So here's a thing I've been working on. It is an Apocalypse Engine-style list of GM Principles for running OSR-style games in PbtA or rules-light systems, primarily cobbled together from writing by +Ben Milton and Steven Lumpkin. I've got it in a state that I'm only marginally hesitant to expose to an arbitrary number of eyes. I’ve reached that point where I don't feel like it's quite finished, but my eyes glaze over when looking at it. In particular, I think there may be some principles or references remaining that might be too specific for the spirit of the collection.

I’m also wary of the apparent tension between nominal PbtA playstyles and OSR playstyles, especially in the light of recent blog posts from prominent folks in the respective communities. I’m certain that there is overlap these styles somewhere in ludic space, but in its current state, this document is kind of orthogonal to the search for it. I feel like I should do more to directly address this, though I don’t know if I should heap on further disclaimers in the document itself. Perhaps I should just strip out the references to PbtA and focus on rules-light games and folks new to running the original games without the implicit/historical context.

Feel free to post opinions here, and proofing suggestions and comments to the doc itself. Thanks!
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