It may be that the long established media brands have a life beyond 2015 but what will they really be worth as media?

The research is showing that people remember social media content more than other forms of media.

Traditional media contains "writings - that - may not be tuned so precisely to what our minds effortlessly encode"

Mickes et al are not the only ones but have recent research to give some clues as to how shared social media values give memory an extra capability to recollect.

So far, the effects of online social value systems has had a limited effect but the uptake of social media (partly driven by the smart phone/tablet uptake by older generations) is gaining ground fast. The impact of social media value driven acceptance of news is going to threaten traditional media more than any other driver. 

Too many people are making judgement and future assessments based on historical constructs.

The rules have changed.

Mickes et al paper is here: 

I think this paragraph sums up what they have discovered quite well.

"Many may consider the Facebook postings and article
comments to be vacuous, narcissistic, or vapid, but they are
thoughts that their writers considered worth sharing. A
philosophical treatise by Immanuel Kant may be more profound, and more edifying to remember, than the average
Facebook post or article comment, but his writings may not
be tuned so precisely to what our minds effortlessly encode."
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