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Is PR philosophy?

It is not merely unnecessary for a CEO to spend time considering ethics, politics or sociology, but even a disadvantage. Rather a CEO should take the advice of public relations professionals.  Then he would fulfil his fiducial duties with good outcomes, not with good words.

It was Aristotle who wrote that it is:-
... not merely unnecessary for a king to be a philosopher, but even a disadvantage. Rather a king should take the advice of true philosophers. Then he would fill his reign with good deeds, not with good words.
(in On Kingship)
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Interesting quote David. I wouldn't be so absolute as you, but the idea of public relations professionals providing true counsel to CEO is an absolute. It is facile to think the old agency model of shovelling out... and simply implementing 'campaigns' with a veneer of strategy has any future.
Thank you Stuart, I only paraphrased Aristotle because I thought he was describing PR rather well. All too often we think of PR as a modern discipline, I thought I would plant a stake in the ground to show corporate affairs in good hands over 2000 years ago.
Really nice quote from Aristotle. I'm tempted to ask the question: do we need more philosophy in PR? I always believed we do.
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