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Than you for sharing. This is very interesting. :)

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It is a problem ... and a big one.  We've been discussing this in research classes for years now.  The "cell only" reliance of students began 5 or 6 years ago.  Today, it has spread to (I believe) more than the 1/3 claimed in the article.  At least it has for our area.  The costs involved in doing these surveys/polls is staggering - if you want to do it right.  So, it is going to hamper the agency world, too.
All market research these days is difficult. People don't seem to have the time. There's a "what are you selling me?" belief. I'm guilty of it. I know a chap at work who won't do any polling unless he is paid. His argument: it's my time and my opinion and it's valuable. 
The valuable insight is the cost of using Google's service. Suddenly, its not expensive at all.
Doing more work for the Lisbon Theory, I discovered very significant capabilities that are not available and not costly.
However, we are going to have to teach a new way of doing research and especially opinion research.