The new rules of corporate governance have arrived.
The ability of the public and politicians to both look closely at organisations (both have transparency tools at their disposal) means that ethical judgements are made by both groups to question corporate governance.
Starbucks and Google face these pressures today.
It does not take a genius to see the impact.
With so much visibility, pressure can be exquisite and aimed straight at corporate treasury activities which will come under pressure from both public relations and marketing managers.
The significance of the internet in these effects is noticeable. 
People are going out of their way to directly search and research the issues as the charts below show.
We see that something approaching 5% of brand attention has been diverted from marketing to the tax avoidance issue.
Starbucks search:
Starbucks tax avoidance search 
Such data are also evident to shareholders and other important stakeholders. 
This is an example of Big Data analysis (search numbers) in action. We shall see much more of this as the norm going forward.
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