Semiotic Public Relations

Its Tuesday and must be time to be controversial again.

As these individuals do things, they leave traces of activity. 

This trail, like the white stones and bread crumbs left behind by the Brothers Grim character Hansel are signs that can be recognised by those of us who need to know about the interests of society and to find our way in deep dark wood of the internet.

Online, this Hansel like trail of white stones and bread crumbs is a huge mass of personally created metadata. It is information about where they are, who they know, who they are in touch with, what messages are they creating and what channels and platforms they use. 

This Hansel effect provides 'signs' about who internet users are and what they are doing or have been doing, where they are doing it and much more. This is the new semiotic web.

One of the most used parts of the semiotic web is semantics. It deals with the words people use in what they write and the the words they use in search engines.   Over the last five years the semantic web has become very important but now we move on to get more and different signs of activity best described as the semiotic web.

In the new world of public relations we now have segments of one. Individuals leaving an anonymised semiotic trail of activity and interests. Semiotic Public Relations has arrived!

Such is the quality of the semiotic public relations practitioners are now able to plan and execute relationship initiatives from the perspective of users.
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