The Shannon and Weaver (1949) communications model always had its flaws. It is a simple linear model which is easily understood. It is still taught.

We are used to the five main parts plus noise.

But there is a big new spanner in the works beyond this one way idea of communication.

The belief that phenomena of human life are not intelligible except through their interrelations (Simon Blackburn) takes on a new significance in the structuralist debate. Chomsky would be delighted and Lévi-Strauss bereft.

News no longer is provided by 'news channels'

A student of mine in Portugal has evidence of government communication recognising a process of social-media/news-media/ social-media for the emergence of news.

In other words, news no longer emanates from the 'news media'.

We did see an example on a global scale a year ago which I wrote up here

Ferdinand de Saussure's structuralist views need re-examination in the light of the new evidence.
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