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David Palmer
Not the one from 24.
Not the one from 24.

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This is the news I've been waiting for out of I/O!

I want to see Bernie Sanders debate Ron Paul. Reddit would lose its mind.

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More like The Hobbit: The Battle of the Weta Workshop Animator Portfolios

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Anyone have an opinion on OneNote vs Evernote? I've tried both but neither has stood out as being much better than the other so far.

If there are any other choices, I'd be interested in those too.
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It's ironic that the first 15 minutes of Disney's "Tron Legacy" depicts the protagonist heroically fighting against the intellectual property rights of a large corporation.

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This elicited a smirk. 

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Anyone have a Google Inbox invite yet? I haven't been this excited for an email related invite since Google Mail!


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Interesting. I wonder if "Chrome OS" means a multiplatform Chrome extension, or if this really is locked down to the Chrome OS platform for now.

I just need a little confirmation before hanging my "THE YEAR OF THE LINUX DESKTOP HAS ARRIVED!" banner.
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