Jeff Patmore has an interesting post in which he describes the Darwinian nature of Internet evolution.
I would take his thesis further. So much has been invented for the internet and yet so little has been adopted and used. 
The transmission technologies have many multi-million infrastucture failures. At the other extreme the number of mobile apps with less than 100 users runs into unimaginable development hours per day.
Yes, the internet (and social media) is a shining example of survival of the fittest writ large.

Mankind has thrived because it is able to both be a herd animal and creative at the same time.

I commented on Wadds Blog today:

The significance of community is now much better understood.
‘Brief entries we write on Facebook are more memorable than the polished prose of writing professionals. And these online quips have more staying power with readers than do the faces of people we encounter on our daily rounds.’

As in Facebook so too in other community based communication 

This brings us back to the whole issue of values.

Shared values are more important. They are the building blocks of community.

The Facebook research results reflect the human need to be part of a value based community.

In evolutionary terms the human race knew that remembering what ‘my social group’ is saying is more important than almost anything else – it was a big contributor to survival.

So much of online public relations exposes our evolutionary past. 
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