew on...

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10 Cool (But Weird) Backward Messages on Records
Lots of songs have cryptic meanings (I'm looking at you, Bob Dylan), but sometimes, the hidden message is, literally, backwards.  In a recording technique known as "backmasking", a vocal snippet is dubbed backwards onto an otherwise forward-sounding track, ...

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A Year-Plus Review of Atlanta Music Shows
The historic Fox Theatre in Midtown Atlanta The Tabernacle: A great concert venue in Atlanta The Last Waltz concert in 1976 was the legendary last performance of the Band. The re-creation of that concert I saw 2 nights ago marked the last live show I will s...

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The Last Waltz Concert Redo Rocks @Atlanta Symphony Hall
Can a redo outdo an original? Especially if the redo involved The Last Waltz , the legendary final concert of The Band in 1976. Well music fans in Atlanta got a chance to decide that last night when an all-star band featuring Warren Haynes on guitar and Mic...

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Don Henley Live @The Fox in Atlanta
Now I was never a big fan of the Eagles when they emerged on the music scene in the 70s. At the time, their county-tinged harmonies were too light for me. Finally in 2009 I saw the Eagles live for the first time and I was impressed.  Their sound was as clea...

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Route 66 Justs Keeps Rocking and Rolling Along
 Fo6 six decades, Bobby Troup's (Get Your Kicks on) Route 66 has been a musical guidebook, transcending styles and fashion, recognizing no boundaries. You could just as easily hear it in a dusty honky-tonk or a swank cabaret, slashed out by a three-chord gu...

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President Trump vs. Classic Rockers: The Battle Continues
Donald Trump ‘s ascension to the presidency has not exactly been met with classic-rock jubilation. In fact, many bands have fought him tooth and nail on everything from policy to his use of their music during political events. Not that the latter arguments ...
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