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I'd love to get thoughts and critique on this shot taken of the wharf in Monterey under dry but threatening weather.

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Is this an hdr shot? I think the colors are nice especially the capture of the green in the water. I'm not a big fan of the HDR look as it appears to painterly to me however I think its pretty.
Thanks for the feedback, +Ruben Williams  Oddly this one is not HDR, with the heavy clouds, the light was very even and the shallow water with a light sand bottom gave a nice "fill" light and bringing down the highlights a little in LR brought back the cloud detail. It does have that HDR look though... I know what you mean about HDR. I enjoy many of them, but find others over done, a fine line to walk, perhaps like cute kids... Great shot of yours by the way.
I enjoy 3 subjects/eye catchers in landscapes which you have done very well here with the foreground, buildings and the sky. The foreground and buildings dominate/overpower the sky. Did you try to exaggerate the sky in any way? I wonder if by doing so it would balance the composition?
+Wray Post, thanks for the comment. No, I didn't try to exaggerate the sky at all, just pulled back highlights to bring detail but I'll give it a go next time I'm processing. 
+David Polzine, the clouds look ominous, in stark contrast to the bubblegum colors of the buildings... nice!
I like it, David.  I am especially drawn to the beautiful contrast between the monochrome sky and colorful foreground.  In my mind, this is what makes the picture.  I notice that it is a visual contrast, but it is a mood contrast as well.
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