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From a Tweet after class great things can happen. The power of Twitter (and network communication) wrapped up in a real student case study:
I am delighted for Nawal Leon Kurson, of course, but part of me also wants to follow through the network effect (and the G+ SEO effect) and this is a good opportunity. Thanks Newal.
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Absolutely love it.
There are lots of ways we can approach this.
A really mechanistic method is to use Google adwords keyword tool to look up the semantic concepts that describe Arsenal. The words are: fixtures tickets world shop transfers shirt kit stadium tour
 etc'. These words are derived from a semantic analysis of words people use when they seek information about Arsenal. Of course these are the values that describe football. Try it. Its amazing! 
The power of sematics. For UKiP the values of forum policies manifesto plane org crash leader wiki party meps and logo emerge.
What is happening is that  Google is describing the values that emerge from the activity of people with specific interests.

These are descriptions of value based segments. It is what was described by Bruno Amaral in his Bled paper in 2009. For PR a big academic change - it is empirical research!

What we are seeing is segmentation based on semantic 'values'.

It may seem odd that such values that are not specific to the actual subject describe it so well in Search engines. It is because they have used the concept of human values at the heart of their response to human need.

As you build up these value models, the semantic concepts, allow you to find the values held in common and they then form the values people share. 

Shared concepts (a nexus of common values)  are the basis for relationships (I did a paper about this years ago).

There you are. This is how it all works and we can even use Google to help us.

To be really cool, there are better software approaches that can be used.
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