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David Pecoraro

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Parents of soon to be college students - this is for you.  Prof. David Pecoraro 
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David Pecoraro

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Try this interactive adventure from Student Caring. I do believe that you'll be entertained and educated. If you are not a college student, share it with one you care about. - Happy Monday!  David
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David Pecoraro

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Looking for a startup?
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David Pecoraro

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The Power of a Visual Resume
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People like Infographics because their brains are wired to react to visual storytelling. Infographics attract attention!
Talking of the magic and power of Infographics, it can even make resumes look more appealing, which is just what you need today to get noticed in an extremely aggressive job market. Your resume is your marketing document which is primarily designed to attract employers, get you the interview, and ultimately land you the job you desire. Any person in search of a job would most definitely have a resume ready to print and mail it to their prospective employers. One simply cannot even think of looking for a job, let alone applying without having a well crafted resume! Your resume is like a demonstration of your personality and all prospects that you might offer packed in one piece of paper.
Visual Resume; the future of the standard resume!
A resume is designed to generate interest among employers but, on the opposite if we observe, every resume is one and the same. The information within might vary but, the basic format or pattern stays the same or is exactly fixed. So how is one supposed to one different with a RESUME? The thought sounds next to impossible. Well, the future of the resume lies in the incredible idea of crafting a resume which is visual in nature. Envision a resume which showcases all your educational qualifications and professional achievements graphically. It would certainly be better than a standard RESUME, wouldn’t it? The truth is, visual resume is the need of the hour! If you wish to break through the clutter and be different and want more dynamic and creative space to demonstrate your abilities and talent then visual resume is the one for you.
What are visual resumes?
A visual resume is a visual representation of achievements and accomplishments that augment your personal brand and differentiates you in an extremely aggressive job market. It not only creates interest among employers but also sets your apart from the rest. With a visual CV you can be different and demonstrate your expertise and abilities in a more dynamic and creative way! There are primarily two types of visual resumes:
Visual Presentation
Video Presentation
PowerPoint or slide show with audio
Combination of slides and video/audio
Key benefits a Visual CV:
Enhances your personal image and brand.
Add as a supplement and not a replacement of the standard resume–will emphasize your knowledge, achievements, abilities and skills more powerfully.
Sets you apart from other job aspirants.
Showcases your skills relevant and required for a specific role.
Shows high-level of innovation and creativity.
Demonstrates presentation skills.
Valuable Uses of Visual Resume
A Visual resume is the most effective when you are job hunting in advertising, Digital, sales, marketing and creative fields. It’s also received extremely well in high tech and graphic related and client-facing roles like training. But this creative medium can be double edged sword as well and come with its own share of pitfalls.
Doesn’t work for every role/ industry: The conventional resume has been there for a very long time. Employers know how to quickly examine and categorize conventional resumes and a lot of them are not very keen to change the way they work. So for the conservative lot, a visual resume can make you look frivolous or absolutely off the wall.
A poor version fails to make an impression: Creating a compelling visual resume is not an easy task! So if you have trouble creating one yourself, consider getting some help or avoid making one at all.
Not accepted everywhere: If you apply to jobs online, you might be limited to the standard formatting options. A visual resume won’t work well in such situations. In this case you’ll require the usual resume to comply with the requirements of the employer.
The bottom line:
A visual resume can’t entirely replace your customary resume! You’ll still require a very strong conventional resume for these situations. The visual resume simply gives you another means to use when the situation calls for something more innovative. The format with its attractive visuals and infographic can surely help you get the attention you want from employers, but only if you do things the right way. You can also take a look at visual resume samples to build an effective resume of yours. The goal of a visual CV is not just to make you look different and creative– the idea is to also connect with the reader and tell your narrative quickly and more powerfully.
The Power of a Visual Resume
We welcome your feedback to our work.
Email:  General Information   |   Dr. Daniel de Roulet   |   Prof. David C. Pecoraro
Thank you!
Daniel & David
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David Pecoraro

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David Pecoraro

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7 TIPS to Help You with Your Internship.
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David Pecoraro

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Who has got a better life, a Doctor or an Engineer?
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David Pecoraro

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A Quest for the Perfect College Major - Very informative post by Ms. Emma Steinmetz​
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