Good luck to the members attending the Social Media conference we will all, no doubt, watch the tweets.

I will be following  Richard Bagnall and Marcus Gault very closely to see how close they are to being able to monitor issue trajectories in real time with associated integrated decision making and reactive tools.

If Google in its own way can provide the PR platform for emergency services, can PR also follow the meme? Richard will, no doubt present the necessary repost to the big G. 

This is going to be a critical event.

Newsprint, to quote The Spectator (online of course), has to compete with the 'web that offers depth without limit and partisanship without restraint'.  As news publishing’s funding dilemma grows more acute, everyone seems to know what The Guardian should do. Plenty of opinions were floated last week, as the paper denied it will stop printing. Meantime, Newsweek just threw in the towel and will go all digital in the New Year. What, then, will be the role of press agentry, the biggest part of the PR industry?

Last month we saw the traditional brand curve hit Facebook use in the UK. Agreed, FB is still HUGE but without a really significant new development it is on its way to join MySpace. So much of the the PR industry is now vested in this one channel of the Social Media, I expect that the CIPR will begin to announce its re-training courses.

Mobile is the new marvel which means that WPP has become an App factory. Now, the PR folk need to be creating content but does they know how this tricky technology works? Is Penny Fox going to provide us all with a badger counting app to take on walks round Buckingham Palace Gardens?

Fresh from winning the European wide Digital Award in Berlin last month, the BBC's Paul Mylrea will, no doubt have a lot to say about how it coped with the Online Olympics. Gold medals all round no doubt. I will be intrigued to see how much of the licence fee payers' technology is going to be shared with the licence payers. Some of it is really worth having. I expect that the CIPR is already in deep negotiations hampered only by its lack of knowledge of HTML.

iPlayers are going to be a big subject. Judging by the the new content being produced by the CIPR, I guess it should have one too, after all  there are so many journos looking for a career in PR, that they could provide a 24 hour online PR TV station quite easily. probably sponsored by the Guardian.

The CIPR Social Media Conference begins tomorrow at 0845, for those who want to attend from Manchester.
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